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BE Scully

B.E. Scully writes tales dark and strange, drinks red wine and murky beer, cooks, reads, studies, and believes in the golden key. She lives in a haunted red house that lacks a foundation in the misty woods of Oregon with a variety of human and animal companions. Her recently released short story collection The Knife and the Wound It Deals is currently available on Amazon and other fine venues along with her critically acclaimed gothic thriller Verland: the Transformation. She has published numerous short stories and poems in an eclectic assortment of genres, styles, and places. Published work, interviews, and other odd scribblings can be found at her always open web site

"All great things begin with an obsession." B.e. Scully

B.e. Scully is without a doubt one of the super talents we are blessed to have amongst us. This young lady writes some scary stuff! How scary? Think of Stephen King without a lot of extra words. Does this mean I think she writes better than Stephen King? Being a direct and to the point guy that I am, the answer is yes. Styling wise, they are similar, but I much prefer B.e.'s crispness and flow and the horror that jumps out and gets you when you least expect it.  Her novel Verland is a classic example of this. From start to finish, it is non-stop, in-your-face horror.

I have also been blessed to read The Knife And The Wound It Deals. Wow! Gritty! Gritty! Gritty! Like I should have expected anything less from B.e. This is a great collection of horror shorts that will make the jitters run amok, sending goose-bumps up and down your spine. Collections like this are great because you get your daily dose of horror in easy bites. That is great if you are a busy person and don't have a lot of time.

As you can see at the bottom, I have included books from off B.e.'s Amazon Author page. I haven't read all of these yet, so I'll have to get busy.

It is pretty obvious that I have a lot of respect for B.e. Scully. She is one of the reasons we have Women In Horror Month. As I say in all my posts about these great ladies I am showcasing, she and my other women horror writers are so under misrepresented. We can not allow this to continue. I implore all of you to read the free samples available from the various sites and pages to get your horror juices flowing. B.e. will open the dam after you do, and a flood of great words will bombard you from every direction. And then, you better hang on for a fantastic ride!


  • Thirteen tales of gothic terror, chilling suspense, and uncanny occurrences, The Knife and the Wound It Deals leaves no strange stone unturned in the journey down the extreme and disturbing pathways of the human psyche. The subtly shocking opening story introduces the terrible monsters that can determine our fate, from external realities like death and time to internal demons like madness, lust, and revenge. With a diverse range of settings, subjects, and themes, this collection connects the traditions of the gothic past to our equally disturbing present: a murder victim who refuses to stay buried; a World War II era wedding dress with a score to settle; the defeat and strange triumphs of death and bodily decay; a routine operation that reveals a horrifying secret world; an ancient burial ground that unearths a most bizarre set of corpses; the compulsions and consequences of desire, ambition, and dread… I am the Knife and the Wound It Deals—a dark and disturbing exploration of the lurid obsessions, strange twists of fate, and mysterious forces that haunt our darkest midnight hours.
    Quotes/Excerpts from selected stories from The Knife and the Wound It Deals:
    "With Anya’s death, William Aughten had lost the only person on earth who understood the unspeakable “Thing” that had haunted his existence and shadowed his soul for over seventy years." --from "This Thing Lives"
    "And then I saw all three of them down in Shady View Cemetery, only they weren’t lying side by side in their graves like they were supposed to be. Instead they were above the ground piled one on top of the other like stacks of hot cakes. I looked around and saw that everybody else in Shady View was the same way. Nobody was rotted away or anything, they were all just lying there one on top of the other like they were still alive, only they weren’t. They were dead all right, only it was like they’d forgotten how to be dead and nobody had seen fit to come along and remind them...." --from "Animal Undertaking"
    "The guards eventually found the Champ after he failed to show up for his round of dinner meds. An investigation was launched, but nobody poked around all that long or hard. The Champ didn’t have anybody on the outside who cared if he was alive or dead, and more than a few were relieved to hear it was the latter. His murder was filed under “Unsolved” along with a hundred others, and that’s where it would have stayed if a month later the Professor hadn’t seen the Champ standing in the shower room looking as mean and nasty as any ghoul come back from the grave with a score to settle..." --from "The Champ's Last Round"
    “A trauma so great that it can’t be absorbed. At least not all at once. So it gets cast out of time, cast out of consciousness. It’s still happening, though, and that’s where things get tricky.” --from "The Suffering Other"
    "The mummified corpse was blackened with time and twisted into a fetal position so severe it was almost spherical, but it was still unmistakably human. However, every time Dr. Rahmano looked at it, he had to remind himself that sometimes ‘human’ was a relative term..." --from "Earth Shall Return Them"

  • Picture for This Thing Lives

  • This one goes with "The Suffering Other"

Book Description

May 23, 2011
True crime writer Elle Bramasol is drawn into a macabre mystery when incarcerated Hollywood producer Eliot Kingman asks her to write a book about his case. As she delves deeper into Kingman's murder conviction, she discovers that he possesses a centuries old diary written by an elusive vampire named Verland. Uncovering the transformative secrets held within the diary's pages, Elle is drawn deeper into both Kingman's deadly schemes and Verland's dark world of shadows. When the two finally collide, the stage is set for a climactic battle over mankind's ultimate prize: eternal triumph over death. But will the Holy Grail of immortality turn out to be the cruelest curse of all?

Exploring the allure of the shadowy places between life and death, between fantasy and reality, and the ultimate power of belief, Verland: The Transformation is a gothic-inspired tour de force, a brooding return to the roots of the vampire genre that goes for the throat from page one until the final, bone-chilling climax.

Paperback: $16.99 Kindle Edition: $2.99
March 26, 2012
4.8 out of 5 stars   (10)
Paperback: $16.99
March 31, 2012
4.2 out of 5 stars   (4)
Paperback: $14.99 Kindle Edition: $4.99
August 26, 2012
4.0 out of 5 stars   (3)
Paperback: $9.99 Kindle Edition: $2.99
October 5, 2012
5.0 out of 5 stars   (6)
Enter at Your Own Risk: Old Masters, New Voices
Paperback: $9.99 Kindle Edition: $2.99
October 5, 2012


                                 Read B.e. Scully's fantastic books!

                                 B.e. Scully is a Woman In Horror!


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