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Below is a quote from Sue Mydliak:


Sue Mydliak is a multi-tasker. Not only is she a great author, but she is a wonderful artist as well. I have included a special section below with some of her fantastic book covers. She is the Artistic Director for Visionary Press Cooperative. I enjoy her art work so much that she will be doing many book covers for me ( no plug for my work ).

Getting back to her writing: I did a final set of edits for her great novel Birthright, and assisted on the edits for Tortured Minds. The best way for me to describe Birthright would be to steal Wendy Howard's words and call her novel chick-lit horror. Maybe it is, but I'm not a chick and I love it. Tortured Minds are thirteen tales of all over the place horror, which is perfect for an anthology because you certainly don't get bored with redundant tales. Anything but. Sue's sequel to Birthright is completed and in the editing stages now. It is called The Legacy and promises to be scrumptious fare for a horror reader's appetite. If I'm lucky, I'll get to help out with the edits. Oh yeah, baby!

Sue also has another collection of short stories coming up called Southern Shorts. I have read these tales and they are great.

So, if we mix in one part great author, one part super artist, and too many parts to mention of a fantastic lady, we have Sue Mydliak!


From Amazon:
Sue Mydliak has been writing for the past 6 years. Her writing career started when her first Flash Fiction, The Clearing, was published with Mississippi Crow magazine. Her first novel is being revised and will be out in August, published also by Visionary Press. She also has had a collection of Horror short stories published by Angelic Knight Press, Tortured Minds and is on Amazon. She is currently writing her sequel and plans to have it out by the end of the year.

Book Description

August 7, 2012
Birthright is a novel that opens the door on family secrets. Both Kane and Candra are locked into a shared past neither of them can escape. Evil is everywhere, waiting to pounce. Candra must decide who is a friend and find out what her birthright really is. When everything in your life is lost, whom can you trust, and who will be there to pick up the pieces and help you put them back together, your family or a stranger?

Coming soon, me lasses and laddies!

Book Description

June 9, 2012
These thirteen tales of terror prove that nothing is ever what it seems. You’ll find twisted stories of dangerous love, hungry predators, and tortured souls. Enter the mind of author Sue Mydliak, and find out just what lurks in the dark.

Book Description

October 13, 2011
Remember when you got your first doll, that loveable companion who saw you through the best and worst of days? Remember when Barbie was the doll version of who you wanted to be when you grew up? Be careful what you wish for…

In the world of Satan’s Toybox, nothing is ever what it seems, and being Barbie might not be all it’s cracked up to be. None of the dolls in these stories are the harmless comforting companions you may remember. From a haunted dollhouse to possessed porcelain dolls; you’ll find mischief, mayhem and bloody murders in these 18 tales.

You’ll find Mexican "Worry Dolls" who will make you worry, a lonely woman's cherished companions, a little girl's vehicle for revenge, a beautiful doll with a strange taste for blood, an adult movie star's look alike doll, the strange world of Barbie, an evil doll maker’s minions, a witch's influential dolls, a dollhouse with revolving occupants, living dolls who punish the criminal, a foreign clown doll intent on possession, a lonely child's one true friend, a demon doll who collects the souls of the innocent, and a doll possessed by none other than Jack the Ripper.

So go ahead, turn out the lights, cuddle up and prepare to be terrified. Just don’t take your eyes off the toybox…
Sue's story in this anthology received one of the best reviews. She beat me out! This is a tale in the great Twilight Zone style!
 In Sue Mydliak's story "The Mattel Nightmare," the beloved plastic dolls become a young woman's horror story!


Book Description

January 5, 2012
In the world of Satan’s Toybox, no toy is ever what it seems, and toy soldiers are no exception. Plastic army men, GI Joe and tin soldiers offer a place to work out your aggressions on an imaginary battlefield. But what if the battlefields are real and the toy soldiers have some aggression of their own?

In this volume, the second anthology in the Satan’s Toybox series, there are nineteen horrifying tales of epic battles, gruesome casualties and a heaping dose of revenge. From ancient Egyptian warriors protecting a tomb to Nutcrackers gone wrong, these are not the toys you remember.

So, “Aten’ hut! Fall in! Forward March!” Follow us into the Toybox and straight to Hell.
Below are some of Sue Mydliak's great cover art renditions!

Sue Mydliak does so many things so well!

Sue Mydliak is a Woman In Horror!



  1. Sue is also our author of the week next week, her novel Birthright will be free for 5 days on Amazon and her Southern Shorts will also release.

  2. How cool is that, Wendy! Sue is really rolling now.