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"For me, horror is that which reaches into the soul, unlocks the darkest
secrets within, and forces you to stare not only into the depths of those
secrets, but into the abyss that is left behind." Alex Scully

Alex Scully is my Woman In Horror today! Alex is the senior editor at Firbolg Publishing. She has been a fan of horror for as long as she can remember, cutting her teeth on Dracula, Frankenstein, Poe and many other masters of old. She is a huge Gothic fan and wishes to not only connect with the past, but to capture the Gothic spirit in the new authors presenting their contributions.

Alex started up Firbolg Publishing so there would be a place where the Gothic past meets the present in the pages of the anthologies.

"Each of the themed collections features old masters and new voices, all in the Gothic tradition. Psychological fear, ghosts, supernatural events, dark shadows, the edge of insanity… you will find them all here at Firbolg. Welcome… and Enter at your own risk!" Alex Scully

 Enter At Your Own Risk is the newest anthology on the horizon. I have included the submission information below. Alex asked if I was interested in submitting to this great tome to be published in September, and even though I am not particularly a Gothic author, I am intrigued with the premise and will submit. This should prove to be a lot of fun! I only hope I meet her expectations.

Blazing Devil that I am, I stole this information off the Firbolg blog. Please don't shoot me, Alex!

Enter At Your Own Risk: Dark Muses, Spoken Silences


Firbolg Publishing has decided to add one more stunning Gothic story to our latest anthology! We are seeking authors interested in a truly challenging writing project.
The latest Enter At Your Own Risk collection is a radical look at differing points of view. Every story has a protagonist. However, every story also has a cast of secondary characters to round out the narrative and themes. Below you will see a list of the stories we are offering and the fascinating look into the perspectives of some of those secondary characters. Interested in a challenge? We are adding one more Gothic master to our list!
Edgar Allan Poe is one of the most famous Gothic dark fiction writers of all time. In his infamous story “The Black Cat,” we descend into a madman’s fears and paranoia. But what of the other two characters in the tale? The cat and the narrator’s wife play very significant roles in this story, but we never hear directly from them. We want the stories from the cat and the wife. How did they see these horrific events? How did they feel as they watched the protagonist slip into madness? Choose one of Poe’s other characters and re-tell his terrible tale!
Submission guidelines:
Deadline: 30 April
word count: 2000-7000K
Payment: $35 flat fee
We want the tone, atmosphere, and feel of the Gothic masters. Less gore/ blood and more fear/ suspense.
send submissions to:

I am looking forward to having my pages scream out with the fear and suspense Alex wants. C'mon, I know we have more of my readers that want to get involved with this!


Fires and Phantoms is well worth a read for all of you wanting to dabble your tootsies near the fire. This is different because of the gay themed Gothic adventure ride you'll be going along on, but there are great stories here, and I commend Alex for her devotion to equal rights. Just as I love to proclaim Women In Horror Month, some other talented authors are left out of the limelight because of bias and stupidity. Thank you, authors, and thank you, Alex for having true courage!


Book Description

October 3, 2012
A collection of seventeen tales that explore the passions, lusts and longings that ignite the fires that inflame and consume us, leaving behind phantoms to rise from their ashes. In Firbolg Publishing’s latest ghostly, gay-themed addition to the Enter at you Own Risk series, a diverse range of acclaimed authors tell haunting tales of scorned lovers with malevolent secrets and vengeful surprises; of fateful obsessions, unleashed impulses, doomed affairs and desire stronger than death; of love that remains ruinously unrequited and love that triumphs over bloodcurdling odds. With an outstanding introduction from Robert Dunbar, Phantoms and Fires sets free gothic visions that manipulate our emotions and penetrate the deepest, most forbidden corners of our psyches—Enter…at your own Risk.

Enter at Your Own Risk: Old Masters, New Voices is an anthology packed with the new and the old. We're talking 21st Century problems smack in your face, as well as torture from the past. Evil is evil, and though time factors into some scenarios, some things are destined to be repeated. I suggest you take a good hard look at the work Alex has done to publish this super tome!


Book Description

September 21, 2012
If Gothic masters like Lovecraft, Poe, and Stoker could whisper new tales from beyond the grave, what stories would they create in response to increasingly urgent issues such as the threat of environmental collapse, the ongoing struggles for equal rights, and the innumerable challenges, thrills, and dangers of life in the 21st century? In this new anthology, classic Gothic tales are juxtaposed with modern short stories in a fascinating exploration of how much things change in the world of horror and chills—and how much they stay the same. The stories provide an engaging time travel through the twisted tunnels of the human psyche and the equally disturbing behavior that accompanies it—guilt, lust, revenge, regret, the eternal (and often deadly) power of love, the inseparable allure/repellence of evil… and the sceptered shadow of Death which lurks over all. Special treats from the classic authors include a rare, early story from Poe, and Bram Stoker’s “lost” chapter from Dracula. With 26 tales from three centuries’ worth of delightfully deranged minds, this collection reveals the astonishing scope of the Gothic writer’s incomparable genius for revealing our deepest emotions and penetrating our darkest dreams.

I only have one complaint to make of Alex Scully: when I asked her for information about herself, she gave me information about Firbolg's books and authors and kept herself in the background. Tsk, tsk. This will never do. She is working so hard that her portrait at the top of the blog looks like a skull. Please, go to her pages and thank her for the great work she is doing. And, buy her books!

Alex Scully is a Woman In Horror!



  1. Wow, Alex Scully is an amazing person.
    I am so proud to have some work published in her anthologies!
    Blaze, thank you for this post.
    and, go Alex!

  2. Alex is an amazing lady, Carole! Are you going to join me as an author in the next anthology? You know you want to.