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"I write horror. Some people can't understand why, or don't want to. For me it's this - I stare into the darkness to better appreciate the light." Elizabeth Massie

Elizabeth Massie is my Woman In Horror today! She has quite a portfolio. Her first horror short story, "Whittler," was published in The Horror Show in the winter 1984 edition. Others followed, in mags such as Deathrealm, Grue, Footsteps, Gauntlet, Iniquities, The Blood Review, After Hours, The Tome, and many more, as well as anthologies such as Borderlands, Borderlands III, Best New Horror 2, Dead End: City Limits, Women of Darkness, Best New Fantasy and Horror 4, Hottest Blood, New Masterpieces of Horror, Revelations, and many others. Beth's novella, Stephen (Borderlands) was awarded the Bram Stoker Award and was a World Fantasy award finalist.

Elizabeth added horror novels to her repertoire in the early 1990s, and has since published the Bram Stoker-winning Sineater, Welcome Back to the Night, Wire Mesh Mothers, Dark Shadows: Dreams of the Dark (co-authored with Stephen Mark Rainey), Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Power of Persuasion, Twisted Branch (as Chris Blaine), and Homeplace. She has also had four story collections published: Southern Discomfort, Shadow Dreams, the extensive The Fear Report, and A Little Magenta Book of Mean Stories. Her bizarre poetry is included in the early 2004 anthology Devil's Wine, along with poems by Stephen King, Ray Bradbury, Peter Straub, and more. Her most recent horror novel is DD Murphry, Secret Policeman (co-authored with Alan M. Clark.) She’s also written novelizations for Showtime’s original television series, The Tudors.

 Her first comic book, Julie Walker is The Phantom in Race Against Death! was released in Jan. 2010. In 2010, several of her books were released as e-books from Crossroad Press and Necon E-Books — Sineater and The Fear Report. Several other books are slated to be out as e-books in late 2010 — her horror novel Welcome Back to the Night and a brand new mainstream novel, Homegrown. Beth has become a regular contributor of ghost stories to Woodland Press’s series of anthologies set in Appalachia, including Legends of the Mountain State 3, Legends of the Mountain State 4, Specters in Coal Dust, Appalachian Winter Hauntings, and the upcoming as-yet-untitled anthology based in Appalachian superstitions. She is currently working on a new novel and several new short stories.
She also writes historical novels for young adults and middle grade readers. She has said, "There is a great deal of horror in history, so moving from one to the other wasn't that big a step for my creative thought processes. I love the idea of putting my mind back in time to experience what people years ago might have experienced. And damn, but some of that stuff was creepy!" Her works include the Young Founders series, the Daughters of Liberty trilogy, and The Great Chicago Fire: 1871.
On the side, Elizabeth also writes supplementary materials for educational publishers (both fiction and nonfiction) and continues to wield her inky pen and watercolors to create the characters of Skeeryvilletown. In her free time, she likes hiking and camping in the Blue Ridge Mountains, digging through antique stores, traveling roads on which she’s never traveled. She is also an active member of Amnesty International, the human rights organization to which she’s belonged since 1985.
In January 2011 Beth launched and continues to manage Hand to Hand Vision — Fundraising and Sharing With Others. This project, based on Facebook, auctions off quality hand-made items and then gives the money directly to those who could use some help during these tough economic times. In the same year she started and maintains Circle of Caring — Standing Up and Speaking Out Against Bullying, also on Facebook. This ongoing project brings attention to the problem of bullying by sharing information and encouraging people to be active in standing up and speaking out against it. Members receive free Circle of Caring bracelets that represent their willingness to come to the aid of those who are bullied.
Elizabeth still lives in the country in the Shenandoah Valley (a mere four miles from where she was born and next door to her best friend and sister, Barbara Spilman Lawson) with the very diversely talented illustrator Cortney Skinner. She regularly attends Necon in Rhode Island in July, and as of 2012 has been honored with the title "Necon Legend." Hey, ya hang around long enough, right? :) She knits very long scarves because that's all she can knit, and she continues to work on horror novels and short fiction, and educational books and poetry for kids. Her zombie novel, Desper Hollow, will be released in late 2012 from Apex Books and her historical horror novel, Hell Gate, will be released in 2013 from DarkFuse (Delirium Books Publishing.) She is also currently working on her first book-length work of non-fiction which has nothing to do with horror and is way different from her other books. So stay tooned, yuh-all!

