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Adriana Noir is my Woman In Horror today! She is one of ten members of The Pen Of The Damned http://penofthedamned.com/  of which I happen to be a member as well. In case you haven't visited our website, perhaps you should. All of us write Damned stories of the Dark. None of us are clones of anyone. What an eclectic group we are! Adriana writes fantastic poetry as well as her prose. Here is an example of her talent:


All Is Lost

So the moment comes, when redemption fades away.
It slowly curls like ashes beneath the light of day.
Darkness shreds my soul as I sink into the deep,
And somewhere high above me, the angels gently weep.
I rise, but I am Fallen; blackness taints my wings.
Cursed love, take my light and the agony it brings.
Don’t speak to me of lonely; I live upon its shore.
Bereft of all but anger, I ache for something more.
A loner among many, I crave the absent sun,
Chained beneath the burden of all that I have done.
Love is but a memory, a secret that I keep.
And somewhere high above me, the angels gently weep.
Humans dwell in darkness and bind it to their soul,
Unaware that greed and suffering are what will make us whole.
Their world falls to ruin, the consequences steep,
And somewhere high above me, the angels gently weep.
The Fallen dance and revel; their golden eyes do shine,
While they trace the scars that brand me—wings that once were mine.
Putrid demons rule, but my heart no longer cares,
My empathy has withered with vacant human stares.
Compassion is a gift, and once it’s thrown away
Nothing’s left to cage the Beast, and keep the dark at bay.
The Evil Prince of Lies awakes from his banished sleep.
And somewhere high above me, the angels gently weep.
So give into tragic fate, and let your heart grow sour.
Mourn the years that passed you by, and waste this very hour.
These are the things that please my kind and make them grow strong–
You’ll dance like puppets to the beat of their siren’s song.
My brothers I’ve abandoned to a deadly fate,
The hour is upon us, I fear it is too late.
Though the Light here has died, your memories they will keep.
And somewhere high above me the angels gently weep.
And somewhere high above me, the angels gently weep . . .
~ Adriana Noir

See, I told you she was good!  

Her prose is to be read with full expectations of finding psychological horror and violence. the disclaimer for Sinister Kisses tells us as much:

**DISCLAIMER** This is a dark, erotic thriller with a heavy emphasis on plot. It contains elements of Dominance and discipline with dubious consent, psychological conditioning, and mental manipulation. There’s also gunfire, violence, and things that blow up. If any of this offends you, this is not the book for you.

Warnings like that shout at me, telling me this is my kind of book. Psychological horror, the type once only written about by the great Poe, but now written by some fantastic women authors, of which Adriana Noir jumps to the forefront, is my favorite kind.

I grabbed a little snippet off of Adriana's blog http://adriananoir.wordpress.com/ pertaining to her latest gem and posted it below. You can hit the link and read the entire post over there. It sheds some serious insight into the world that is Adriana Noir.

Sinister Kisses Release ~ AKA New Year, New Me

At the end of 2012, I realized I needed a change. I was stuck, stalled, my creative mind and spirit dulled. It was time for me to recharge. I think all writers go through this from time to time. As people, we are ever growing, ever changing, and ever learning. Or at least we should be. Rather than sit back on my laurels and whine and bemoan my situation, I took charge–and surrendered all in the same breath. I followed my passion, and from that passion, a new novel was born. I hate to say it, but this is the most fun and  I’ve had writing in years:

For well rounded horror that pushes some serious limits within the genre and allowing exquisite doses of erotica to further flesh out the tales, Adriana Noir is the author to read. Grab her books and get busy!


Adriana's Amazon Author page bio:

Adriana hails from a small town in N.E. Ohio where unpredictable weather and inspiring locals abound. When she's not busy writing, she enjoys recruiting minions (it's all a plot to take over the world one word at a time) spending time with her family, or sharpening her culinary skills. She's also been known to lurk on various social media outlets, where she lures unsuspecting followers into her snare.
You can find out more about her, her hijinks, and any upcoming projects or releases at www.adriananoir.com

Adriana's books:

Book Description

October 13, 2012
Mankind has failed.

