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Red Tash is my Woman In Horror today! Red Tash wanted to do a little something different for her day. She is running a super special sale for TROLL OR DERBY at all the ebook outlets, reducing the price of this novel from $4.99 to .99cents. Today is the last day of this special, so make sure you take advantage of it.

I ran the promotional information on Friday for TROLL OR DERBY , but I'm adding it again here since it is the last day of the sale. Also, I have added Red's Amazon books. Take a couple moments to find out more about Red Tash. She is a wonderful author and lady and writes in a most refreshing style. Tell her Blaze sent you.


Make sure you don't miss out on the big sale for TROLL OR DERBY! This great book by Red Tash normally sells for $4.99, but on April 19-22nd, you can purchase it for only .99cents. What a deal!

From the pen of Red Tash:

    "Troll Or Derby has been one of the highest-rated books in Dark Fantasy since it debuted in June 2012. Right now it is #4 and in great company. A few weeks ago it was #1! The only writing goal that means anything to me in 2013 is penning the sequel, Troll Or Park. I really want to have that out by Christmas. This book means a lot to me and I hope it shows in the writing."  Red Tash

I have included quite a few docs for you to see what this great book is all about. Yes, I added a huge number of Twitter posts, but I did it so you can see the interest the book has been receiving. Peruse the goodies and get a wonderful bargain!



Troll Or Derby is a 4.7 star fantasy with 58 reviews.  The ebook normally retails for $4.99, but to celebrate its return to Nook, iTunes, and other epub platforms, the book will be on sale for only $.99 on all ebook stores, including Amazon, from April 19-22nd.


This sale will be supported by ads on BookBub (4/20/13 only), Facebook, BookBlast, ereader Cafe, over two dozen site hosts, an email blast, and a blog hop. 

From Red Tash to me:

"From the bottom of my heart I thank you for being a part of that support, and I am happy to return the favor.  Thank you for being on my team!  My turn to root for you, next!" Red Tash

What a lady!


Debra Wheeler seems like any other high school reject: at fifteen, she's more into roller skating than boys, and Mom plays favorites with big sister Gennifer, the homecoming princess. With little to love in ultra-rural Bedrock, Indiana, Deb's counting down the days until she can skate away to join the roller derby.

When Gennifer is kidnapped, Mom's breakdown forces Deb to take charge. With no clue where to start and thugs on her tail, she turns to the only adult who has ever helped her out in a jam: Coach, the owner of the skating rink. So what if he has tusks and might be a troll? Coach gives her a pair of magical skates and sends her off into a world that reveals a magical, if somewhat sinister, nature. Deb soon discovers that beneath the "glamours" of everyday life flit a million fantastical stories--and her own might be the juiciest gossip in town.

The Midwestern lifestyle every teenager loves to hate is turned inside out as Deb careens through Rumspringa, biker gangs, flea markets and tractor pulls--all teeming with fae. The valiant troll Harlow tries to intervene before Deb strays from her mission into romance and roller derby, but will they join forces to save Gennifer, or be lost to this strange new realm, forever?

Readers will find Deb a smart and witty narrator who--like them--says the wrong thing, wishes she could be someone else, and falls for the wrong person. They'll be drawn in by a girl who is independent and street smart, and they'll fall for her destined BFF, the whimsical troll loner who guides them through this quirky dark fantasy romp.

About the Author

Red Tash is a journalist-turned-novelist of dark fantasy for readers of all ages. Monsters, SciFi, wizards, trolls, fairies, and roller derby lightly sautéed in a Southern/Midwestern sauce await you in her pantry of readerly delights. Y'all come, anytime.


“Your parents probably won't want you to read this book.  Read it, anyway.  Five stars.”  Ian Seta, Floating Leaves Reviews / Indie Bookshelf

Troll Or Derby: A Fairy Wicked Tale is the story of Deb, a punk kid from the wrong side of the trailer park.  In her rural Indiana hometown, Deb can't fit in, so all she wants to do is skate away.  She's not into line dancing or partying it up, and she can't sit still long enough to escape into a good book.  No, every time Deb rolls to a stop, her alcoholic mom is hollering for another pack of cigarettes, or another six pack of Bud.  Making matters worse, Deb's portly beauty queen sister Gennifer is the town's “It girl,” a stark contrast to Deb's exceptional lack of charisma; her closest friend is either the old man who runs the roller skating rink, or the annoying neighbor who's had a crush on her since he discovered he had a penis.  As if all of that weren't enough for any girl to handle, Deb is queer, and she's starting to realize that even if that side of her personality doesn't define her, it makes her a target for high school bullies.

