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"Dream big. Then believe in yourself. If you believe in the dream long enough, and in yourself hard enough, you can achieve your dream. I think where most people get screwed up is not believing in themselves. It's also never too late to achieve that dream. So it didn't happen in your twenties, so life got in the way, so what? I think success is even sweeter in your forties and your fifties, maybe because you took your time getting there." Stacey Turner

Stacey Turner is my Woman In Horror today! This young lady really deserves to be a Woman In Horror. Not only is she a great author in her own right, look at the titles below, but she is a superb Editor, and is the Operating Owner for Angelic Knight Press where she has to coordinate everything. Granted, she has a superb staff, but someone has to call the shots, and she's the one.

When Yvonne Bishop and I started up Angelic Knight Press, we had no idea it would go as far as it has. Stacey was the first person we hired. She was our Editor, but in short order, she took over the reins. The questions and answers below will go into the details a little more. Without her, there would be no Press. Thank you very much, Stacey!

Of all her stories, Stacey is most proud of Born Of Darkness in The Fading Light anthology. I must admit that her tale is superb! Of course, I loved all her tales in the Satan's Toybox series. Also, Stacey wants to say that the No Place Like Home anthology is going to be great!

I had a little game where I would write stories with Stacey's name in them and have her attacked by the creatures she feared the most. Hey, why not? The scarecrows, clowns, and spiders were my favorites. Bad Blaze. However, we are still friends.

Once you read the questions and answers below, I am sure you will agree that Stacey turner is a Woman In Horror!



   1.    Once upon a time there was a writer who forged an allegiance with another writer, and they created Angelic Knight Press. Of course, writers need to have editors, and one day you mentioned to me through a rather bold announcement that you were available to be the editor for this fledgling Press. Since all authors need editing, I accepted your offer. We only had one story at the time and it seemed like not much of an opportunity for you. A one-time payment, shall we say. What did you think at this point in time?

I had already been doing some freelance editing, so it seemed like a perfect opportunity to get in on the ground floor of something. I really clicked with you and Yvonne, so it was definitely a winning situation for me.

2.    And then everything changed. Angelic Knight Press became more than a showcase for a single author. We decided to branch out and publish more books, both single books and anthologies. Now, what was running through your mind?

Well, I’d never put together an anthology before, so it was a learning experience. But I love a challenge, and I found that I loved anthologies as well. I was certainly happy we were growing.

3.    Growing pains now. And lessons learned. Our first author decided to take her book out of circulation, and our first novel experience was not the greatest. Not that the book wasn’t great, mind you, but sometimes things happen. Rather than make the author unhappy, we allowed him to leave and go with another publisher before the contract time was up. We didn’t have to do this, but we did. Tough decisions for all involved. Were you wondering what was happening at this juncture?

Not really. I think it’s always better to let someone go when they are unhappy. It allowed us to stay friendly with the author, and I hear through the grapevine that he still speaks highly of us. I was glad to have had the chance to work with him on the novel, because I still feel that it’s a great book. Every new business has growing pains, and we took away good lessons from it. I try to make sure now that any authors we work with have realistic expectations and so do we.

4.    Enter our first anthology: Satan’s Toybox: Demonic Dolls. Wow! Did we ever get some fantastic authors involved with this great tome! I know I was happy when this great book came out. How about you?

I was overjoyed. It was great to have my name on this book as editor.  Even though, I now know I made a few mistakes. The authors we worked with were great and I still count all of them as friends. It still sells well, so we must have done several things right.

5.    Another novel. This time from one of the sweetest ladies I know. Cindy Keen Reynders. I pretty much begged her to go with us with her great witch series, and she did! What a wonderful day for all of us. Her second book in the series is out now, and she will be doing a third. I was fortunate enough to do the final edits on her first novel, and if I’m not mistaken, I found four or five minor things. Unbelievable! You had to be feeling better by now.

I was much more comfortable in my role as editor when we released Cindy’s book. You’re absolutely right; she’s a great author and a doll to work with. There are a couple more books in the series and I look forward to editing them.

6.    Satan’s Toybox: Toy Soldiers was next up, and the rug was pulled out from under you. Although I had already made you the Operating Owner, and we had the great services of Rebecca Treadway as our Artistic Director, assistant editor and other duties, I fell out of the picture for a while due to an operation my ten year old son needed, and then I was in and out of the VA like a damned yo-yo. The ball was in your court. What did you do to compensate for my absence?

