Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Enjoy some Dark poetry by Leslie Moon at The Pen Of The Damned. Shift through two worlds if you dare! While you're there, read more from the Damned Ones!

Broken Dream

I came so innocent as a child
such wild and  fanciful play
I would often tiptoe in the night
 staying long into the day
Fortresses queen I’d be
sea castles in my mind
and as I older grew
I toyed in the sublime
 chance encounter that I had
mad he flapped and cawed
black cloaked raven-man
a twisted face, how odd
things were altered now it seemed
my dreams began to thin
 darkness seeped in and through
imagination’s walls  begun to spin
Bloodless echos haunted me
“please” I’d close my ears
steel-like, frozen where I stood
terrorized by my fears
Malevolence stalked through the mist
abyss like were his eyes
vile dropped from his lips
his cloak rendered no disguise
“I take you as my victim
pinned – a voodoo curse
you cannot from it run
I promise it’s the worst”
No light lit his face
trace, there was no sorrow
 a hideous malignant sneer
little time left to borrow
There is no place that I know
to go or leave this thing
bound in a timeless shell
to none hope can I bring
For you, life-taker grows this hate
rape you may my world
but watch this as life’s child
her vengeance is unfurled
try with all my will to shake
awake I’d purge the dream
blood through fingers oozed
coagulated as I’d scream
my hands they hold a sanguinous flood
loves I cannot save
none could stem abhorrent tide
In their blood I am depraved
alert my plans, they have wrought
thoughts to kill my foe
the curse must be undone
for the sake of all I know
The maniac’s thirsty schemes
dreams that I now dread
 dealt a hand I cannot play
his crimes are mine instead
rivulets of a cursed flow
grow as I hold them tight
I stand so pale and aghast
her stream gushes in the night
this dreaded, foretold dream alas
last of those I knew
puddles form in ebbing streams
I can only mouth,” Adieu”
“Ha” he gasped “Gagnez – you win”
A pin thrust in my side
too late was lost his final breath
” no victory all have died!”
 keeper of nightmarish pool
fool I knew too late
this ghoulish fiend held a key
would have opened freedom’s gate
you, dream-waker come this way
as the noir play unfolds
ghastly gore spread neath your feet
“what evil is untold?”
Endless blood pools there it lay
off-stage a cloak is draped
 one lifeless human voodoo doll
nightmares he must shake
From the doll a pin he gently pulls
full of shape and life is she
cruelly manacled to a frozen wall
his aim to set her free
 ”there must a way to make this cease”
“release me not,” I scream
I now am specter of both worlds
 leave me shackled to this dream”
~ Leslie Moon

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