Monday, June 24, 2013


Thought I'd use my hot-head picture here. I like it.

A few ditties:

1. Some time this year or next, I will be doing a collaboration of poems with a very talented young lady. This has been in the works for quite some time. For now, she shall remain a mystery lady, as she is very busy and we have not firmed up the time yet. This will, of course, include many poems of horror, but there will also be poems of love by both of us. I will allow her to pick the time of disclosure.

2. Da, da. Another young lady and I will be putting together a fantastic collection of short stories and poetry. If I went any farther with this, you would know who this lady is, so I reckon I have mystery lady number two. Am I bad or what?

3. Another collaboration is in the works in the fantasy genre. This is with a gentleman. We are having a ball with this, tossing ideas back and forth, and trying our best to one up the other one. I'm not mentioning his name either. I am enjoying being a tease today.

4. A huge shock to all of you will be that I will also write a children's book, complete with illustrations. The talented folks at Visionary Press Cooperative recently published children's book number one, and there's no way I'm not jumping on board.

I have about 1,000 other things to discuss, but that will come at another time.

The best thing about this post? I didn't tell any of my co-writers I was going to post this. Good thing I didn't divulge any names, huh?



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