Worked harder. Lol. Actually, we have a great team at AKP and everyone pulls their weight and then some. I couldn’t have done it without Rebecca backing me up.

7.    Okay. You re-organized and turned Angelic Knight Press into a force to be recognized by the publishing industry. Tell us a little about what you did.

I hired Danielle as our acquisitions editor to free up a little more of my time. We also started going to conferences to meet and network with other authors, editors, and publishers. Some of those friendships and alliances have made a big difference to us. We also got our name out there which is never a bad idea.

8.    The team is in place. You have done a great job! What’s next on the agenda?

Really, more of the same. We continue to be committed to putting out the very best books we can. I do have plans for a new, bigger website with advertising space, our own store, and more interaction with our authors. And then there’s always more marketing and networking. That means a vendor table at World Horror Convention in New Orleans. Danielle is in charge of our vendor table and does a fantastic job. We all wear many hats. Rebecca does cover art, proofreading, formatting and countless other details. You always have my back with sage advice, and networking/marketing efforts. AKP really couldn’t exist without each and every team member.

9.    Alrighty. We all know you are an editor and handle the business matters and such for the Press. But, you are also an author, and authors want to write and all this business stuff certainly takes up a lot of your time. So what do you do?

Well, my efforts as an author have really fallen by the way side. I don’t seem to carve out much time for it, but I’m hoping to change that some this year. I’ve had one story published so far this year and a few others subbed. I keep telling myself I need to make it a priority.

10.    What are your biggest accomplishments to date as far as being an author goes? What are you most proud of?

I’m really most proud of my story in Fading Light: An Anthology of the Monstrous. It garnered some favorable attention from reviewers and the feedback from readers was great. I’m sharing the Table of Contents in the book with some very heavy hitters in the horror world, so it’s quite a compliment. I’m thinking of expanding the story into a novel as readers have asked.

11.    I want to see your collection of horror short stories to be published. Heh, heh. When do you think that will happen?

Well, you can see it any day. I’ll happily send it to you. Lol. As for the public, that might have to wait several months. I’d like to write a few new stories to really round it out. But what I have so far has been edited by someone outside of our press (so there’s no question of it merely being vanity publishing).

12.    Also, I know how much you wish to see Angelic Knight Press publish the works of Bram Stoker caliber authors and garner the respect of the rest of the publishing world. That is certainly happening now. This must certainly raise the bar for who gets accepted and who doesn’t when manuscripts are submitted. How tough is it for you to accept and reject submissions?

We are garnering more attention and we do have some very accomplished authors submitting, but our acquisitions policy remains the same. Danielle reads every sub, regardless of whether it’s a first time author or stoker winner. Those that make the grade, she contacts for full ms submission. If they hold up (the end makes sense, the suspense is carried throughout, etc.) she passes on to me. Sometimes, she’ll still pass one that she perhaps didn’t particularly care for, if she thinks I may be interested.
Then I may either decide to accept or reject, or I may pass it on to you, Rebecca or my son (who’s become an unofficial assistant to the acquisitions editor, kind of like an unpaid intern) for yet another opinion. We take into account originality, storytelling skill, and marketability. So everyone is on an even playing field.
I love writing acceptance letters. I hate writing rejections. Especially if it’s too someone I know personally. But it’s important that I don’t let relationships compromise integrity. I owe the author honesty. And it wouldn’t do us or them any good to publish a story that isn’t ready. I do try to give authors a personal rejection, if possible, with suggestions either on finding a different market, or making some changes.

13.    Of course, I am privy to some of the great authors submitting some fabulous tomes to AKP, and would like so much to see some others writing under our banners. I don’t want to mention names or anything, but some great authors have submitted to AKP. We are certainly busy, are we not?

We are increasingly busy. Sometimes I have to chain myself to my desk to get things done. My husband laughs because I will answer work emails from anywhere. I even answered work emails while getting my last tattoo, much to the artist’s amusement.

14.    Now we get to something that is a thorn in my side. That, young lady, is authors who think it is the responsibility of the publisher to do all the marketing and promotion. It pisses me off no end that a Press would spend a lot of money to put out a book, only to have an author do jack shit about doing anything on their own. What do you feel about this?