Most of the above information came from off of Elizabeth's bio on her website.  I suggest that everyone visit her website because it is set up so well! Notice how the pictures and descriptions of her books are so much better than what Amazon has on their site. I included them as well. I absolutely love the Kolchak: The Night Stalker Casebook cover on Elizabeth's website!

I am very impressed not only with Elizabeth's writing mastery but with her huge heart as well. One thing I would like to add: show her some love by liking her Amazon Author Page, and you better damn well visit her website or I'll send my monsters after you!


Elizabeth’s new zombie novel, Desper Hollow, will be published by Apex Books in June of 2013. It will be released in limited edition hard cover, trade paperback, and e-book formats. Stay tuned for more information!

Elizabeth has just sold her chilling new historical horror novel, Hell Gate, to DarkFuse, and it will be released in September of 2013 in limited hardcover, trade paperback, and e-book formats. Stay tuned for more information!

Naked, On the Edge — readers are thrust to the edge of darkness in this powerful collection of supernatural and psychological tales by two-time Bram Stoker Award-winning horror author, Elizabeth Massie. Isolation, alienation, desperation, loneliness, greed, rage, regret — human conditions that leave us teetering on the brink, ready to crash forward into the abyss or step backward onto safer, brighter ground. "Beneath our clothes, our bodies are naked. Beneath our skulls, our brains are naked. Beneath our hearts, our souls are naked." Now available as an e-book from Crossroad Press.

These super pictures are from Elizabeth's website. Like I said, they will blow your mind away!

   The Century's Best Horror Fiction
(Cemetery Dance)

Beth's story, "Stephen," winner of the Bram Stoker Award in 1992, is included in this newly released, mega-anthology.

Exotic Gothic 2    Exotic Gothic 2
edited by Danel Olson (Ash-Tree Press)

"Los Penitentes" is a cross-generational story of terror, desire, and sacrifice in an isolated western community. 

Cover of 'Mammoth Book of Vampire Stories by Women'    Mammoth Book of Vampire Stories by Women
edited by Stephen Jones (Carroll & Graf)

In “Forever, Amen,” a young woman living during the French Revolution meets and falls in love with a mysterious stranger. Little does she know he has been cursed since the time of Christ to be reincarnated and executed time and again into eternity. And so, she must find a way to travel with him throughout the years to intervene in his fate.

Cover of 'Kolchak: The Night Stalker Casebook'    Kolchak: The Night Stalker Casebook
edited by Joe Gentile (Moonstone Press)

“They Came From the Dark Ride” pits our brave and mouthy reporter Carl Kolchak against ghosts trapped inside a burned Coney Island amusement park ride from 1911.

Blaze loves this one!

Cover of 'Best New Horror 17'    Best New Horror 17
edited by Stephen Jones (Carroll & Graf)

“Pinkie” is the tale of a lonely, isolated farmer and the ultra-brilliant pig he raised to adulthood, a pig who seems to know more about the farmer’s past than the farmer himself.

Cover of 'Travel Guide to the Haunted Mid-Atlantic Region'    Travel Guide to the Haunted Mid-Atlantic Region
edited by Elizabeth Blue, Jacob Haddon, Sarah Schoenfeld (Lulu)

In “Now I’m With the Invalids,” a man facing financial ruin decides to hike into oblivion in the wilds of the Virginia Blue Ridge Mountains. When he meets what he believes are a band of Civil War re-enactors hiding out in the mountains, things go from bad to worse.

