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 "Writing horror means confronting the darker side of human nature with absolute honesty." Belinda Frisch

So shoot me, I'm starting early! I have to. I have many great Women In Horror to talk about and allow their words, their cover art, and so much more grace the pages of my posts. I start off with Belinda Frisch, a lady who has written the best Zombie novel I have ever read, Cure. You heard me right. I'm including all the great Zombie novelists here, men and women, past and present. She is the best in my opinion. I write about Zombies as well, so I'm making a statement here.

Belinda is one of the reasons we need Women In Horror month. She is such a talent, and yet too often male horror authors take the bulk of the recognition. This is crap! I enjoy reading what talented women write. They attack the craft with no less zeal than men; probably with more. We need to stop this one sided perception. Women Horror authors are damned good! Give them their due.

Don't let that charming smile of Belinda's make you think that she can't write a scary novel. She certainly can. Believe me.


Belinda Frisch's fiction has appeared in Shroud Magazine, Dabblestone Horror, and Tales of Zombie War. She is an honorable mention winner in the Writer's Digest 76th Annual Writing Competition and her novel, CURE, is the runner-up in the General Fiction category of the 2012 Halloween Book Festival. She is the author of DEAD SPELL, PAYBACK, and CURE, the first in the Strandville Zombie Series which has recently been optioned for film.

Book Description

June 5, 2012
**Runner-up in the 2012 Halloween Book Festival
**Recently optioned for film

In Strandville, there are worse fates than becoming undead.

"Creepy and claustrophobic, with enough gore to please any zombie-phile, Frisch's book begins promisingly. Her omniscient narrator takes particular joy in the visceral details of horror, tweaking the reader's senses with a bevy of bodily fluids and dismembered limbs." Kirkus Reviews

Welcome to the Nixon Healing and Research Center, playground for the maniacal Dr. Howard Nixon whose medical research has him dabbling in the undead and has the women of Strandville disappearing.

Desperate to find a cure for the lethal virus which turns its victims into zombies, Nixon kidnaps Miranda Penton, a security recruit with a past that won't let her go. He doesn't count on anyone coming looking for her, least of all her ex-husband, Scott, who is still in love with her.

A warning call brings Scott to Strandville where he bands together with a team of locals determined to bring their own loved ones home. Together, they infiltrate Nixon's staff, hatching a plan that releases not only the surviving women, but the virus on those left in the hospital.

Nixon locks down the center to contain the spread, turning patients, visitors, and staff into a dangerous horde that is almost impossible to escape. Miranda and the others fight for their lives, but their getaway is further complicated by a raging storm and a homicidal security guard. The town of Strandville is ground zero for the zombie apocalypse and Miranda must get free because the fate of humanity lies with her unborn child.

Book Description

March 3, 2011
Meet Harmony Wolcott. Damaged and determined, she'll take you to the wrong side of the tracks and you'll love it.

"This is a great book that pulled me in from the beginning pages and would not let go until the end." -Nightly Reading Review

"When the words of a book reach out, grips you by the throat, and pulls you from the first page to the very end in one sitting, then that is a great book. Dead Spell did just that. I was completely captivated from the very beginning and felt as though I couldn't read it quickly enough." -Angela Scott

Harmony's darkest secret has clawed its way back from the grave and only her best friend, Brea believes her.

Adam, Harmony's boyfriend, fears for her safety. Her mentally ill mother is too busy tending her own demons to care. Brea's family, who has denounced Harmony's for years, buried the truth about their shared tragic past along with their former friendship.

Harmony looks for answers about the monster's identity in the wreckage of her abandoned childhood home but when her search leads her down a dark path, Brea and Adam must pick up the crumbs to get much needed closure.

Some secrets you keep, even from yourself. Dead Spell is about a ghost with a past and a girl who would die to forget it.

 A Young Adult novel intended for older teens and fans of YA fiction. Some mature themes.

Book Description

April 7, 2011
"As a lifelong Stephen King and horror movie addict I can honestly say I had a lot of fun with this light read." -Author Eden Rose Archer (Author of the Bulletproof Series)

"Highly recommended." -Shelly65

The Fence
A dying woman and her grieving husband struggle with an arrogant, nuisance of a neighbor. All her husband wants to do is to let her pass in peace. In this macabre tale of death and dismemberment, good fences really do make good neighbors.

An abduction. A possible murder. The perpetrator burned beyond recognition lands in the care of a physician who fights to save him until his identity is revealed. Her daughter was his victim. Will he be hers?