Well, I’ve developed a strict policy of not working with authors who aren’t on board with helping out in the publicity and marketing department. It’s a waste of their time and mine. We do as much as we can to market our books: I set up book blog tours when possible, we tweet, we Facebook, we list on Goodreads, we blog, we offer sneak previews, I pay for print ads in some magazines, and we also have formed alliances with other small presses and authors to help publicize our work, in return for helping publicize theirs. I also set up reviews and send out review copies. I’m constantly on the lookout for more marketing opportunities, but authors have to help as well. We’ve been pretty lucky in that regard, a lot of our authors work hard at promotion.  And the others do whatever I ask of them.

15.    Lighter stuff now. What do you think about Women In Horror Month?

I have some mixed feelings about it, actually. And before anyone starts sending me hate mail, let me explain. I do think there are some fabulous women writing horror, publishing horror, and editing horror. And yes, I do agree it’s still something of a man’s game. There’s still a bit of that boy’s club mentality in the field. But I’ve never been one to let that slow me down. I see it as a challenge and it makes me work that much harder. If you want respect and recognition, you have to earn it. And some of it is going to be hard won. That’s just life. No one said it would be fair.
I’m sure there are some great men writing romance, but you never hear about them either. Do they have a Men In Romance Month?

16.    Having your choice, would you rather be the best publisher, best editor, or best author in the business? Am I a bastard, or what? You do all three right now.

That is a tough choice. Writing is my first love, and I would love to be a Stoker winning, best-selling author. But I also love editing. And being mentioned in the same breath with Ellen Datlow would also be a dream come true. I think of the publishing as more of a joint effort on the part of the whole team. I can’t choose. Lol.

17.    Now I’m delving into a few personal items. Your children are grown and gone, just this last year. What kind of a switch is that for you after so many years of caring for your own family and extended members?

Well, I still have one chick left in the nest, though probably not for long. He should be shipping off to basic sometime this year. It has been a huge adjustment. If I hadn’t jumped back in to the professional world, I think I’d be a basket case. Having something that’s my own, and separate from my family really helps.

18.    You must miss your children and grandchild a lot.

I do! The title of Best Grandmother would trump any of those other “Best” titles, for me at least. I’m extremely fortunate to be able to travel and see them frequently. I just got back from California this week, where I tried to stock up on grandson kisses and hugs. My children are also some of my best friends, so I miss them even more than I thought possible. But we are close and I hear from them all the time. Thank goodness for texting and Skype.

19.    Now, this is huge, and it involves both of us. You have an Autistic son, who is on his own now. I have an Autistic daughter who is five and an Autistic granddaughter who is eighteen. I have written about Autism in some of my tales. Satan’s Toybox: Toy Soldiers is one. My online novel Ghost No More is another. In my online novel, I refer to Autistic children and adults as the Chosen Ones. This is an End Times tale, and the balance is in the hands of these people. I have not stated this before, but I will do it here: I have been labeled with the Autism tag. I hate labels. Yes, I didn’t walk until I was two, and I was a mediocre student until I got into the fourth grade. From that point on, due to a caring, understanding teacher, I was always at the very top of my class. I have two Ph. D’s in Advanced Math and Theoretical Physics. Just try and tell me I’m not every bit as good as anyone else. Your son, my daughter, and my granddaughter might just be superior humans. Don’t look down on us, folks. Maybe, just maybe, you need us more than we need you. I know you love your son without bounds, Stacey. And you most certainly should. I merely wish to state here that I am a kindred spirit to your feelings, your joys, and your hopes. Your son will do just fine. He is loved, and he is special. He too is a Chosen One.

Thankfully, we’ve found a placement for him we are very happy with. He’s close, about 45 minutes away. He lives in a house with six other individuals with special needs and some fantastic staff members. He works at a local work program where they run a thrift shop and do recycling and paper shredding. It was a tough transition, but he seems to be doing well and has several friends among his housemates and staff. And we see him very often. He is doing well.
I like your theory. Mine has always been that differently abled folks are old souls who are sent to Earth to teach us a lesson. I know that my son has taught me about unconditional love, unconditional acceptance, and to take joy in the small things. Lessons I might not have learned without having had him in my life. It’s made his sister and brothers much more compassionate and caring individuals as well. We are all blessed to have him in our lives.

20.    I believe I’ve covered pretty much everything, Stacey. It has been a real pleasure having you answer some deep and personal questions. I feel honesty is the best way to go. Always! Whatever else you wish to add here, feel free to do so. I’m off my bandwagon. This is your show now. Finish with a bang!

