Wednesday, January 16, 2013


From The Pen Of The Damned, Deluge, written by Nina D'Arcangela. What does this great poem say to you? My Damned Dark mind is deluged with horrors to come.

Go to the Pen Of The Damned website and read this and many other great poems and tales of things Damned.


The crack of the loudest thunder clap roars; my body vibrates with the echo, an untamed longing for more.
The joy washed away; a vile deluge now pouring, the razor’s slash of the cruelest tongue.
Pain inflicted with intent to harm; ripping at my sanity in an unjust tumult of words, the harshest weapons of all.
My mind torn to pieces; this voice carries devastation, wielded with nary a care for the moments yet to come.
A shattering silence; how loud the quiet has become, how lonely this false sense of solitude.
The patter of a different storm; a shedding that cleanses, gently this time in a subtle downpour.
If only you’d count the raindrops with me; do you see – they are beginning to fall…
~ Nina D’Arcangela

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