Skating is the only thing that brings Deb joy; the rink is the only place where she can forget her troubles and lose herself in the speed and the exhilaration of living, one blistering lap at a time.  Out on the rink, she forgets about her Mom's ever-present breakdown.  She forgets about the fact that Gennifer is dating the town sleaze, and probably using meth.  She forgets all about the bullying, the name-calling, and the hundreds of days between now and graduation.  Out on the rink, there is only this fleeting moment, and Deb is the one in control.  Skating might as well be flying, and Deb is the hottest chick on the hardwood when she straps on eight wheels.  Skates?  They might as well be wings, and someday she'll use them to fly away from this town.

Everything changes when Gennifer is kidnapped by her horrible boyfriend, and secrets begin to come out.  Deb's mother turns out not to be more like a legal guardian, the old man who owns the rink might be a troll, and Deb's discovers magical powers she didn't know she had.  Before she can stop to catch her breath, Deb's on the trail of a murderous monster and deep in the realm of the bad fae—and by bad fae, dear reader, I do, of course include trolls.

Not all trolls are baddies, though, and not everyone Deb meets is out to to tear her wings off—just most.  She soon meets Harlow, the benevolent loner who takes her in for as long as she'll stay.  A gravel-voiced rock singer who lives in a garbage dump, Harlow may be a troll, but he's got a heart of gold.  The question is, can a girl like Deb learn to trust a fella like Harlow?  Deb's fairy nature keeps her constantly on the move—can Harlow tell her all she needs to know before the lure of an illicit roller derby ring pulls her into its wicked game? 

In an odyssey through Amish Rumspringa, biker bars, trailer parks, Bingo halls, flea markets, fairy realms, trolls underworlds, roller derby, tractor pulls, dungeon cells, and rock and roll concerts, Deb slowly uncover her own truth as she tries to do what's right in all the wrong places.  Love her or hate her, once you roll with Deb, you'll never see the world the same.

Troll Or Derby is now on sale for $.99!  Grab it here: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | iTunes | Kobo

"This is a dark fairy tale about a fairy and a troll who fight the only way they know how...with Rock 'n' Roll and Roller Derby. It's packed with bikers, gangsters, drug dealers, Mmish and a whole bunch of other worldly creatures.   I'm pretty sure your parents won't want you reading this book. Read it anyway.   (★★★★★)" ~Ian Seta, Floating Leaves Book Review/

"Red Tash delivers again with this tale of rockin', rollin' and full metal fantasy! I love this damn book." ~Axel Howerton, author of Hot Sinatra, and Living Dead at Zigfreidt & Roy
"You'll quickly become engrossed by Deb and Harlow's story. Once you start, it's hard to put Troll Or Derby down. At 262 pages in the paperback edition, it's the perfect length for an afternoon of summer reading. If you're down for roller derby, fantasy, action, and a cast of completely insane characters (in a good way), you should definitely read Troll Or Derby." ~Captain Painway,
"This book has it all. Prophecies. Destinies. Royalty, trust, revenge. Sex, drugs, and rock and roll are doused in humor and lit ablaze with quirky snark. I blew through this book incredibly fast because I couldn't put it down. If you want a solid, fun read, then pick up Red Tash's Troll or Derby." ~Mercedes Yardley, Shock Totem


Have you ever dreamed of skating away to join the roller derby? I did, and so does my character Deb: $.99!

Can a 15 y.o. fairy changeling be a "New Adult"? Her pal the 20-something troll most definitely is: #YA #NA #99cent

Do you love fairies? Not the sweet, simpering mutes in cartoons, but real fairies with fierce magic? #sale

Back on B&N! Troll Or Derby is a fast-paced dark fairy adventure. #Click1 #Nook #rollerderby #sale #99c

"Felt like a you were on a roller derby rink, the crowd flashing by in a haze of adrenaline. A fun must read!" #99c

This fairy/troll fantasy flips over the handlebars of your normal ride & skids you into bloody gravel instead:

"In Troll or Derby, even the #unicorns are badass and willing to use that horn to settle a score." #99c #cheapie

Back on Smashwords!  Troll Or Derby, a Fairy Wicked Tale: Five star rock & roll dark fantasy with roller derby fey.

