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Personal quote: "Somewhere in Hell right now, the devil is making a snow angel." Suzi M

Suzi M is one of those charming ladies who if you met her on the street would hardly seem to be a writer of great horror tales. Don't let looks deceive you! Suzi M writes some kick-ass stuff! If you read my Women In Horror post about Vix Kirkpatrick, you would see how much Vix enjoys Suzi's tales. And why not? Great horror is great horror, and Suzi M is a fantastic author. I'm trying to draw Suzi M out of her shell and get her to let the world know she's plugging away, putting out fantastic stories. All of us writing in the horror genre have a responsibility to feed and nurture our peers. However, in the case of Suzi M, she has already achieved great things in her writing. Her skills in the craft have been honed. Go to her Amazon Author Page and hit her like button and that of her books. Let her know you care! Maybe I go ballistic too easily when I see an Author or Book page and there are only five or six likes, but for someone of Suzi M's caliber, this is not acceptable!

Suzi M: you are a great author! Thank you for gracing us with your super stories! I would not have asked you to be one of my Women In Horror if I did not think you deserve the honor.


Suzi's Amazon Biography:

Suzi M writes for fun and occasionally profit. The Immortal War Series - comprised of NEMESIS, LAMIA, and THE TOWER - can be found in both print and Kindle formats.
In 2010, ten of Suzi's short stories were published in the international Cover Stories Euphictional Anthology.
Currently, Suzi is working on a several new projects and released The Lazarus Stone (Conspiracy Edit) under the pseudonym Xircon.
When not busy with her own work or getting pictures and autographs of people who recognize her on the street, Suzi helps support the efforts of independent artists, writers, musicians, and film-makers.
You can follow her on Twitter @xirconnia or join the Suzi M Facebook fan page at

One of Suzi M's best!

The Lazarus Stone:
The full-length version of the original short story. It was the worst scenario imaginable, and humanity clung to its existence as best it could. In the aftermath of disaster a former soldier finds himself caught between the horror of a world gone strange and his sense of duty to protect it from those who would destroy it.

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