I think you pretty much covered everything. Thank you for having me and asking such wonderful questions. I feel like you really got me to expose all my secrets, as uninteresting as they might have been!
I love hearing from readers, so feel free, everyone, to contact me.

This is Stacey's Facebook bio:

Stacey Turner lives way out in the country in West Central Illinois with her husband, semi-adult children, and 6 cats. She is the mother of three biological children (whom she assumes are going to one day leave the nest) and several assorted others that have "adopted" her along the way. She is the proudest grandmother in the world.
Most of her time is taken up with CEO and editing duties at Angelic Knight Press, but she does find time to review books & interview authors, write a blog about her absolutely ridiculous family and write fiction. She can be found at What passes for sane on a crazy day, See Spot Read, Twitter, Facebook & Indie Horror.
She also enjoys fishing, haunted houses, Mexican food & margaritas, and the ocean. She hates being interrupted in the middle of writing. She is very passionate about Autism research and the rights of people with disabilities.
She does not like scarecrows, creepy dolls, birds (of any sort), snakes, clowns or garden gnomes. She does like comments, new friends, scary movies and good books.

And these are Stacey Turner's Books!
 Stacey was an author and the editor  for this great tome!

Book Description

October 21, 2012
Satan’s Toybox has escaped from Hell. In our world, vengeance is unleashed. This time around it’s everyone’s favorite toy. Ever wonder what’s beyond the huggable exterior and button eyes of your beloved Teddy Bear? Fourteen authors share their stories ...

Read on if you must, but don’t turn your back on these Terrifying Teddies.

Featuring the talents of:

Rob M. Miller
Phil Hickes
Lisamaris Lamb
Blaise Torrance
Delphine Boswell
Donald Jacob Uitvlugt
Edward Medina
Lisa McCourt Hollar
Steven Gepp
J.G. Williams
Adam Millard
Stacey Turner
Blaze McRob

Book Description

August 30, 2012
The light has failed: the era of man is at its end.

Born of darkness, the creatures of myth, legend, and nightmare have long called the shadows home. Now, with the cruel touch of the sun fading into memory, they've returned to claim their rightful place amidst humanity: as its masters.

Fading Light collects 25 monstrous stories by authors new and experienced, in the genres of horror, science fiction, and fantasy, each bringing their own interpretation of what lurks in the dark.

Contributors: Mark Lawrence, Gene O'Neill, William Meikle, David Dalglish, Gord Rollo, Nick Cato, Adam Millard, Stephen McQuiggan, Gary W Olson, Tom Olbert, Malon Edwards, Carl Barker, Jake Elliot, Lee Mather, Georgina Kamsika, Dorian Dawes, Timothy Baker, DL Seymour, Wayne Ligon, TSP Sweeney, Stacey Turner, Gef Fox, Edward M Erdelac, Henry P Gravelle, & Ryan Lawler.
 Stacey was an author and the editor  for this great tome!

Book Description

October 13, 2011
Remember when you got your first doll, that loveable companion who saw you through the best and worst of days? Remember when Barbie was the doll version of who you wanted to be when you grew up? Be careful what you wish for…

In the world of Satan’s Toybox, nothing is ever what it seems, and being Barbie might not be all it’s cracked up to be. None of the dolls in these stories are the harmless comforting companions you may remember. From a haunted dollhouse to possessed porcelain dolls; you’ll find mischief, mayhem and bloody murders in these 18 tales.

You’ll find Mexican "Worry Dolls" who will make you worry, a lonely woman's cherished companions, a little girl's vehicle for revenge, a beautiful doll with a strange taste for blood, an adult movie star's look alike doll, the strange world of Barbie, an evil doll maker’s minions, a witch's influential dolls, a dollhouse with revolving occupants, living dolls who punish the criminal, a foreign clown doll intent on possession, a lonely child's one true friend, a demon doll who collects the souls of the innocent, and a doll possessed by none other than Jack the Ripper.

So go ahead, turn out the lights, cuddle up and prepare to be terrified. Just don’t take your eyes off the toybox…
Stacey was an author and the editor  for this great tome!

Book Description

January 5, 2012
In the world of Satan’s Toybox, no toy is ever what it seems, and toy soldiers are no exception. Plastic army men, GI Joe and tin soldiers offer a place to work out your aggressions on an imaginary battlefield. But what if the battlefields are real and the toy soldiers have some aggression of their own?

