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The Sirens Call Issue #08 - Men in Horror

Featuring 98 pages of Short Stories, Flash Fiction, Poetry, Artwork, Book Ads, an interview with artist Mariusz ‘Noistromo’ Siergiejew, and an interview with Lane Kareska, author of the upcoming novella North Dark.
Because we featured an all female issue in February for WiHM, in the interest of being fair, this is our guys only issue!

Plenty of Fiction:
Fairbanks – Lars Kramhoft
Do Us Part – Brent Abell
Legacies – Alex Chase
Solitary – Jon Olson
First Person Shooter – Ken MacGregor
All or Nothing – Adam Millard
The Stairwell – C.W. Schultz
Oats – Joseph A. Pinto
Three Poems: She Took My Bones; Ruth; For Jill – Christopher Hivner
Man’s Best Friend – Chad P. Brown
Failed Experiment – Blaze McRob
Precautions – Jay Wilburn
Roadkill – Christofer Nigro
Urban Outdoorsman – Jeffrey Hollar
Wolf Song – Thomas Brown
The Predator – Timothy C. Hobbs
Confessions of an Ordinary Man – Benjamin T. McElroy
Eight Scared Women – Jerome Poirier
Hourly Rate – Douglas Rinaldi
Leech – Bruce Lockhart 2nd
Two Poems: The Passing; The House – Mathias Jansson
31 Flavors of Love – L.E. White
A Sleazebag Out of Time’s Grasp – Michael Shimek
Fifteen Minutes – James Everington
Plus our regular Features:
Editorial: Gender in Genre by Julianne Snow
Editorial: The Double D Factor in Horror by Nina D’Arcangela
and our 300 Word Comparative Flash:
Ghosts in the Field – Nina D’Arcangela
Forgotten – Julianne Snow
Pleas feel free to share this around, whether or not your name is on the list!
Visit Sirens Call Publications, where you can download all 8 issues for free!

I stole this from Nina D'Arcangela's website. Don't worry; she loves it when I do this. There are some pretty great authors included in this issue with fantastic tales to be told. I am honored to be included. Sirens Call Publications is a superb Publisher in every way. Download this issue and go to the website and download the other issues as well. Tell them Blaze sent you!


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