Wednesday, April 4, 2012


I have included two reviews, both Five Star for Alone by Marissa Farrar. Mine is on top. This is a great romantic vampire love story!


I usually like my horror to be a little more grotesque than this wonderful story. Yes, there are moments of terror and horror and the always present thread of abuse throughout, but there is also life and love. The realization of true love and sacrifice is so apparent within this well written tome. Without giving anymore of this great story away, I urge everyone to read this fantastic book. You won't be sorry!


Alone is not, in my opinion, a "horror" novel, not like a Stephen King or Dean Koontz anyway. Alone is sooo much more than mere spooky stuff or gore and it is precisely because there is a strong thread of romance. The novel is the story of Serenity, a woman caught in an abusive marriage. She is walking down a crowded street in LA and suffers a panic attack. She takes off running through the crowds on the sidewalk and turns into an alley to try and calm herself. A man follows her and asks if she is all right; that is the start of a truly touching relationship.

The man is handsome beyond belief but it is the compassion and sensitivity Serenity sees in him that draws her. The initial meeting is brief but the memory of him lingers as she makes her way home and is confronted with the A-hole husband. I'm not going to go into too much detail here except to say that Sebastian, the man from the street, rescues Serenity from another round of abuse and their relationship blossoms from there.

Since it is on the blurb I'll go ahead and say that Sebastian is a vampire. The desperation he sees in her eyes at their first meeting draws him to her and over the course of the novel we learn that Sebastian, like Serenity, is afraid and tired of being alone. That is the focus of this remarkable book; a woman who clings to a horrid life because she thinks it is better than being alone and a vampire weary of his solitary "life" and longing for what he lost when he was made a vampire yet reluctant to bring the woman he loves into that life.

There is horror. Scenes that show how a vampire must feed are fairly graphic and the abuse scenes are visceral. That is what takes the novel toward the Horror genre, but to me this is women's fiction, romance, and I'd say it borders on pure literary fiction. It really is that good; thought provoking. This novel has lingered in my mind for over a week and I highly recommend it.

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