In this volume, the second anthology in the Satan’s Toybox series, there are nineteen horrifying tales of epic battles, gruesome casualties and a heaping dose of revenge. From ancient Egyptian warriors protecting a tomb to Nutcrackers gone wrong, these are not the toys you remember.

So, “Aten’ hut! Fall in! Forward March!” Follow us into the Toybox and straight to Hell.

Book Description

November 20, 2011
Six Tales, Sexy and Deadly... "Martin" by Stacey Turner, "Dirty Dahlia" by Kimber Vale, "Turning Tightly" by Ralph Greco, Jr.,"Herschel's Wish" by Allan Izen, "Necromance: Bad Omen" by Armand Rosamilia, and "As Blood Runs The Night" by Carl R. Moore

Stacey was the editor for this great collection!

Book Description

February 17, 2013
**Mature Audiences Only**

What's sexy about zombies? 51 authors answered that question with wild, weird, and titillating tales. From love during the apocalypse, to love that goes beyond the grave and back again, to love that well, never dies, you'll find these pages filled with desires demanding to be fufilled, hungers to be slaked, and lovers who won't let a little thing like death (or undeath) come between them. Do zombies need sex as much as they need brains? What would you do to bring a lover back from the dead? What if you survived the apocalypse only to find yourself alone and sexually frustrated?

Light some candles, put on some mood music, and cozy up with 50 Shades of Decay. The zombie sexpocalypse has begun...


 Stacey was the editor for this great tale!

Book Description

February 2, 2013
Still shaken by the events of "The Girl", Crate Northgate heads to the town of Sutton's Mill hoping to keep his mind away from his past - and the spirit of his dead brother, Martin.

But the town harbors a dark secret, lurking deep within the forest that surrounds it. Mutilated bodies have begun to appear, and the townsfolk are haunted by a beast seen only in the shadows. Crate agrees to help try to stop the killings and to uncover the source of the terror that hangs over Sutton's Mill; but what he uncovers will challenge the limits of his sanity and add a new, horrible scar to his already fragile psyche.


Stacey was the editor for this super story!

Book Description

January 24, 2013
Spirited away by a demon on the eve of her wedding, Cassie Rose, high witch of the Wysteria Hedge Haven Clan, finds herself trapped in the dark Underworld realm of Hades. Determined to return to Wysteria and her husband-to-be, the powerful warlock Viceroy of Oregon, she manages to escape.

While running for her life, she encounters Nik Zaros, a man so handsome she swears he would put a Greek statue to shame. Strapped to a plow being pulled by the mighty Marathonian Bull, Nik has been tortured and is near death. Cassie’s heart goes out to him, and she feels compelled to take him along with her.

Upon recovering, Nik is immediately attracted to the charming sorceress. Though she stirs his blood, he can’t help but suspect her of being in league with the demon, Prince Drakon. He soon discovers Cassie wishes to be free from the demon's control, just as he does, and only love's magic can save them.

Stacey was the editor for this Dark tale!


Book Description

November 20, 2012
When Michael Zaun takes possession of his late grandfather’s farm, he finds out he inherited more than he bargained for. Dubbed the “Tool Shed Murders,” the details of the deaths of two girls on the property and his grandfather’s, seemingly by his own hand, are a little murky. Was his grandfather a monster or a hero?

The discovery of his grandfather’s journal awakens within him a new confidence. But what about the demon his grandfather mentioned? Is it real or just the ranting of a diseased mind?

With the help of his friends, old and new, Michael will find not only the answer to that question, but a new strength within himself.

Stacey was the editor for this truly outstanding tale of depression era tragedy!


Book Description

May 11, 2012
Set against the jazz -ridden backdrop of the 1920’s, amidst the underground world of New York City burlesque, young Nadine Frost is a dancer and free spirit who thrives at the side of her club-owner boyfriend. With the sudden and debilitating crash of the stock market in 1929, and the brutal murder of her lover and manager, Nadine is forced to travel to New Orleans where she becomes “Miss Naddy”, prostitute and mistress of the old French Quarter. In the throes of The Great Depression, Nadine finds herself in a world of boot-leg liquor, sex, murder, and betrayal. With the company of the other “Showgirls,” four women with their own haunted pasts, Nadine must forge a new life in the brothel on Royal Street. Amery House is the story of five women, prostitutes and performers, who yearn to escape the dark, underground world of the sex trade. From New York City to New Orleans, this haunting tale asks how far you have to go to outrun the ghosts of your past.

