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Annabelle L. Miller is my Woman In Horror today! Annabelle is ten years old, yet she is already pounding out her Tales Of Horror. She has a special place on her dad's blog called Annabelle's Spooky Corner. Her father is Rob M. Miller, who is a horror writer and editor. We share some anthology credits. Usually, I gush all over the place in my Women In Horror posts. Rob is doing enough gushing for all of us. Today I will do something a little different. I received permission from Annabelle's father to copy and paste from Annabelle's Spooky Corner. Read Annabelle's flash fiction and enjoy a Q&A between Rob and her.

I present Annabelle L. Miller: a talented author today and future best selling author tomorrow.



Annabelle’s Spooky Corner

The following pieces of flash were written by my daughter, Annabelle L. Miller. Lady Scarybelle is 10-years-old. She could’ve written anything, and I would’ve been happy, but she wrote the following, and there’s so much good in them, that as a horror-writing daddy, I could cry.

By Annabelle L. Miller

“I love the smell of ashes “,said Dez. Dez and his friends were having a bonfire. Mark, John, Dylan, and Dez were telling scary stories. Dez went first. “It went like this”,said Dez. Its called Jonny Ash. When Jonny was a little boy he loved smell of ashes. When ever they had a fire he collected the ashes. He hoped that one day he’ll be able to make a giant fire out of all the ashes he collected. One day him and his family had a giant bonfire. Jonny was able to collect 5 buckets of ashes. He ran to his room. Every one was wondering what he was doing in there. He came running out of his room with a testing tube,screaming I got it I got it. he ran to the fire drank the liquid in the testing tube. He jumped in the fire and started to crumble. The fire roared and grew more and more as Jonny was almost all ashes he said something ” I did it, I made the biggest fire ever out of ashes”. Then  he blew off into a million pieces and was caught by the wind. “Thats the story of Jonny Ash”, said Dez. His friends were scared out of there minds. Then Dez started to act weird . “He  was laughing in a sortuv evil way”,said Mark. Then Dez started to blow away in the wind turning into ashes.
The End

April Fool’s Day
By Annabelle L. Miller
As Sammy walked through the school door he has to be very careful,cause its April fools day.Danny Johnson will be at it again.Every time he pranks some they always pay the ultimate price.Every time he gets taken away he always wispers something no one can here.”Things will be differentthis year”,Sammy thought to himself.I will make shure that Danny’s rane of terror will end.So Sammy went to go get some suplies.3 hours later. . .”Finally, I’m done”,Sammy thought to himself.Hay Danny come over here.The rope titelly in my hand the ax at ready,and
Off goes Dannys head.The police were already there,cause they thought that Danny was going to strike again.But no it was Sammy Johnson Danny Johnsons brother.As they took him away he wispered something “Happy April Fools.
The End

I’m Watching You
By Annabelle L. Miller
Molly Fisher is a small town girl,she lives with her sister Tera and her father Jacob. Her mom died a couple years ago in a car accident. So when its her birthday they always go to her grave and put flowers on it and sing happy birthday. But her birthday this year something terrible happened. “Dad what’s for dinner”,said Molly. But her dad was doing Tera’s hair and had a hair brush in his mouth so he couldn’t  talk,he just mumbled.”Molly, Molly, I’m watching you”. “Whose there”. “Who are you talking to Molly”, said Jacob.”Nobody,I just thought I heard someone talking to me”. “Anyway were having meatloaf and macincheese for dinner”. “I’m going to my room to do homework”, said Molly. As she was going to her room out of the corner of her eye she saw someone looking through the window but when she looked through the window no one was there, “Must have been the shadow of a tree or something. So she carried on to her own business. As she was doing was doing her homework she heard some rattling but she did not no what it was, so she went investigating. She looked every where but saw nothing. So she went back to her business. “Good dinner dad” said Tera. “Thank you Tera”.” So Molly how is school going”, said Jacob.” Its ok, I mean the homework is not to great, well I’m done”. So Molly went up stairs. Then she heard it again ” Molly, Molly I’m watching you”, so she turned around and there was a strange man in a dark cloke he was still saying” Molly, Molly, I’m watching you”. AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH, she screamed. Then her dad and Tera came running up stairs saying ” Whats wrong Molly,whats wrong”, she just kept screaming and she ran away and jumped out a window and landed on the just to hard and she didnt make it. Jacob and Tera ran outside and called 911 and they told them what happened. When they came they said that she was dead so they took her to a funeral home. So they went in side and then they heard a nock on the door. When he answered the door no one was there but there was a note on the door it said “I’m watching you, I’m watching you.

Rob M. Miller
What are you working on now?

Annabelle: My latest project is a lot longer than what I’m used to its called, “Don’t open the door.” Up to now, I’ve been doing one-pagers, stories that fit on a page, but this one’s going to be more than six pages long!

Do you get to share them at school?

Annabelle: No, not really, but I carry a Wizard of Oz book that I use to write stories in, but its only temporary until I get a writing journal so I can fill up all of the pages with my stories.

What’s the coolest thing about writing? What’s the coolest thing about writing spooky stories?

Annabelle: The coolest thing to me about writing is coming up with the story and its theme you know, and the coolest thing about writing spooky stories is that there are a lot more different and weirder monsters in it than other genres.

What would you say to someone who’s afraid of not being any good at writing?

Annabelle: I’d say, “Well, go ahead and give it a try, and see how it goes from there.”

 Annabelle L. Miller, age 10, resides in the great state of Michigan where she loves to play with her siblings, her orange tabby Static, and Aya, her beloved yellow lab.

Annabelle has her mind set on course for smooth sailing ahead!

Annabelle L. Miller is a Woman In Horror!


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