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Check out my good friend Carole Gill's latest book. Unholy Testament - The Beginnings. You will love it. Guaranteed! Buy and read!


November 4, 2012
Included in this book are the first two chapters and book cover of  Book 3, Unholy Testament - Full Circle.
The day Eco first laid eyes on Rose Baines was the day she discovered (The House on Blackstone Moor) her family's savage butchery at the hands of her mad, incestuous father.

"I saw you leave the house that day, Rose, that terrible day you discovered your family butchered. I saw you..."

Eco realizing he has fallen in love with her pens a confession documenting all of his sins committed in the course of his immortal existence. The one request is that Rose reads his confession.

Rose, having become his captive, is forced to read this unholy testament of his.

From Ancient Egyptian vampire cults to Roman vampire brothels to The Dark Ages, The Crusades, The Black Death of 1348 to his meeting with child murderer and Satanist, Gilles de Rais, concluding with his wicked affair with the Blood Countess herself, Erzebat Bathory.

Eco is, if nothing else, frankly and brutally honest. The pages are filled with debauchery and vice and murder--yet, there is also love or what Eco swears is love.

The story is continued in Unholy Testament - Full Circle, to be released in early 2013.
 Great reviews:

5.0 out of 5 stars Darker than the first - chilling and impactful November 21, 2012
Format:Kindle Edition|Amazon Verified Purchase
Is it possible to feel sympathy for a devious, evil creature like Eco? He is doomed from the start and acts from pure self-interest but somehow, Carole Gill gives this incredibly flawed character a deeper dimension. There were times I truly felt sorry for him, while hating him the next moment, but one thing this story didn't leave me is indifferent. Written in a journal-style narrative - it is, after all, Eco's testament that the book is about - the language flows and moves at a rhythmic pace, keeping the reader's interest.

The author dives deep into the suspense of the story right from the start. We know something terrible is about to happen, and when it does, we're left wondering how it will all unfold. Eco is a very interesting character and his story is heartbreaking, shocking, and frightening at the same time. It is worth telling and Carole's foray into history is written in beautiful prose that sticks in the brain. I love Ms. Gill's "old world" writing style, the lyrical voice that seems to bleed so effortlessly into the pages. That voice is kept alive and well in this sequel to The House on Blackstone Moor. Indeed, it is made more compelling. I have to give this story five stars and nothing less. I can't wait for book number 3 to come out so I can see what happens to Rose, Louis, and the adorable Simon and Ada.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Dark, deep, and devious November 15, 2012
Format:Kindle Edition|Amazon Verified Purchase
I am a huge fan of Carole Gill. Unholy Testament is mysterious,multifaceted and devious. Eco will not disappoint you and will surprise you with glimpses of feelings unexpected in a demon/vampire. Join Carole on her excursion of the Blackstone Vampire series. You will not be disillusioned. If you like horror at it's darkest you will like Unholy Testament. Carole brings elements to her stories that no one else can. Read it today! Get your copy today, expect the unexpected.

More About the Author


I've always written but life, as it often does, got in the way and I turned back to writing some years ago.

In 2000 I was selected by North West Playwrights of England for further development but found I preferred writing fiction (novels and short stories).

I write stories of the paranormal, horror, and love. I'm the creator of Louis Darton, a strong vampire with a dark, tortured past. Come journey with me as I help Louis find love and fight his ultimate nemesis, the evil, demonic Eco.

Louis is featured in my dark gothic romance novel, The House on Blackstone Moor which has just been released in its newly edited verison and is on sale here.

The House on Blackstone Moor is literary style horror at its darkest. The themes are madness, obsession and devil worship.
It is recommended for readers 18 years of age and over.

There are three more novels in The Blackstone Vampires Series.
Unholy Testament - The Beginnings is on sale here in November.
The next two books in the series follow that.

Dreams of a Vampire is the short story prequel to the novel. It includes the first fourteen chapters of The House on Blackstone Moor and is free at Amazon.

At the moment I am writing a novel for Aiden James' Dying of the Dark Vampire Series.

Know what I want to do? I want to take gothic romance where it's never been! I believe that even in the darkest of moments, a rose can bloom, and its beauty can make us hope again. I want to take you on a wild, dark journey of fear, despair, and pain, on to ultimate redemption and love. These tales will shock you. Between these pages, your heart will not be safe.


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