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Cindy Keen Reynders does not write of Zombies, Werewolves, and the like. She delves more into real-life horror and turns it into fiction. But, like any great author, she sends out an is this part real? message to her readers. Wherein lies the majesty of her prose. And more that that, she adds in her unique brand of humor to all of her stories. Her Saucy Lucy murder mysteries have you crying one minute and laughing the next. That, my friends is not an easy thing to accomplish.

Her latest ventures take us to a land where witches abound and fantasy can be delightful. But, there is also a Dark side to the witchcraft. A Witch At Midnight demonstrates this all too well. Enjoy this just released tale. It is a delightful read.


Cindy was born in Portland, Oregon and has lived all over the United States and also in Japan. She has visited Canada, the Philippines, the Caribbean, Samoa and New Zealand. Her Saucy Lucy series books are The Saucy Lucy Murders, Paws-itively Guilty and A Killer Slice. She also writes an urban fantasy line for Angelic Knight Press, and the first book is titled, The Seven-Year Witch.
Visit her website at where you can contact her via e-mail. From her website, you can also link to her blog or visit her on Facebook.
Over the years, Cindy has won or placed in different writing contests. She has also written for and edited many newsletters. Additionally, she has sold several non-fiction magazine articles to "True West" and "Wild West."
Cindy currently lives in Cheyenne, Wyoming with her husband Rich. She works as Laramie County School District 1's marketing specialist and writes feature articles for the Public Schools Chronicle.

Cindy's words below:

The horror genre is a wonderful beast. Reading it is like climbing into a roller coaster seat, riding it to the top, and then holding your hands above your head as you spiral downward in a frightening but fantastic journey. Your stomach clenches with a crazy sickening feeling, but you know when its all over everything will be all right with your world.
All the horror writers I've known have amazing imaginations. Somehow, they manage to create wonderfully twisted plots that really make you dig deep within yourself to understand the demons that lurk in human nature. The great thing about their books is when you're finished reading them, you can look at yourself and actually feel you like you are quite sane in an insane world. These masters of the horror genre walk among us and they are some of the nicest people I've ever had the honor to work with. Horror rocks!
For me, the horror in my novels is very personal. It comes during the first chapter when I'm trying to figure out what makes my characters tick and what they want more than anything. That is grueling and I sweat it for a while until everything finally becomes clear. So, that's enough darkness for me to delve into. After that initial experience walking on the dark side, I delve into laughter and adventure and love.
*** Cindy Keen Reynders

This is Cindy's latest novel. I guarantee that you will be thrilled with this tale! To date, I would have to say it is her darkest story yet. Buy, read, and enjoy!

Book Description

January 24, 2013
Spirited away by a demon on the eve of her wedding, Cassie Rose, high witch of the Wysteria Hedge Haven Clan, finds herself trapped in the dark Underworld realm of Hades. Determined to return to Wysteria and her husband-to-be, the powerful warlock Viceroy of Oregon, she manages to escape.

While running for her life, she encounters Nik Zaros, a man so handsome she swears he would put a Greek statue to shame. Strapped to a plow being pulled by the mighty Marathonian Bull, Nik has been tortured and is near death. Cassie’s heart goes out to him, and she feels compelled to take him along with her.

Upon recovering, Nik is immediately attracted to the charming sorceress. Though she stirs his blood, he can’t help but suspect her of being in league with the demon, Prince Drakon. He soon discovers Cassie wishes to be free from the demon's control, just as he does, and only love's magic can save them.

Book Description

April 9, 2012
Novice witch Miranda Rose’s seventh and final task for the Supreme Witch’s Council, is to find the legendary Philosopher’s Stone. Once completed, she’ll reach her lifelong dream - High Witch of Wysteria Hedge Haven. In a last ditch effort to locate the precious gem; she travels through time to 1877. In a dilapidated castle tower a powerful wizard refuses to relinquish the stone. In a fit of pique, the wizard, Balthazar, zaps her in a field just outside of Merry Olde London.
Sir Maxwell Chadwick is the sole witness to a fiery ball of light streaking across the midnight sky. Curious, he investigates. Surprised to find a beautiful young woman among the smoldering ashes, he cannot deny his instant attraction to the alluring stranger. While Miranda appreciates the handsome duke’s assistance, she finds him annoying as his well-intentioned interference delays her mission.
It doesn’t take Miranda long to realize the handsome duke holds the key to her heart, as well as her future. Fate, magic and the Seven-Year Witch disease takes the lovers on a rollicking, star-crossed adventure!

Book Description

November 1, 2011
Hometown and family beckon Lexie when she can no longer tolerate her husband’s wandering eye. Bereft, she moves with her teenage daughter Eva back to Moose Creek Junction, Wyoming, to be near her sister Lucy and open a business—The Saucy Lucy Café. Lexie’s sister is a churchgoing woman who believes her sister must remarry in order to enter the kingdom of heaven, and suddenly, Lexie finds herself back in the dating pool. The trouble is, all of her dates wind up at Stiffwell's Funeral Parlor—dead. Gossiping townspeople begin to mistrust the sisters while café customers and eligible men dwindle. Business is down the toilet and, according to Lexie, the police simply aren't getting the job done. She declares it's time to intervene.

Book Description

December 1, 2008
Lexie Lightfoot, owner of the Saucy Lucy Cafe, doesn’t have an ounce of law enforcement training in her body, but when a friend goes missing and Lexie finds her buried in a garden, she decides to lend the police department a hand. Once the investigation begins, Lexie and her sister Lucy manage to rattle a few old skeletons and dig up secrets that folks would rather leave hidden. When things start to cook, the sisters and Lurch, their adopted oversize canine investigator, find themselves in a heap of hot water.

Book Description

November 12, 2011
A KILLER SLICE by Cindy Keen Reynders Lexie Lightfoot’s move home to Moose Creek Junction, Wyoming, with her daughter, Eva, has been both a blessing and a curse. It’s good to be near her family, even though Lucy, her opinionated, churchgoing sister, makes life interesting in a hair-pulling sort of way. In the recent past, the sisters have called upon their amateur sleuthing abilities to investigate murders in the small community. If matters had been left to Sheriff Otis Parnell, Moose Creek Junction’s incompetent sheriff, who just happens to be Lucy’s husband, the cases would have gone cold. When it finally seems the snoopy sisters can settle down to a normal routine, some spicy intrigue is tossed their way. During a shower baby shower the sisters are holding for nine-months-pregnant Eva at their small restaurant, the Saucy Lucy Café, a knock sounds at the front door. The young man waiting on the doorstep claims to be Lucy’s long lost son. Lucy is mortified, swears he’s mistaken and quickly sends him on his way, but he refuses to leave her alone. When he winds up dead, the local police department considers Lucy a suspect in his murder. The sisters embark on yet another crime-solving adventure to clear her good name.

Cindy Keen Reynders is a Woman In Horror!



  1. A Witch at Midnight sounds interesting. Kathryn Meyer Griffith

  2. Anything Cindy writes is interesting, sashagirl. This is her darkest tale yet!