Cover of 'Deadly Housewives'    Deadly Housewives
edited by Christine Matthews (Avon)

“The Next Door Collector”: Anthea distrusts the women who just moved in next door. The new neighbor owns many more dogs and cats than are allowed, and then she begins to collect big plastic storage bins in her backyard. Anthea knows something dreadful is going on in the woman’s dark, pet-strewn house.

Cover of 'Summer Chills'    Summer Chills
edited by Stephen Jones (Carroll & Graf)

In “The Landlock,” a woman goes with a charitable group to Belize to help rebuild a hurricane-demolished school. But the woman is really seeking something else – nature in its purest, wildest form. She finds a native woman who is very happy to introduce her to the pure, unmolested jungle. But the human/nature connection comes at a huge price.

Cover of 'The Spider Chronicles'    The Spider Chronicles
edited by Joe Gentile (Moonstone Press)

“Death From a Blood Red Sky” features the 1930s crime fighting hero, Richard Wentworth (“The Spider”) tackling a vicious killer who harpoons victims from a red autogiro. The Spider discovers the villain is a woman with a score to settle. With help from the beautiful Nita Van Sloan, The Spider hunts the woman relentlessly until they are face to face – autogiro to airship – in a battle to the death.

Cover of 'A Dark and Deadly Valley'    A Dark and Deadly Valley
edited by Mike Heffernan (Silverthought)

“Come Unto Me” is a fictional explanation of an actual event during WWII in which a blimp (the L-8) returned to shore with neither of its crew members aboard – and neither were ever found. It is true that the crew found and reported a mysterious oil slick on the Pacific, but no one knows what happened after that. Here is one possibility.

From Amazon:
Product Details

The Tudors: King Takes Queen by Michael Hirst and Elizabeth Massie (Apr 15, 2008)

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Jambo, Watoto!: Hello Children! by Marsha Heatwole (Sep 1998)

Formats Price New Used Collectible
Hardcover $35.00 $2.53 $7.95
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1776: Son of Liberty, Young Founders 3 by Elizabeth Massie (Jul 15, 2000)

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Mass Market Paperback $98.66 $0.01 $10.00
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The Tudors: Thy Will Be Done by Michael Hirst and Elizabeth Massie (Apr 28, 2009)

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Why Me? (Power Up! Building Reading Strength) by Elizabeth Massie and Thomas Buchs (Nov 1, 2002)

Formats Price New Used
Paperback $7.46 $0.09
Product Details

Wire Mesh Mothers by Elizabeth Massie and Kathy Bell Denton (Jan 18, 2013)Unabridged

Other Formats: Mass Market Paperback
Product Details

1609: Winter of the Dead: A Novel of the Founding of Jamestown (Young Founders) by Elizabeth Massie (Mar 6, 2007)

Other Formats: Mass Market Paperback

Product Details

Power of Persuasion (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) by Elizabeth Massie (Oct 1, 1999)

Formats Price New Used Collectible
Mass Market Paperback $1.96 $0.01 $4.79
Product Details

The Great Chicago Fire, 1871 by Elizabeth Massie (Nov 1, 1999)

Formats Price New Used Collectible
Mass Market Paperback $2.60 $0.01 $3.59
Library Binding $6.00
Other Formats: Paperback
Product Details

Welcome Back to the Night by Elizabeth Massie (Nov 1999)

Formats Price New Used
Mass Market Paperback $2.69 $0.01
Product Details

Shadow Dreams by Elizabeth Massie (May 2002)

Formats Price New Used Collectible
Mass Market Paperback $2.82 $0.01 $2.00
Hardcover $57.00
Product Details

A Forest Community (Pair-It Books: Proficiency: Stage 5) by Elizabeth Massie (Nov 1, 1999)

Formats Price New Used

$3.80 $0.01

I certainly believe that no one can deny that Elizabeth Massie is a Woman In Horror!


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