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"I don't always measure my success as a writer by how many stories I've published, and I think maybe that means I'm maturing. I'm learning to measure my success by my utilization of words. For instance, my stories tend to ramble and bloat. If I can write a convincing revolution in a thousand words or less, I'm gravy." Megan Dorei

Megan Dorei is my Woman In Horror today! For the short amount of time this young lady has been writing horror, she has some remarkable accomplishments. She and I are both contributors to fifty shades of decay, a Zombie erotica anthology published by Angelic Knight Press, and both of us will be published soon with tales in Sirens Call publications as well. Megan's involves Steampunk Horror. I love Steampunk! I honestly feel that Sirens Call is one of the best Horror Magazines on the market, and I'm not saying it merely because I am included in an upcoming issue. This is an all woman run magazine and I am honored to be gracing their pages, especially with the likes of Megan Dorei. 

I asked Megan for a few words and she graciously sent me a wealth of insight into herself as a writer, and more importantly, as a genuine, caring person. She does an outstanding job!

In her words, I present Megan Dorei:

The Formal Bio:

Megan Dorei is a recent high school graduate who chose to focus on writing instead of following her friends to college. She has been published in Less Than Three Press' "Kiss Me at Midnight" collection, Elektrik Milk Bath Press' "Zombies for a Cure" anthology, and Angelic Knight Press' "50 Shades of Decay" anthology. She is also scheduled to be published in Sirens Call Publications' "Bellows of the Bone Box" and "Mental Ward: Stories From the Asylum" anthologies, Scarlett River Press' "Blood and Roses" anthology, and Song Story Press' "Come to My Window" anthology. She currently lives in McLouth, Kansas with a spastic puppy and a grumpy blind cat.

The Not-so-formal Bio:

My life is a strange combination of mundane and insane. It's full of unconventionally ceremonious traditions. For instance: when eating mint ice cream with a best friend it must always be done under the kitchen table, and when watching "Saw II" at two in the morning it is only to be expected that I'll be munching on crab legs. These traditions form themselves out of a sense of nostalgia- I am, in fact, a creature of nostalgia. I'm the one who's always looking back fondly, annoying my friends with my constant "ooh, remember whens".

That's sort of how writing is for me. Ceremonious, nostalgic, a marriage of the mundane and the insane. That probably sounds trite, but I have an unhealthy talent for making everything sound dramatic. I like to say it's the writer in me but it's really just me. Don't worry- when you've spent your whole life making a jackass of yourself, eventually you just embrace it.

Seriously, though, writing is something magical to me. I've been putting stories down on paper since I was three- although back then I used to draw them and since I have no artistic talent whatsoever in that area I was forced to admit defeat and learn how to write. Throughout elementary school, I became known as "the writer", as I was always skiving out of my actual assignments to either read or write "THE NEXT GREAT NOVEL". This tradition continued- intensified, actually- throughout middle and high school. My friends have always been more than supportive and I owe them quite a lot- one in particular, who is actually quite a fine writer herself.

Still, it wasn't until my senior year of high school that I really began to seriously plan for the future- I am, by nature, an extreme procrastinator and I've gotten really good at finishing things last minute. Over the years I'd dreamed of becoming an author, but I never knew how to get there. I was naive enough to think it would just happen out of luck. But sometimes you have to go out and make your own luck. I began to look through magazines that my Creative Writing teacher loaned me and to research "how to publish a novel". I was comically surprised by how hard everything looked.

Then I stumbled across the Horror (a great site for up-and-coming authors!!).

After my first few rejections (I had been ready; I wasn't too naive that I expected I'd never get rejected), I got my first acceptance, with Less Than Three Press, and a few days later with Elektrik Milk Bath Press. That was a wild time for me and I'll never forget it.

I'm still pretty new to all this, so I'm not going to try and impart some great wisdom. All I know is that writing is magic, and I feel truly blessed that I am on my way to truly harnessing that magic.

Haunt Me [Ebook] 
Publication date: January 23, 2013

Elise and Rose never had an easy past—they started out friends, but life and other women quickly got in the way. Then tragedy struck, and Elise’s life is lost … until she reappears in Rose’s home as a ghost, giving the two women one last chance to fix the wrongs between them in the hopes of being happy together in the next life. (Warning: This story contains subjects that may be triggers for some, i.e. suicide)

Publication date: October 26, 2012

The zombies are everywhere... at the horse races, in the strip-clubs, on reality TV. Zombies for a Cure features 19 poems and 24 stories, as well as a handful of art, offering the reader a peek at what the world will be like after the zombies have come. We see both what it is like for those humans who have survived the zombie apocalypse, as well as how things are shaping up from the zombies' point of view. Here you will find a wide range of stories with a variety of themes as these 39 authors, poets, and artists come together to raise money for cancer research. Featuring work by Gregory L. Norris, Marge Simon & Sandy DeLuca, Jennifer Clark, Mark Onspaugh, James S. Dorr, Gene Stewart, John McCarthy, Nick Kimbro, Terrie Leigh Relf, Vonnie Winslow Crist, dan smith, Brian Rosenberger, Jay Wilburn, Stewart S. Warren, Gerri Leen and others. Proceeds from the sale of this book will be donated to the Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma Research Foundation.

Publication date: February 17, 2013

What's sexy about zombies? 51 authors answered that question with wild, weird, and titillating tales. From love during the apocalypse, to love that goes beyond the grave and back again, to love that well, never dies, you'll find these pages filled with desires demanding to be fufilled, hungers to be slaked, and lovers who won't let a little thing like death (or undeath) come between them. Do zombies need sex as much as they need brains? What would you do to bring a lover back from the dead? What if you survived the apocalypse only to find yourself alone and sexually frustrated?

Light some candles, put on some mood music, and cozy up with 50 Shades of Decay. The zombie sexpocalypse has begun...

Publication date: Coming soon!

The Steampunk and Horror genres are masterfully combined in the twelve stories contained within Bellows of the Bone Box. Each of the authors has transported you to an age where steam is the dominate means of power and has woven a tale that will fascinate, or possibly scandalize you.
In this volume, you will find clockworks, pneumatic tubes, airships, and leather worn out of necessity – not vanity. Can an engine be powered by human blood; should it be? What about body modification; what happens when the mechanical meets the biological and goes awry? Does the heart rule the machine, or does the machine consume the humanity that once existed within it? What of airships, regeneration, or hallucination; is it safe to trifle with such things? Should technology that can rift time and dimensions be researched; and if that research proves fruitful, should it ever see the light of day?
Packed full of intrigue, imagination, and horror, lovers of Steampunk will have a hard time deciding which of the twelve is their favorite!

Blood & Roses e-cover.
Publication date: Coming soon!

Megan Dorei is a woman In Horror!


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