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"Stay unique and true to yourself...don't let others tell you who or what to be!" Lauren Curtis

"Behind every fear there's a wish!"

Lauren Curtis is my Woman In Horror today! Lauren is one fantastic artist, and her specialty, in my mind, is her work with Steampunk. Okay, you say, what does Steampunk have to do with horror? Isn't it merely a Jules Verne up, up, and away type of thing that involves steam engines and weird clothing? Partly, perhaps, but Steampunk also has room for Zombies, post apocalyptic horrors administered by ruthless purveyors of humanity, Wild West Gothic terrors, and a whole other array of monstrous deviates tossed out in front of us. I love the science fiction/fantasy aspects of  the genre, and the alternate history phenomenons.

While Lauren does write in the genre, her art is particularly fascinating, giving itself to the most rudimentary subculture aspects of Steampunk. She has just completed an art book about her  X-RAYted digital photo collage series. I have the picture and info below. Lauren is also working on artwork for the newest Steampunk Landing Gazette. Also on her plate is a bunch of freelance design work, new mixed media art, and she just completed two art exhibits in February.

This is a bio in Lauren's own words:


I'm a full time visual artist specializing in fine art, photography, illustration, design & I have my own lines of cards, t-shirts & jewelry
In 1988 I was graduated with a BFA from Mason Gross (Rutgers) & am now working full time as an artist. I specialize in illustration, painting, photography & graphic design & have a wide variety of clients including publishers, musicians, craft & greeting card companies, historical orgs. & animal rescue groups. I exhibit regularly in galleries & vend at art/craft fairs, Goth/Wiccan events, etc. (I also create jewelry, cards & T-shirts) & will post that info.on this pg. I've been a featured artist on radio shows, in newspaper interviews, on a gothic cable TV show & on the Oddities TV show (Science Channel)! Commissions always welcome!! Thanks for LIKING my pg. & feel free to contact me about my work.
Visual art including oil paintings, watercolor, pen & ink illustration, photography, graphic design/Photoshop, mixed media, original t-shirts & greeting cards, & jewelry by fine artist Lauren Curtis.

Her other sites are:

http://laurencurtisart.weebly.com (NEW fine art site!)
http://laurencurtis.wordpress.com (my Blog)
http://www.facebook.com/LaurenCurtisArtTalonArt (Facebook Fine Art Page)
http://www.LaurenCurtisArt.com (commercial & fine art)
http://www.laurencurtis.imagekind.com (cards, T-shirts, photography, illustration)

Enough of my words. It is time to show you some of Lauren's great artwork!


Below are some Amazon credits.

Book Description

November 11, 2011
"Steampunk" refers to a literary genre. A genre is a category. There have been many such categories in the past and there will continue to be more in the future. A recent and ongoing genre is the Goth. Goth is concerned with all that is dark; all that is "Black" shall we say, in a literary and fashion sense, not a racial one.

An old joke suggests that Steampunk the Genre happened with Goth's discovered "Brown." If not abundant humor in the joke, there is some truth. Truth is there in the sense that more can be included in "Black and Brown" than "Black" alone.

And a major descriptor of Steampunk is that it is inclusive. It is a Big tent. It is not just about literature. It is about a lifestyle. Steampunk has something to say about many elements of "Lifestyle."

These elements of lifestyle include but are not limited to: literature, fashion, culinary, decor, humor, philosophy, invention, events, film, and music.

The Steampunk Landing Gazette is concerned with each and all of these elements and will address all in an entertaining manner. That is the goal. Join us and see if we attain the goal. Perhaps you can even participate in the attaining.

Book Description

August 11, 2012
Four Ships came from their planet - the fourth one in distance from their double - star.

Some of them looked much like us. They could speak like us - most Earth languages. They wanted to live among us, but only for a while. But even that they had had not done much of. The mostly stayed in orbit and observed or made small explorations to remote areas.

But one afternoon, a freak storm changed all that. First two students helped one of them and then two teachers joined to do the same.

But the bigger story is how they would help us.

Book Description

February 16, 2012
The Steampunk Landing Gazette is concerned with all matters Steampunk. Steampunk started as a literary genre but a little over two decades later it is blossoming into a lifestyle. The Gazette is about living that life. What are the sights and sounds? What is important to read and view and listen to? You will find this content only at Steampunk Landing. The Gazette is published four times a year.

Wait! It's not what you may think; it's an art book featuring my series of digital photo collages based on x-ray images. 9"X11.5", BLACK CLOTH HARD COVER,
20 FULL COLOR PAGES of ORIGINAL ART, SIGNED COPIES ONLY $29 EACH, INCLUDES S/H in the US ($35 for international orders included s/h)
Paypal, checks, $-orders & cold hard cash accepted! Get X-RAYted Now!

As you can see, Lauren Curtis has a most magnificent portfolio at her disposal. There are many more pieces of art to be viewed when you peruse her websites.

Lauren Curtis is a Woman In Horror!



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