 Stacey Turner edited this great tale!


Book Description

June 8, 2012
A young woman, Fran, seeks refuge from the cold in an Ohio farmhouse. Wanting to forget the past several months and the horror she has witnessed, she convinces herself that she is safe, at least for the moment. Relaxing and enjoying the winter scene, she falls asleep and wakes to a new nightmare. Soon she learns that what happened at the beginning of the Zombie Apocalypse wasn't the worst of it. There was more to the virus that created the monsters that now ruled the earth. The infection was mutating and what was coming next may mean the end for all those left alive.

Stacey was the editor for this sweet story!


Book Description

February 11, 2012
How deeply do you trust your friends, and how far would you go to save them?
Ta’ is an experienced spell caster who needs nothing more than herself to create magic. Re’nna has been saved from self-destruction and introduced to the magical world that is her birthright. They share a growing friendship that goes deeper than anything either of them has experienced before.

But now Re’nna’s lost her magical companion and she must trust Ta’ implicitly. It’s Ta’ who must face the world of the Daypeople, if she’s to find the instrument Re’nna can’t live without.

Will Ta’ be able to finish the daunting journey and reunite Re’nna with the music of her soul in time?

Stacey edited this great tale!


Book Description

May 29, 2012
"Bryan Hall has done it again with 'The Vagrant.' His writing of ghosts and of the one who chases and interacts with them, are spot on. He writes with restraint and sureness. Sometimes he writes with poetry as in this sentence: -There was a strange odor hanging in the air, however, like old books in a trunk – the scent of something very old but very important. I love Hall's ghost stories and his Southern sensibilities. He is a writer to watch."-Billie Sue Mosiman, author of Wireman and Widow

"Crate Northgate is that throwback loner I grew up reading and watching on TV. He feels like an old friend come back, only he's a bit... darker, like he's seen way too much."- Armand Rosamilia, author of Dying Days and Death Metal

Creighton Northgate is a man shrouded in mystery and on the run from a past he doesn't even fully understand. Blurring the lines between vagabond, enigma, drunkard, and savior, he spends his days staring into the southern legends and paranormal events that most only speak of in hushed, half-believing whispers.

In the midst of a sweltering southern day, he attempts to help a homeless man who seems to share his curse; a man haunted by a silent figure from beyond this world who pursues his every step. By the end of the day, Crate discovers that some things are best left alone; some truths best left in the dark.

This novelette serves as an introduction to the Southern Hauntings Saga and its central character Crate Northgate, a man whose shadowy past is slowly catching up to him. The first novella in the series will be released late summer 2012.

 Another great Dark tale edited by Stacey!


Book Description

June 6, 2012
Six year old Nicki finds an old doll in the attic. Soon she is behaving oddly, spending most of her time alone in her room. Her mother worries that she is having trouble dealing with the death of her pet cat, while her father thinks she will be fine and will learn to deal with the loss. The truth is far worse than either imagine. Nicki has been cutting herself to feed the doll, who has an insatiable appetite for blood.Terrorized by her new 'friend', Nicki is trapped in a nightmare, unable to tell anyone what Susie is making her do, because as the doll demonstrated with her cat, she is fully capable of killing.

Stacey did a superb job editing this fantastic collection!


Book Description

June 9, 2012
These thirteen tales of terror prove that nothing is ever what it seems. You’ll find twisted stories of dangerous love, hungry predators, and tortured souls. Enter the mind of author Sue Mydliak, and find out just what lurks in the dark.

 Stacey was the editor for this super novel!


Book Description

April 9, 2012
Novice witch Miranda Rose’s seventh and final task for the Supreme Witch’s Council, is to find the legendary Philosopher’s Stone. Once completed, she’ll reach her lifelong dream - High Witch of Wysteria Hedge Haven. In a last ditch effort to locate the precious gem; she travels through time to 1877. In a dilapidated castle tower a powerful wizard refuses to relinquish the stone. In a fit of pique, the wizard, Balthazar, zaps her in a field just outside of Merry Olde London.
Sir Maxwell Chadwick is the sole witness to a fiery ball of light streaking across the midnight sky. Curious, he investigates. Surprised to find a beautiful young woman among the smoldering ashes, he cannot deny his instant attraction to the alluring stranger. While Miranda appreciates the handsome duke’s assistance, she finds him annoying as his well-intentioned interference delays her mission.
It doesn’t take Miranda long to realize the handsome duke holds the key to her heart, as well as her future. Fate, magic and the Seven-Year Witch disease takes the lovers on a rollicking, star-crossed adventure!

