Sunday, April 1, 2012

Spirits of the Night

Fresh up from Netbound Publishing! This one will be great! More news as it comes!

Final List of Authors for Spirits Of The Night anthology
Here is the final list of the authors accepted into the Spirits of the Night anthology. It's a great list and some amazing tales. So without further ado:

Carole Gill
Rob M. Miller
Jeremiah Coe
Robert Read
Melissa Stevens
E.A. Irwin
Linda M. Lovecraft
Blaze McRob
Scott M. Goriscak
Michael Bertolini
Scott Thomas
Greg Levrault
Amber Keller
C.B. Doyle
Shawn Pfister
Mikel B. Classen
Mary L. Underwood

That's our lineup. Looks great! Thanks to everyone for submitting. If you didn't make it in, well, there's always next time.