Monday, March 4, 2013


"I've never thought of myself as a horror writer, or even a writer in general. Putting my ideas into stories and creating characters is fun to me. The fact people enjoy the end result is icing on the cake." Suzanne Robb

Suzanne Robb is my Woman In Horror today! Suzanne and I go back a ways to when we were both in the Undead Of Winter anthology. It was my first Zombie tale, and I was so glad I made the cut. Suzanne, quite a pro at the Zombie genre, was very gracious in welcoming me to the fold. Thank you, young lady!

I enjoy reading Suzanne's stories because they are not only great, but they attack the horror genre with keen psychological insight. Of course, Suzanne has a Degree in Psychology, so that certainly helps, but it goes far beyond that, I believe. Suzanne understands the angst in not only the protagonists minds, but in the minds of the antagonists as well. How great is it that an author can reason all the facets of what is going on within and without the battle arena of the macabre? It is awesome as far as I'm concerned.

Her great novel Z-Boat will become a trilogy. Okay, boys and girls! This is as it should be. The premise of  this great tale is phenomenal. I certainly need to see more. On top of that, be still my beating heart, Suzanne is going to rock and roll with a science fiction horror novel. This is one I can't miss. Combining the two genres will be superb because of the pen being moved by such a crafted tactician of terror. The Q&A below adds in more of her great tales to come.

I will now stop spilling my drool of the keyboard keys and go to the Q&A so you can hear words direct from the master herself. As usual, I always toss in some zingers. I give you Suzanne Robb:

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