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"When someone who has 50 years of experience on you is willing to pass on some of their lessons learned, it is always good to listen to it." Joann H. Buchanan

Joann H. Buchanan is my Woman In Horror today! I have known Joann for quite some time now. I wrote short stories and poems that she read on her radio show, along with a number of other great authors. One week I wrote one that was over the top, and she was afraid to read it over the airways because it was intense, but she read it anyway and the response was overwhelmingly in my favor. I respect her a great deal for taking the stance she did. I would have accepted a, "I'm sorry, Blaze, but this story might not resonate well with my readers." But, she refused. Joann is a gritty lady!

Joann's great book I Am Wolf is up for sale on Amazon Kindle for only .99cents. By all means, buy this great book and read it. It is superb. I have included the review I gave it ( I'm that Robert C. Nelson chap ) below. I really loved the book as you will take note of.

Enter Joann to the world of radio, writing, and now: audio books. Her new company, Empire Voices, is doing just that. Here is a link and description:


At Empire Voices we want to give the writer the very best experience possible. We are going to change the face of audio books. Contact us to find out how. 

 We will have our first round of books out soon and ours sound like movies.

I have a lot of narrators and a few amazing producers who work with me.

This sounds really great to me!

Soulless Light has been optioned to be made into a movie by  Never Dream Productions. Needless to say, Joann is over the top about this! I loved this great tale when I read it, and it will make a great movie. Joann and I will keep you posted as to when and where for this exciting venture.Go to her Facebook page and tell her you want more facts!

There are more things that Joann is working on as well. She is writing four different books. One is the last book in the Children of Nox series called After Dark. The others are new series. One is called Empires Lost: Keileigh , and the other book is a Steampunk series book called Angel Monday, The Locket and The Dragon.

Obviously, Joann does sooo many things at once. What a lady! The most horrifying thing she has had to encounter is me, but she has some great kids to keep her mind functioning on a steady track, and she has a great man as well.


Joann's Amazon Bio:
Joann H. Buchanan hosts a radio show on Tuesdays and Thursdays called The Eclectic Artist Cave on TMV Cafe from 2 PM EST to 3:30 PM EST. She is also the owner of Empire Voices, an audio production company that is taking the audio book world by storm. Do you want your book to sound like a movie, contact Empire Voices and find out what it takes to make that dream a reality.
When Joann isn't writing, she is raising her beautiful children and playing with her dogs, Molly and Mocha.

Book Description

January 21, 2012
Angel, hero, monster, demon--we all become what we really are.
Jonah has been sent to the Native American Reservation in Sisters Oregon to live with his grandparents. What should be the most boring move in his entire life turns into an adventure that will last a lifetime. There he learns the one secret his family has kept from him and joins a group of friends called The Youngling Pack.

Though his whole life has been turned upside down, he manages to fall in love with Alaynee, his best friend's fraternal twin sister. When Alaynee's little brother, Squeaks is kidnapped by a poacher, Jonah comes to the rescue--only to find himself face to face with the dark side of the gift he has been given. He breaks the most sacred rule the clan has, Never Bite A Human--and thus creates a creature he must track down and kill.

Most Helpful Customer Reviews
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5.0 out of 5 stars I Am Wolf Howls With Wonder January 13, 2012
Format:Kindle Edition
My reading tastes are rather eclectic, and while this story is YA(a genre that normally I wouldn't search out), I found this to be a very good book. Why? The story line is wonderful and easy to follow, but that doesn't mean it's boring. Excitement comes at you from everywhere. There is one main protagonist: a young High School boy who is coming to terms with some huge changes in his life. However, this young boy has so many friends as he struggles to fit in with his new existence that there is a veritable cast of supporting heroes.

Where this story really shines, however, is within the twisted mind of the antagonist. Joann does a marvelous job of plotting out his depravity, making you wonder just what this evil entity will do next. He does plenty! None of it good.

Countering his evil is the love and compassion shown by the young lad and his friends, but don't confuse their caring for weakness: they have a tough job to do and they get it done; at much risk to themselves.

Enter another reason I love this novel: while the name of this tale would make you believe it is a Werewolf story, it is not. It is a tale of legends and lore where Native Americans are part of something grandiose, something a part of Spiritual transcendence. Many American Indian cultures believe in shape-shifting. Some believe it to be evil. Others believe it to be otherwise when used within the context of what the Great Spirit wishes: harmony between humans and nature. My grandmother was a full blooded Cherokee lady. This makes me one fourth Cherokee. That part of me embraces the old ways, and I understand the concepts and beliefs of my ancestors. What I am getting to here is the fact Joann has done a fantastic job of making the old legends seem real. This is not always an easy task in today's day and age where everybody "knows" everything. Maybe we're not as smart as we think we are.

It's time for me to rate this book. One star for a great story line; another star for super protagonists; TWO stars for an amazing portrayal of evil within the antagonist; and another star for creating such wonderful believability of Spiritual transcendence.


Book Description

July 29, 2012
When you've been touched by the darkness, it leaves a mark on your soul. Jonah and Alaynee are happily putting the past behind them. They're planning a wedding and moving forward. Great news is waiting for them and the youngling pack. When Cathy, Alaynee's mom, finds a stranded girl in the city and brings her back. Alaynee soon discovers there's more to her then meets the eye. Cleo is a lioness whose powers over men will haunt Alaynee in more ways then one. Will Jonah and Alaynee be able to plan their happily ever after or will the evil that resides have it's way?

Book Description

September 10, 2011
Haunting in my desires
Thrilled by what is flawed.
I see now that which before could not be seen.
The gray matter of us all

The soul
The light
The sparkle of the infinite night.

Seeking only to be heard
cause we are all dead or dying.
And there in lies the truth of that
which I am buying.

I'm gonna live forever
in the dark of night.

Alive but dead

Dead but alive

Does it even matter?

I'm lost now in a day dream
of my own creation.




Am I the soulless light?

A young love destroyed, an entire village murdered. The year, 1363-the plagued ravaged the land in every corner of Great Britain accept one lonely isle called The Isle of Ely. The bishop, sure the village had consorted with the devil sent his Templar Knights to investigate. Their hearts thirsted for blood. They killed every living person in the village.

Julia's soul, so angered by the actions of the knights, is given a power in death she did not posses in life. She must decide if revenge is worth the price she will pay.

Joann H. Buchanan is a Woman In horror!



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  2. You are most welcome, Joann! You deserve all this praise and more.