Stacey once more edits a chilling tale from Lisa Mccourt Hollar!


Book Description

December 4, 2012
Jarrod moves with his family to Alaska where he and his new friend, Carl, decide to explore the old house that his father’s company owns. While searching the attic, the two boys discover an old wooden chest and pry it open. Inside is a treasure unlike any that Jarrod has ever seen… an army of wooden soldiers. With animalistic features, the army resembles a demonic horde, one that terrifies Carl because he knows the history of the house… or at least the stories that have been passed down through the years.

Over a hundred years before a witch had lived in the house. As the town threatened to destroy her, she created an unholy alliance with Satan, bringing forth a legion of demons to protect her. The witch and the creatures that served her disappeared, but many whispered that she would one day return. Carl, believing that these soldiers were not toys but the witch’s army, urges Jarrod to put them back in the trunk. When he refuses and begins to play with his new toys all hell is loosed.

But the witch’s army isn’t the only supernatural presence in the house. Christmas is around the corner and as the witch prepares to make her entrance back into the world, another army prepares to battle for Jarrod’s soul.

 Another super editing job by Stacey!


Book Description

August 25, 2012
This is the collection Scott M. Goriscak’s fans have been waiting for. With three previously published stories and five brand new ones, Scott delivers the scares his readers have become addicted to. Compared to an early Clive Barker, Scott’s writing pulls the reader in to the story, before plunging them straight into a fear filled finish. Don’t read this book at night, especially if you’re alone in the house…

I don't think there's a doubt in the world that Stacey Turner is a Woman In Horror!



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  4. Blaze and Stacey,
    it touched me to read of your children. I, too, think certain people are put here on earth to teach the rest of us lessons - of empathy, compassion, love and caring. My husband's only brother has MD (from birth) and wasn't supposed to live past 12...last week he celebrated his 57th birthday. He's an amazing man, even though he can't move a limb now but a finger or two to operate his electric wheelchair. He lives a full life. He's even married. Helps others.
    These people, their hardships, their humanity shape our personalities and our lives.
    Right now, as my musician brother goes through his cancer, is another time we learn what's important. Family and love. Our writing is great, but these things are the real world.
    I liked your posts a lot. Kathryn Meyer Griffith

  5. Thank you very much for your kind remarks, sashagirl. There are many curves tossed at us in life, and some of us manage to be strong and overcome the obstacles. I love what Stacey believes her gift in the form of her son is. How exquisite is the joy when one thinks like that. If all of humanity could embrace more of the empathy, compassion, love, and caring that you speak of, this spinning orb of ours could be such a wonderful place to live.


  6. So true Blaze. But, alas, most of the world doesn't embrace those virtues. I wish people did, but I'm also a realist. What is, is. I try to deal with that. Be as kind to everyone as I can.

    Oh, by the way, are you curious to why my nickname on the loops is Sashagirl? Funny story, that. Six, seven years ago when I first started replying to messages on blogs and such on the web, it asked me for a name to use...and I had this cat I loved sooo much. A cat my husband had found wild and starving in the woods one fall day. He named that bedraggled creature Sasha. The most loving, smart, intuitive cat I've ever had...and I've had many as I'm a cat person. Little Sasha grew up, but was a tiny cat, and for 5 years she loved us, we loved her...then one day, when I let her out, she disappeared. Looked for her. Posters on the telephone poles. No Sasha. I grieved so much. She had been such a special cat. I used to call her "Sashagirl"...and so I picked that as my tag. We have a new cat now called "Sasha Too." Call her Sasha for short. Grin. Not as loving as the old one, but still a good cat. Have a great day! Kathryn Meyer Griffith

  7. Thanks, everyone, for stopping by and commenting.

    Love the story of your screen name, Sashagirl. We've had the opportunity to love a lot of rescued cats too. Sure do miss them when they're gone.


  8. What a sweet story about Sashagirl, my friend! I had a black Manx cat that died in my arms from a horrid and sudden ailment. I was shattered. I loved that little guy.


  9. I guess this post has some caring souls, Stacey. Not bad considering many people view horror writers as being demented people. How wrong they are.