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"You're never too old to realize your dream." Char Robinson

Char Robinson is my Woman In Horror today! Char is one fascinating lady. Whenever I ask the great ladies I showcase to tell me things they would like to share, I always find other things I love to talk about. Case in point: Char has written a children's book The Adventures of Silly Sammi the Cocker Spaniel. What does this have to do with horror? Nothing, and yet . . . and yet, perhaps it does. You see, I am fascinated not only by the fact Char can write such a charming tale as this for children, but there are pictures in the story! My head is spinning at the possibilities! Could not short stories in the horror genre become more exciting with some pictures or illustrations added? Maybe novels as well. Damn! I'll have to find out from her how she does it. Thank you, Char for kicking my gray matter into overdrive.

Getting to Char Robinson's great Zombie tale,  Zombified, Book One: Hudson Place, I found her reviews to be great. When a Five Star review says the author's story is a bit raw, I get turned on! Why? Simple, my friends: this is an honest reviewer, telling me that I'm not about to read some ho-hum rehash tale. I will get to sink my teeth into pure unbridled majesty. Yay for me and all the other readers blessed with the opportunity to sail along on a superb ship of horror, bouncing along on choppy waves, not knowing if the next swell will capsize the ship or not. Our Captain, Char Robinson, is at the helm, and I love rough seas!

Char is at the point in her life now where she can devote some serious time to writing. This is what she's always wanted to do. She is working on a sequel to her novel - grab your life jacket - and a book of short stories.

And, me maties, Char does freelance writing for Yahoo. She even has a Zombie short story on there. 

Char Robinson is such a grand lady to grace the pages of my blog and many others!


Char Robinson's Amazon Author Page bio:

Char has always loved writing and her first full length novel, "Zombified" (Book One: Hudson Place), is now available on Kindle. The sequel is due out in the fall of 2013. Beside writing, she enjoys photography and takes pictures of almost anything, especially her family. She lives in Oklahoma with her husband of 36 years and has three children and three grandchildren. Char also has a BS in Journalism/Public Relations from Oklahoma State University.

Book Description

April 12, 2011
A virus is unleashed, turning most of the world's population into zombies. Mick Carter and his extended family are invited by his boss, Dave Martin, to stay with him and other hand-picked families in a fortified warehouse. As society crumbles around them, survivor Charlie Thompson shows up with a plan to rescue his daughter and reclaim the small town she resides in. With zombies and other forces at work against them, it will take a lot of strength and courage to be successful.

Zombified is a full-length novel, with over 77,000 words, 37 chapters, an epilogue, and a note to the reader. The sequel will be published around spring of 2012. This book has mild language and is for young adult/adult readers. Zombified has enough twists, turns, and surprises to satisfy anyone.

Most Helpful Customer Reviews
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5.0 out of 5 stars Great book! April 21, 2011
By Cookie
Format:Kindle Edition
I very much enjoyed this book. I admit I don't normally read books about Zombies but I'm glad my friend recommended it to me. I couldn't put this book down. It was very well written and definitely made me want to read more to see what could possibly happen next. I especially loved the ending. I can't wait to read more books by Char Robinson.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Not Your Traditional Zombies August 19, 2011
Format:Kindle Edition
When a new virus spreads throughout the population, Mick's family is summoned with several other families to take refuge at Hudson Place; the survival fortress was built by Dave, who has some sort of work and/or personal connection to Mick and the others. Dave is one of those guys who always believed an apocalypse would happen eventually, but Mick is reluctant to believe that zombies exist until, shortly after arriving at Hudson Place, he realizes how lucky they are to have survived the first few days of the outbreak.

At Hudson Place they use a strobing light as a beacon to other survivors, so the somewhat large group grows even larger, causing them to go through their supplies faster. One of the new arrivals, Charlie, plans to go to the nearby town of Shady Oaks to find his daughter. Mitch's group hopes that Shady Oaks could be cleared out and secured to allow for the relocation of new survivors. Charlie and his scouting party make a startling discovery about the zombies at Shady Oaks, and realize the infection might not be limited to humans. Meanwhile, the Hudson Place faces a threat from a another group that is capturing survivors to use in medical experiments in an effort to find a cure for the virus.

I liked the author's writing style; Robinson didn't waste time with flowery descriptions of the settings. The author sticks mostly to dialogue between characters as well as action scenes to keep the storyline going, although the POV --which is mostly third-person-- occasionally shows us what some of the main characters are thinking. However, for a horror novel this story could have had more gore, and fewer characters to keep track of. (I was kind of hoping more of them would have died to make it easier.) I also would have preferred to see more zombie scenes, but I gave Zombified 5-stars because the story held my attention the entire way through, and the ending was handled well with an epilogue, instead of the typical abrupt endings I've been seeing in book series.

Although some people might find Robinson's style a bit raw, the story itself was thrilling and full of suspense. I look forward to the next book which will go into more detail about the Shady Oaks resettlement.

Book Description

July 9, 2011
Whether Sammi is silly or serious, she has a lot of fun every day. Come along on her adventures.

5.0 out of 5 stars Loved it! November 19, 2011
Format:Kindle Edition|Amazon Verified Purchase
The kids love this story! It is cute and has real pictures. They read it all the time! I would highly recommend this book to anyone with small children.

 Char Robinson is a Woman In Horror!


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