Wednesday, November 7, 2012


A lot of things have been happening at Visionary Press Cooperative. We just finished with a very hectic Coffin hop Web tour which saw us giving away a ton of great books and gift certificates through Visionary Press Cooperative, DarkMediaCity, my blog, and many other places. Now it's time to really get rolling.

I have been appointed to be in charge of marketing for the Press. Also, I am taking over the job of President until we conduct a vote with all our contracted members. Welcome aboard, all of you!

Wendy and Sue are handling a number of tasks and many of our new members are doing the same. I will wait until everyone is comfortable in their new positions and say it's okay for me to blab about their exploits all over the place.

Visionary Press Cooperative is an entirely new concept and not for everyone. Whereas most Presses have authors submit their MS's, we have people submit themselves. It matters not if a member is an artist, formatter, editor, or writer: we all share equally in the profits, and we all have a single vote. There are many great projects on our plates right now. I will keep everyone posted. Give us a look and find out more about us and see the great books we have published and what is coming out in the future. 


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  1. Hi, Blaze. Wishing you guys the very best as you move from 2012 and into 2013, and beyond. Congratulations on all that the Cooperative has accomplished, and advanced applause for everything that is yet to come.