After economic ruin drives the world to its knees, darkness and evil reign supreme. From this darkness a group of banished angels, known as the Fallen, rise and roam free–hellbent on destroying humanity once and for all.

Seir is unsympathetic to the plight of mortals. Thousands of years on Earth have left him bitter, sarcastic, and jaded, but when a mysterious woman seeks his help, he’s unwillingly thrust into what could become the final end game for us all. Within Ava lies an important key–one this fallen angel must protect in order to survive and his comrades will stop at nothing to erase.

To make matters worse his former brothers are starting to descend, and some of them are none too happy with the choices he’s made. As angelic and demonic forces clash in a violent struggle for control, the world’s fate hangs precariously in the balance.

The time has come. The battle for our souls has begun…

5.0 out of 5 stars Stellar Debut! October 11, 2012
Format:Perfect Paperback
I had the honor of an advance copy of Requiem:Book of the Fallen. This is no typical story of good and evil. Noir's Angels, divine and fallen, jump off the page with endearing quirks and gut wrenching angst in this apocalyptic tale. The author paints an eerie picture of what the world is like after "The Collapse." In the light of recent economic times and world happenings, it is easy to imagine the world she creates.

Requiem: Book of the Fallen introduces us to a young woman, Ava, that holds the key to humanity's salvation or their downfall. Neither side truly knows the power she possesses, as they jockey to be the one to control her. Both sides are on edge as she chooses to walk a fine line between her heavenly guardians and the dark forces that seek to destroy all. One thing I would've never imagined is the sarcastic,scathing, humor of the main character, the fallen angel Seir. His sometimes bitter, but blunt, take on all involved in the battle will make you think, and surely make you laugh even in the darkness. The connection he forms with Ava is perhaps even more surprising to him than to the reader.

The battle between good and bad, light and dark is a story older than time, but told here with an intensity and skill that will send a chill down your spine and make you think. Noir's descriptions of the residents of Heaven and Hell are beautiful and horrific, the battle being waged believable, and all the more frightening for it.

Book Description

December 28, 2010
The deepening evening sky joins the lake in azure shadows, casting the landscape in monochromatic gloom that can't touch the darkness in my soul. Resting my chin on my knees, I stare unseeing down the length of the pier. The clamor of voices drifts from above where my husband stoically accepts the condolences of family and friends. The pity in their eyes is more than I deserve and too much to bear.-Excerpt from In a Moment's Breath by Mara Mc Bain

Book Description

April 23, 2009
Writer's Bump presents twenty-eight short stories from some of the best emerging writers.

Book Description

March 22, 2013
What does a girl wear to dinner with a scary Special Forces type with killer eyes and an even deadlier partner?

After a chance encounter in the woods leaves her shaken and reeling, the last thing Taylor McAvay wanted to do was accept an invitation to dinner. Then again, after seeing what Sebastian Baas was capable of, she felt she had little choice. The guy did just save her life, and the feel of his partner’s assault rifle pressed against her cheek still lingered in her mind.

What she discovers surprises her. Beneath the armor and fatigues, is a smart, attentive, and sophisticated man. Unable to resist, Taylor finds herself drawn in by the Special Agent’s charm. Everything about Sebastian, from his imposing presence to his hypnotic eyes, pulls her under his spell. When a drive by shooting leaves her apartment riddled with bullets, she falls under his command as well—not to mention the shadow of a lethal, underground organization known as SKALS.

Her lover has a dark and dangerous side he tries to keep hidden, but when a series of events sends their lives spiraling out of control, she realizes there is much more to him than meets the eye. His moods can be dizzying—his temper, terrifying. And when she fails to meet his expectations, the discipline she faces is a startling contrast to the pleasure he gives. Whether she wants to leave or not doesn't matter. Taylor soon learns, when it comes to Sebastian and SKALS, there is no escape.

**DISCLAIMER** This is a dark, erotic thriller with a heavy emphasis on plot. It contains elements of Dominance and discipline with dubious consent, psychological conditioning, and mental manipulation. There’s also gunfire, violence, and things that blow up. If any of this offends you, this is not the book for you.

Adriana Noir is a Woman In Horror!



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