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"No matter what you are told and how long it takes, never give up on your dreams. In time and with great determination? All will be revealed when it is meant to be. "  Lisa Costello

Lisa Costello is my Woman In Horror today! I have known Lisa for some time now, and she is a shoot from the hip lady who tells it like it is and doesn't care what people think. She is her own person and, because of that, I respect her highly. There is no pretense with Lisa.  I suggest you hit her Facebook link above and click on to her "about" button, and you'll see what I mean. Lisa is a mother, a wife, a great writer, and a super friend.

Lisa's myspace website is really cool. I thought at first that my eyeballs were going all wonky on me or something, but it's simply the super fab way she set it up. There is a bunch of goodies here to get you knowing more about my fantastic friend.

Lisa has two series in the making. In Lisa's words:

 "One will be known as The True Path series. It is a look at things from the point of view of the many werewolf packs around the world and how they perceive things going on in the world around them. The other is simply known as the Alleluia Files for now. Apocalyptic series using the time line of Hurricane Katrina as the background for an 'end of the world' type storyline. There will be many various supernatural, holy and unholy types of characters involved in it and is my true life's work ( which is why it is taking so long to get finished or at least get enough of the series finished to then get it published. )"

Lisa is a true animal rights activist. We support each other on Facebook for various causes relating to this. Her werewolf tales certainly will have much of this incorporated in them. Also, in the pictures I have included below, you will see one photo of a wolf and a Native American lady.  Lisa is also involved with our spirits and legends -yes, I am part Cherokee- and I'm glad of that. At present, I am writing a serial about ghosts, one of whom is Native American. It involves shape-shifting. I love when friends such as Lisa are open minded enough to understand where I might be coming from with this.  

Her Apocalyptic series intrigues me because I know that Lisa is well versed in these things and can even draw upon her knowledge of science to garner more of a factual "this could happen" feel to it. For example, she has more than an inkling of what happens within the multi-verse spectrum. She and I both are into Physics and the the theories of "what if."

The pictures below, I took from photos she shared on her Facebook page. Notice the diversity of interests this young lady possesses and the intensity of her beliefs. If a picture is worth a thousand words, there are a lot of words to be read.

I am ecstatic to have found a friend as intense as Lisa Costello. Watch out for this young lady. Very soon, she will be bombarding you with her super tales.

Lisa Costello is a Woman In Horror!


Photo: Our prime purpose in this life is to help others. And if you can't help them at least don't hurt them.

The Mind Unleashed ॐ


Photo: *** Spürst du den greift nach dir....***


Photo: CELEB OF THE DAY from The Divinity of Dogs

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Photo: I RESPECTFULLY dedicate this to Kara Clark...........

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