Thursday, April 18, 2013


Real Life Horror

     The events of Monday at the Boston Marathon have made me realize, now more than ever, that real life horror is worse than anything the most prolific and off-the-wall teller of Dark tales could conjure up. When I was in ‘Nam, I was a munitions expert, and I know my way around bombs. These bombs at Boston were not made to merely kill; they were designed to inflict the worst possible pain upon the innocent spectators enjoying what should have been an idyllic day. The person or persons who created this carnage are nothing short of barbarians.

     There are people who believe the only way to make a point and get their message across is through shocking events such as this. No message or cause is worth the pain and agony shared by those who died or who lost limbs or suffered other trauma. Nothing!

     Those of you who know me might say I’m a bit prejudiced because I was a world class runner for a number of years and that I would react more to horror happening at a running event than others. Point well taken. For years, I truly got caught up in the best the sport had to offer. Now, because of multiple health issues, my running days are over. Sadly so. But, the memories endure and I consider all runners to be my family. However, had this occurred at any other sporting event or venue, I would still feel the same. To kill innocent people, especially children, infuriates me. And to do so in such a manner as this was done is incomprehensible.

     I believe this horrendous attack was done on this day, of all days, because it was Patriots Day in Boston. Maybe I’m wrong, but those are my thoughts.

     Having served my time in ‘Nam, doing what I thought was for the best interests of my country, I refuse to roll over and let something like this go without acting on it. What I can do is not clear yet, but when I latch onto some way to help, I will. Whether that comes from donating the profits of a couple of running books- which I need to get out into the world - to a fund for the medical needs of those injured, or any other myriad things I can do, it will be done.

     Usually, I am a sensitive person when it comes to causes and such, particularly those for children. However, one thing that rolls around in my mind is the death penalty issue. There are usually doubts involved with questions relating to this. And yet, for this type of crime, when we find out who and why, I honestly feel nothing else warrants sufficient punishment. Tell me I’m wrong, but that’s my gut feeling.

     One thing that instilled hope in my heart for human kind was the selfless acts of valor committed by civilians and professionals alike working so hard to keep people alive and evacuate those in danger. They had no way of knowing if there were other bombs ready to go off. They put their lives on the line and are true heroes.

     And please, my friends, until we know for sure what happened and who did these horrible things, let’s not go around pointing fingers.

     Let’s play nice with each other and make this a better world.



  1. Well said. I completely agree here. Anything like this is such a terrible thing, and I just can't get my head around why people would want to do something like this just to get a point across. Barbaric is an understatement.

    My thoughts are with all those involved.

    1. It's difficult for me to wrap my head around this sort of thing too, DRC. Like you,none of it makes any sense to me. It is good to see they captured one of these people. Hopefully, it won't be much longer before they have the other one in custody.