Saturday, March 31, 2012


Valerie Bowen writes from the soul, taking real life and expanding it to create a masterpiece that touches, horrifies, and teaches a lesson. When a person lives horror, the pen to paper experience is genuine. The reader is not cheated and is carried along on a ride of majestic proportions. The series starting with For The Sake Of Amelia-  Tormented begins speaking out against violence against women, but Valerie wants to spread hope, strength, and love.

I'm a sucker for stories that take place in Maine; I love the state. Valerie was born there and lives in Connecticut now, so the locale comes easy to her. Toss in Kansas and you have a cross-country experience you won't want to miss.

Valerie has seven five star reviews for this great novel on Amazon. That says it all. Read her sample chapter and you'll buy the book. 

A book description for For The Sake Of Amelia-Tormented is below:

Life for
Amelia Parker has been hard to say the least. Tormented by flashbacks, and the
vow of her ex husband to finish the job he started as soon as he's released
from prison, sends Amelia into an emotional frenzy as time for his release grows

Amelia packs
up and moves from her home in Colby, Kansas to the small town of Camden, Maine with
the hope Ray will forget all about his vendetta. Amelia finds new friends and a
new love in her happy peaceful life in Camden.

She is
suddenly snapped back into paralyzing fear when she receives word of Ray's
release, knowing he will fulfill his promise to finish what he began. Hearing
gunshots and her screams, her new love Kyle must make a rushed decision to keep
her alive.

Due to a
strange twist of events Kyle's past meets them head-on and jeopardizes Amelia's
safety yet again. Will Kyle be able to save the life of the only woman he has
ever loved?

Join Amelia
in this roller coaster ride of emotions that will have you gripping the edge of
your seat at every turn.

If you're not hooked by now, I don't know what it will take. Buy, read, and enjoy.

Valerie Bowen is a Woman in Horror!



  1. Great excerpt! And you're from Maine! Isn't that where King's from? Does that beautiful state inspire horror? Anyway, congratulations and may your sales soar. Dina Rae

  2. It's funny how many great writers are from Maine, Dina. I have spent a lot of time in the state as well. King lives there, and my friend Mark Edward Hall who also writes chilling horror tales calls Maine home.