Ultra-rural culture of trailer parks & meth labs, monster trucks & roller derby, where let down kids grow up too fast

They have the truly magical power of true friendship on their side, however...A truly wild ride & I loved it. #gritty

Tash blended Trolls & Amish seamlessly. This Indiana-based writer has made a Mid-Western environment that rings true.

Tash's world gives a twinge of maybe-there's-a-bit-of-nonfiction in the story, characteristic of my fave fairy tales:

Back on Kobo! Five star dark fantasy Troll Or Derby: A Fairy Wicked Tale of roller derby, drug-dealin' trolls & worse

Yay, a portrayal of pixies w/o girly giggles, cute grins, & fairy dust;the ancient fae aren't creatures to trifle with:

Things are not what they seem-Dave is actually a troll selling faeth, a version of meth w/ fairy dust mixed in: #99c

I love how it is told from both Deb & Harlow's point of view. Can't think of anything I didn't like about this book:

I'll def be watching out for books by Red Tash. If you like YA fairy tales, you will not want to miss this: #sale

#TrollOrDerby is "Fun, earthy, strange & entertaining...Love the whole monsters-live-among-us-secretly thing" #click1

Characters were well-formed & careened thru the plot at full-speed. Highly recom'd--fairies get too much good press.

Readers say: "I loved this book! It was so nice to read a truly original story w/ truly original characters." #99cts

"I was captivated & transported into an amazing world of trolls & faeries...really hope Tash writes a sequel!"

"I’m pretty sure your parents won’t want you reading this book. Read it anyway. ★★★★★" Troll or Derby by Red Tash:

"Loved this - a literary Shrek against sappy YA romances"‪#TrollOrDerby by Red Tash: ‪  ‪#roller ‪#derby ‪#fantasy ‪#sale

She discovers her mom isn't her mom, her sister's bf is a troll, & she's about to take `growth spurt' to a new level: ‪ 

Fun read. Imagine the diff between `Sleeping Beauty' & the movie `Shrek'. That's what Tash has done for YA fantasy:

Highly recommended for anyone who enjoyed Shrek or is tired of sugar-coated YA paranormal romance. #TrollOrDerby #fun

Wicked fairy tale w/ a unique setting; well thought out, w/ interesting characters & action to keep me reading:

Wow - what a ride. Troll Or Derby is one of my new favorites. Red Tash has done an amazing job w/ this YA Saga.

The storytelling keeps pulling you to the next chapter & the next. Just try putting this book down, I dare you.

Nothing "typical." Most YA authors throw you smack dab in the middle of romance & teen drama; Tash does the opposite:

The cover is so appealing & appropriate, like a teaser. "Whip it" meets "True Blood" w/ a side of "Tinker Bell."

In a word, brilliant. From the very first to the very last word you get nothing less than a great story: #rollergirl

Huge personalities, a storyline that keeps delivering,& brilliant writing all around. A story you don't want to miss.

This book was just awesome & I fear if I start typing I will give things away that I shouldn't because I won't stop:

"Really, just go read it. It's worth it." #TrollOrDerby is a Top-Rated Dark Fantasy on #Amazon. #adventure #skaters

"Please give us a sequel to this incredible story! I would love to continue reading about these characters."

Wasn't able to put it down. Best book I've read in a long time. Up until the wee hours, haven't done that in years.

In Deb's adventure to save Gennifer, she meets Harlow, a hunky troll that I couldn't get enough (more Harlow please!)

"If you like fantasy & fairy tales turned on its head, this is THE BOOK FOR YOU!" Another 5 stars for Troll Or Derby:

"This book is, in a word, brilliant." #fairy #fantasy #rollerderby #rollergirls #trolls #rednecks #DidIMentionFunny?

Troll Or Derby is "amusing, well written & super creative"! A quick read full of laughs. #GuiltyPleasures #99cts

"I loved the characters & the secret worlds within worlds." Troll Or Derby is a vacation to a wacky, dangerous world.

"I found myself flipping the pages and saying 'just one more chapter'...a must buy!" Troll Or Derby #sale #99cts

Get in on the fun and buy this great book at a super price! Tell them Blaze sent you!


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