Wednesday, May 23, 2012


I love this gritty, psychological tale of horror. Best part? There is more to come!

Book description:

Caleb Talbot escaped from prison during a riot. After fleeing the facility, Caleb lived peacefully hidden away on a farm in Nebraska. Until law enforcement discovered the escapee that had been presumed dead, was very much alive. Warden Hahn of the Kansas State Penitentiary enlisted the aid of Officer Michael Quincy and his canine partner to find the escapee and return him to prison where he belongs. Caleb Talbot discovered law enforcement was on his tail, and quickly devised a plan to retain his freedom. The kidnapping of a woman was the beginning of Caleb's heartless murder spree. Michael soon realized the man he had been hired to capture, had a disturbing past lined with brutality and bloodshed. He also knew Talbot has little regard for human life. Can Michael and his canine partner Sasha bring the madman to justice? Or will they be just another name on Caleb's ever growing list of heinous murder victims?

My review:

5.0 out of 5 stars Mind Of A Madman Evil Unleashed- Mind Boggling!, May 23, 2012
This review is from: Mind of a Madman Evil Unleashed (Paperback)
Mind Of A Madman Evil Unleashed by V. J. Bowen definitely plays games with your head as it allows you to get inside the mind of a deranged, homicidal maniac bent on revenge for any perceived injustice done to him. Whether the foe be real or imagined, human or animal, it doesn't matter. Caleb delivers his own brand of justice. The poor policemen and police dog forced to track him across state lines after he escapes from prison are driven to the brink of psychological breakdown themselves as they fight the clock to stop Caleb before he strikes again. And he will strike again if given the chance: the pain in his mind is too strong to hold back.

This story ends in a cliff-hanger! So, it means a reader MUST continue! That is not a problem since there is the next novel ready to read. And read it I will!

This is a great story! I can hardly wait to read the next one!


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