Friday, May 3, 2013


Nothing like a little teaser! Look at this super cover for a super anthology! This is my first ever Gothic horror tale. I'm really thrilled to have been accepted. And look at the fantastic company I'm in! Woo, hoo! Of course, I will be keeping everyone up to date on what's happening with this great anthology.


Coming this October... voices from the darkest recesses of the Gothic classics. Featuring stories from Carole Gill, T Fox Dunham, Gregory Norris, Mike Chinn, B.e. Scully, Timothy Hurley, Jonny M. Kelley, Blaze McRob, and more. With an introduction from Gary A. Braunbeck, this is a collection you will not want to miss!

And from the very talented Dr. Alex Scully:

I have read several blogs lately on the relationship between author and editor. I know it can get stormy as creative visions clash. Push and pull, give and take. I'm putting together a very challenging anthology for October. The theme involves re-writing famous stories from other points of view. The authors I've been working with have gone above and beyond. Amazing stories from gifted writers. Without authors, an editor sits in silence. Without stories, an anthology is a cover and empty pages. To writers everywhere and closer to home, to the authors of Dark Muses. Jonny M. Kelley, Mike Chinn, B.e. Scully, T Fox Dunham, Carole Gill, Gregory Norris, Timothy Hurley, Gary A. Braunbeck, Blaze McRob

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