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I picked out the best of the MANY reviews for this great book on Amazon. Their words are better than mine and I don't need to take any luster away from the great tale or reviews. Read this book! It's great!

A Best Cellar March 26, 2011
Format:Kindle Edition
There's something deliciously dark in the cellar of a creepy old house that hoodie tearaway Madison Greene inherits. Bricked up behind a centuries-old wall, she discovers room full of vampires. That alone would be enough, but Shalini Boland packs so much intrigue into this book I found it unputdownable. It's got romance, genuine terror and a breathtaking pace which makes you feel you're in a blockbuster rather than a book. Consequently, I spent many a late night immersed in Madison's world when I should've been in the land of Nod. A triumph from cover to cover. Apparently it's a trilogy, which is great news because I'm hooked.
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Byzantine Vampires March 27, 2011
Format:Kindle Edition|Amazon Verified Purchase
Vampires, an inheritance with a secret, archaeology, scary men in white coats : all classic ingredients in this upbeat retelling of the vampyr legend.

HIDDEN breaks with Transylvanian tradition by placing the vampires deep under the soil of Cappadocia where two archaeologists take their families excavating in 1881, triggering off a series of terrifying adventures.
In this timespill narrative, the lives of 19th century Alexandre and 21st century Maddy cross over in a tantalizing weave, rushing headlong towards an uncertain future.

Here is a book crammed with colour: Byzantine imagery, Victorian charm and a Thoroughly Modern Milly - that is, Maddy, an orphaned teenager in the 21st century who suddenly comes into an inheritance. She and her brother move into Marchwood House and begin exploring, only(as might be expected in a paranormal story) nothing is quite as it seems. An iron door in the cellar hides secrets over a hundred years old and through a series of chilling events, the story of the Cappadocian expedition is pieced together along with its impact on Maddy and Alexandre's lives.

The image of the vampire has haunted many cultures, both East and West, yet curiously there is little reference to them in Turkish folklore - although there is an interesting connection :Vlad Tepes, later Dracula, grew up during a period of semi-fealty to Turkey when his father paid tribute to the Sultan. Bloodthirsty reprisals illustrate most of Vlad's life in his efforts to free his country and he passed into legend as a hero to his own people, until Bram Stoker came across his name in a Whitby library book and spawned a literary genre that is flourishing healthily today.

HIDDEN is a new-comer to this tradition and is the first of a trilogy : it is a fast paced, lively narrative, a fun, imaginative YA read (and quite likely to appeal to other audiences), with some unusual twists and turns. Very visual writing (I can imagine this being televised), with the potential to develop quite a following.
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Vampire-tastic March 20, 2011
By Deanna
Format:Kindle Edition
I loved this book. It had everything I want from a novel. Maddy is a great character with attitude and I was rooting for her from the word go.

There's so much edge of the seat suspense and the story takes you to unexpected and original places. I also like the contrast with modern day and historical - it added to the excitement.

I'm not a young adult, but it was a great read which I think both teens and adults will love.

Five stars well earned. When's the next one coming out?


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