When the theft of a black magic talisman goes awry, the team's members turn on one another in this tale of curses and the things people will do to avoid them.

The Deal
A deal with a demonic force comes with unexpected consequences when a woman bargains for the health of her ailing husband.


When those closest to you break your trust, the only option is payback.

Six months before an outbreak of viral plague turned the residents of Strandville into a mob of flesh-hungry undead, Max Reid was a new father struggling to overcome a gambling addiction for the sake of his family.

Desperate to keep his secret, out of work, and on the losing end of a debt large enough to get him killed, Max turned to Mitch, a Nixon Center guard and the closest thing he had to a friend, to make the money he needed to break-even. What he didn't know was why Mitch was so eager to help him or how far he'd have to go for the cash.

Max Reid is about to find out a terrible secret that will change his life and push him to destroy others'.


Book Description

November 20, 2011
There is no god, no saviour.

Mankind is without salvation and on the cusp of total annihilation.

During an eruption at Yellowstone, the Great Maurr, an ancient god, rose from the bowels of the earth and brought a bug apocalypse with him.

Swarms of giant ants, centipedes and diabolical hybrids swept the planet consuming the animal kingdom and destroying human civilisation in a matter of weeks. Nothing could stop their relentless genocide.

Just a few cities remain; a handful of human survivors in London, Moscow and Hong Kong scuttle about in the darkness forever fearful of being caught, eaten by the solider ants, or worse: made to breed in the City of Hell to produce hideous hybrid creatures.

Can these last remaining humans find a way of surviving and ultimately fight back in this nightmarish dystopia?

Combining the other-worldly weirdness of H.P. Lovecraft and the frightening imagery of Clive Barker, this anthology is brought to you buy 7 international writers from the UK, Canada and USA as they chronicle the horrifying consequences of a new world bug order.

Dare you enter the City of Hell?

"It was an unexpected pleasure to discover the additional depth in each story. It is a compendium of the darkest horror. Each story builds on the last to create a vision that is a truly a unique and compelling read." -- The Eloquent Page

"There are fantastic illustrations. One of the stories is authentically written as a pathology report. The writers show a real hunger to create something fresh and exciting, and by and large they succeed. So whilst the future looks bleak for the denizens of the City of Hell, the future looks far brighter for the City of Hell mythos." --

"Colin F. Barnes has put together a great book which is not at all easy to put down and I’m sure it will not be the last." -- Tony Lane
Now, my fellow readers of the Dark: set for release in March is Belinda Frisch's next great Strandville novel. Those little tootsies on the cover will scare the stuffing out of you!

Here's the cover for Afterbirth, set to release in March.
Belinda Frisch is a Woman In Horror!

Monday, January 28, 2013


Cindy Keen Reynders latest novel A Witch at Midnight is available on Kindle. Soon, it will be available in print and at other outlets.This is a must read! But, heck, all of Cindy's books are must reads.

Book Description

January 24, 2013
Spirited away by a demon on the eve of her wedding, Cassie Rose, high witch of the Wysteria Hedge Haven Clan, finds herself trapped in the dark Underworld realm of Hades. Determined to return to Wysteria and her husband-to-be, the powerful warlock Viceroy of Oregon, she manages to escape.

While running for her life, she encounters Nik Zaros, a man so handsome she swears he would put a Greek statue to shame. Strapped to a plow being pulled by the mighty Marathonian Bull, Nik has been tortured and is near death. Cassie’s heart goes out to him, and she feels compelled to take him along with her.

Upon recovering, Nik is immediately attracted to the charming sorceress. Though she stirs his blood, he can’t help but suspect her of being in league with the demon, Prince Drakon. He soon discovers Cassie wishes to be free from the demon's control, just as he does, and only love's magic can save them.

Cindy was born in Portland, Oregon and has lived all over the United States and also in Japan. She has visited Canada, the Philippines, the Caribbean, Samoa and New Zealand. Her Saucy Lucy series books are The Saucy Lucy Murders, Paws-itively Guilty and A Killer Slice. She also writes an urban fantasy line for Angelic Knight Press, and the first book is titled, The Seven-Year Witch.
Visit her website at where you can contact her via e-mail. From her website, you can also link to her blog or visit her on Facebook.
Over the years, Cindy has won or placed in different writing contests. She has also written for and edited many newsletters. Additionally, she has sold several non-fiction magazine articles to "True West" and "Wild West."
Cindy currently lives in Cheyenne, Wyoming with her husband Rich. She works as Laramie County School District 1's marketing specialist and writes feature articles for the Public Schools Chronicle.

