Saturday, April 21, 2012


My, my! What have we here? We have Pen of the Damned, where angst and horror flows freely. I hate to say this, or perhaps I enjoy saying it, allowing every delicious morsel of what lurks in the Darkness roll around in the morbid place called my soul. My nine kindred spirits and I are waiting to welcome you. Don't be fooled by our seemingly sweet faces. That is merely a facade. Visit with us. You think Dorian Gray had secrets hiding in his painting. Ha, ha! He was a mere imposter! 

We are what was; what is; what will be!

Who are they…and what do they want?

1: to condemn to a punishment or fate;
especially : to condemn to hell
2a : to condemn vigorously and often irascibly for some real or
fancied fault or defect
<damned the storm for their delay>
b: to condemn as a failure by public criticism
3: to bring ruin on
4: to swear at : curse—often used to express annoyance, disgust, or surprise
<damn him, he should have been careful>
<I’ll be damned>
5: a group of writers sworn to their sufferings
…they are coming…

Meet the Damned...


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