You will have to look far and wide to find a better book than this! Go Cindy go!


Wednesday, January 16, 2013


From The Pen Of The Damned, Deluge, written by Nina D'Arcangela. What does this great poem say to you? My Damned Dark mind is deluged with horrors to come.

Go to the Pen Of The Damned website and read this and many other great poems and tales of things Damned.


The crack of the loudest thunder clap roars; my body vibrates with the echo, an untamed longing for more.
The joy washed away; a vile deluge now pouring, the razor’s slash of the cruelest tongue.
Pain inflicted with intent to harm; ripping at my sanity in an unjust tumult of words, the harshest weapons of all.
My mind torn to pieces; this voice carries devastation, wielded with nary a care for the moments yet to come.
A shattering silence; how loud the quiet has become, how lonely this false sense of solitude.
The patter of a different storm; a shedding that cleanses, gently this time in a subtle downpour.
If only you’d count the raindrops with me; do you see – they are beginning to fall…
~ Nina D’Arcangela

Tuesday, January 15, 2013


I read this great book by Kathy Rowe a while back. Call me a lucky beta reader. And now, Kathy has a book trailer for The Hall. I love the music and the way she put it together. Take a peak for yourself!

Book description:

After two years away from his home of Memphis, TN; wealthy book publisher, Marcus Bishop, arrives to find his beloved city a disaster. The economy is sagging, commerce failing, and buildings are being boarded up at an alarming rate.

One place in particular catches Marcus's eye: An old castle-like structure situated in the Garden District. Once a resplendent mansion, Ashlar Hall now sits empty and destitute. Money and love alone can't bring this building back from the brink; it will take Marcus's soul to free the building from the ravages of time and the spirits that haunt it.

A philanthropist and lover of unique architecture, Marcus decides to buy the Ashlar Hall and return it to its former glory. What he doesn't realize is that included in the business transaction is a love-struck, jealous ghost who will stop at nothing to get Marcus into the afterlife.

Watch the book trailer here:

Kathy's bio:

After serving just over 20 years in the Air Force, I made the ultimate job switch: to farmer and author. It was a drastic change, not to mention a drastic pay cut! I've been writing 25+ years and have been published in a variety of media: book, newspaper, photography, and magazine. I love to write, it seems to be a passion I can't ever seem to satisfy.
I've been publishing a series of books in the Dragonslayers Saga. The first book, Project: Dragonslayers is an MWSA award winning novel about an unlikely Special Forces team who are thrown headlong into the world of counter terrorism. The second book, Dragonslayers: Mind Games continues the saga where the team enters the twisted world of al-Qaeda. They must find the source of a mystery explosive, or risk losing more innocent civilians to attacks. This book was selected for the MWSA summer 2011 reading list. Due out soon is the third book in the series: Dragonslayers: Battle Rhythm. This time it's Yemen, and the team finds out they're not invincible.
Also I've expanded my work in other genres. Out now is the best-selling contemporary romance, Cowboys and Olympians. You'll meet and fall in love with Leo Richards, a champion reining horse trainer as he tries to convince himself that he can love again after his wife and unborn child were killed in a fiery car crash. He falls for Katie Shulman, a rich, stubborn woman who just doesn't like cowboys.
A supernatural thriller titled The Hall is complete and on sale. You'll meet Marcus Bishop, wealthy Memphis book publisher; his new and terrifically eccentric best friend, Prince Mongo; along with a ghost and demons that haunt the old castle Marcus buys.

You will enjoy the book trailer and video both. Two Blazing thumbs up!


Monday, January 14, 2013


This gritty tale from Pen Of The Damned Member Jack Wallen should definitely be expanded. I, for one, wish to see more! Treat yourself to a tale told as only the Damned can. Jack's tale will cast a spell over you! Visit the Pen Of The Damned site for other great tales. Caution: There are no fluffie lambie stories here.


The Devil Inside

The vestments were always a bit tight, heavy. With each attack upon my faith, they burned my skin and made bitter my memory. They were, however, my duty. The Vatican, my employer. No matter how many times I’d been spit at, violated, and broken, my goal was to cleanse the colors of evil from man’s palette.
“Father, oh Father. Thank God you have arrived. The boy, he’s grown worse.”
“Your name?” I had little time for pleasantries, but knowing the names of those that would serve as my assistants made the rites and rituals far easier.
“I am terribly sorry. My name is Isobelle. I am the Abbess of St. Belle’s Orphanage.”
“Do you know the Rite of Exorcism?”
The sister gave pause, looked at the cracked and aged hardwood floor at her feet. “I must apologize, Father, I do not.”
“Ignorance of the Rite was one of the hurdles of having such a secretive arm of the Holy See. It is not a problem, Sister, I will guide you.”
As I was taking off my rain-soaked jacket, a low, creaking moan filled the air. The ambient temperature noticeably dropped.
“We have carefully examined the files and recordings you sent. Have there been any changes?”
Sister Isobelle stopped. The look on her face was drawn and hollow. “Yes.”
I stared, waiting for the thought to be completed. The Sister remained silent. The low moan was joined by a chorus of hideous screams. As the retched sounds reached a fevered pitch, Sister Isobelle slapped her hands to her ears. Tears flooded her mottled cheeks.
“Sister, you must be strong. Now, take me to the boy.”
Isobelle pulled out a handkerchief, blotted her eyes, and blew her nose. The simple act was an island of genuine humility.
“This way.”
Sister Isobelle placed one nervous foot in front of another. At the end of the candlelit hall, Isobelle opened a flimsy wooden door. The creak of the hinges only served to add another layer of macabre to the horrific scene I was about to witness.
Halfway down the cellar steps, I could feel the change. It wasn’t just another drop in temperature; the air felt heavy, corrupt.
“He’s in this room.” Isobelle’s shaky hand reached out and unlocked the door. For some odd reason, I expected the heavy wood to be blown to bits as the demon-infected child sensed the presence of a holy champion.
Instead, there was only low, arrogant laughter. The laugh insisted itself upon me, made sure I knew whatever unclean spirit existed within the room had no fear of the Cloth of God.
“Please, won’t you come in Father.”
The voice was simple – but not that of a child. When I glanced at the boy bound to the bed, the laughter stopped. His oil-black eyes addressed me.
“Did you expect me to speak in tongues? Latin? Something older? I can see the disappointment in your eyes Father. This isn’t the movies. My head will not spin ’round, nor will I spew pea soup. But if it so please you, I can begin afresh the theatrics.”
I sat my bag down and began to pull out the tools of my trade.
“Ahh yes, the weapons of holy war. Sprinkle me with God’s water Father. Speak your clean words into the ears of this infested child. Fight me. Force me to begone. By the power of Christ, compel me! By the power of Christ, compel me!” The boy writhed on the bed as he mocked me and my position.
“Father… ” Isobella started to speak. I held up a hand to stop her.
“Sister, you should know better than to interrupt a man of the cloth when he is near a young boy.” When the last of the demon’s vile words spat from his mouth, the door to the room slammed shut, nearly splintering the wood.
“I can smell it on you Father. Delicious corruption. It was only a matter of time – ”
“From all evil, deliver us, O Lord. From all sin, your wrath.” I began the chant. The sister recited back the words.
The beast roared me to silence and, with little more than a glance, flung the sister across the room. The woman’s head roughly smacked the floor; she lay motionless.
“Sorry, Father. She was weak, and I wanted to have you to myself.” A vile smile slithered its way across the monster’s lips. “It was only a matter of time before the blinded Holy See would send to me a man with such a tenuous grasp on his faith.”
I continued my chant. “From sudden and unprovided death, from the snares of the devil, from anger, hatred, and all ill will, from all lewdness, from lightning and tempest, from the scourge of earthquakes, from plague, famine, and war, from everlasting death.”
“From child-molesting priests, from bigotry, from young men gunning down innocent children, from mothers beating their babies, from hatred, from homophobia, from lust of the flesh and the coin… Shall I continue Father?”
The look on the vile demon’s face was painted with arrogance as he tore his hands free from his bonds and sat up.
“Father, it’s time the truth be set free. I am that truth. I am The Way.”
“Lord, have mercy!” I called out.
“Lord, have mercy!” The demon replied with a laugh. “How can the Lord hand you mercy when he’s none to give? The Lord is a lie. In the beginning was The Word and the The Word was a lie.”
A splash of holy water danced across the flesh of the beast’s face. The demon licked his tongue around his lips.
“The taste of your Lord’s tears is sweet.”
“Do not keep in mind, O Lord, our offenses or those of our parents, nor take vengeance on our sins.”
“Silence Priest!” The demon raised a hand. A gentle calm overcame me. “Please, have a seat. I want to tell you a story.”
From my pack came the written word – the holiest of holies, entrusted to me by my Cardinal.
“Hide that book of filth and shame from my sight or I will burn you Priest.”
Waves of heat rose from the skin of the boy. I assumed the threat honest and tucked my Bible back inside my case.
“Everything you know is a lie. The words in your tomes are little more than trickery to blind you to the greater truth – that some day your kind will be nothing more than fodder for God’s cannon. Once upon a long lost time, God and Lucifer stood side by side. It wasn’t until God realized that all within his dominion saw he and Lucifer as equals, that he decided to cast the loveliest of Angels aside. The Great Fall was tragic and God knew he’d made a grievous error. The Light of Perfection, however, could not admit to his wrong doing, else his power be lost. And so, since that great gaffe, your God has been amassing souls in preparation for Lucifer’s return to the heavenly dominion.”
The lilt and melody of the voice held me fast. I wanted to weep, to fall at the feet of the demon, and beg for some mercy I’d never receive.
“Had I not found you, Priest, your never-ending soul would have joined the Army of God. That is not to be now. Instead, you will fight for the truest truth. My God has been waiting for this chance since before you were nothing more than a shot of sperm from the prick of a self-righteous, ego-maniacal man of the soiled cloth.”
“I don’t understand. Why do you need me to fight your unholy war?”
A great puff of sulfuric smoke spilled from the nostrils of the boy.
“You are going to help me into the Vatican. From within the Holy See, I will gain access to a very special tome. The ‘Santus Bellum’ – or ‘Holy War’. Within that book is the very plan for God’s war to be waged against Lucifer and the dominion of Hell.”
I stood, a righteous fury fueling my voice. “You will never gain access to the Holiest of Holies.”
The demon released a moan, his eyes rolled to gaze within. As the temperature in the room dropped, the boy floated from the bed and into a crucifixion position. Wind howled through the room and ripped pages from the Bible I had stowed away. The gilded paper lashed about the air, slashing the tiniest of paper cuts over my exposed skin. With each slice I could feel my strength drain. I had never experienced such power, such raw emotion.
As an atonal chorus sang an unholy psalm, I felt the demon attempt to enter me, to take root within my spirit, give succor to a wanton soul. The blessed core of my conscience fought back, until a singular memory boiled up from the recesses of my mind.
I was young, innocent, lost in my ways. Until I was found by Father Stephenson, my life was little more than thievery and corruption. The Father took me in, cured me of my indecent ways, and taught me… Taught me love.
The simple memory shattered my trust, my faith. Stirring at the core of my being, my spirit was released from The Way. As the memory was released, a peace I hadn’t known for such a long time encompassed my heart.
“I welcome you demon. I embrace your light. I pledge my fealty to your cause.”
My proclamation brought stillness to the room. The boy’s body dropped back to the bed, his countenance returned to innocence. Isobella roused from the floor, rushed to the boy’s side, and held him in her frail arms.
“You did it Father. You’ve saved the child.”
As I placed my hand on the handle of the door, the wood fell to dust. I left the room and my holy relics behind. My cause was clear. I was to serve the true King of Kings. It was time to arm the Lord of Loss and tilt the scales of righteousness back to the side of truth.
~ Jack Wallen

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February is Women In Horror Month. As my followers know, I was very active in this last year, and this year will be no different. I will be posting daily blog posts on my blog and elsewhere. This year, I will be doing a few new things. In addition to my surprise blog posts which made a lot of my favorite authors rather happy, I will be asking any lady who wants to add something of her own to go right ahead and do so, such as latest books either published or about to come out, or anything else that tickles your fancy. I'm here for you!

Another thing that will spark even more interest this year is the fact that DarkMedia will be conducting a special Facebook page doing the same thing. Guess who is fortunate enough to be a part of the planning and execution stage? That's right! Blaze! A big part of this will be our daily quotes from our renowned Women In Horror. I will be asking many of you ladies for one of your quotes. Do not worry if the quotes are from so many of you that we run out of month. I will see that every quote is used. Last year I stretched Women In Horror Month to two months. I'll do whatever it takes to make certain that all my talented Women authors are recognized.

So, if there are any suggestions you have for me, send them to my blog, to DarkMedia's link above, or to my page on Facebook

I want to see this be another grand month for all you great Women In Horror!