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Suzanne McCleod is a writer of Vampires, urban fantasy, and-hang on to your hats-a writer of fae. She combines everything in a delightful mix of horror, mystery, some humor, and plenty of other enticements. She has many novels to her credit, The Sweet Scent Of Blood being my favorite. Read a sample chapter on her blog or on Amazon, and you'll see why. Okay, I happen to like fae. So shoot me!

Her site is unique in that her titles are published in other languages, and one is easily shown how to access all of them. This certainly shows the international flavor of her great writings as well as her readers. Go to her site for sample chapters and ordering information.

Below is a bio in her own hand:

  Growing up I was always the child that hid behind the settee, or took a torch to bed, or walked around ignoring the rest of the world, because I was reading a book. The highlight of my week was the trip to the library. Now, the highlight of my year is when I get to take a suitcase of brand new books and escape with it to somewhere hot, with plenty of sea and sand and Margaritas.
In order to afford the books and the holidays, (as well as those other pesky essentials, like food, the mortgage, and bills!) I’ve been a cocktail waitress, a dance group roadie, and a secretary. I've worked in pubs, hotels and a football club (despite having no love for the beautiful game) and I’ve sold everything from sweeties to jewellery, and garden sheds to car insurance. Other than reading, my hobbies usually involve knocking down walls, the odd bit of plumbing, and hacking down the weeds that are going for world domination in the garden. My favourite meal is anything fishy, preferably sushi or shellfish, and when not indulging in the holiday Margaritas, I like the odd glass of red wine, or a single malt. Oh, and chocolate, of course!
I was born in London, but spent most of my childhood in the Midlands. Since then I’ve been a bit of a nomad, having lived and/or worked in most parts of the UK. Now I’m settled on the South Coast about a mile away from the sea, along with my husband and our rescue dog, a geriatric German Shepherd/Lab, who doubles as a tummy on legs.

A book description of The Sweet Scent Of Blood from Amazon:

Genevieve Taylor is a Sidhe - one of the noble fae - and she's unusual, even in present-day London where celebrity vampires, eccentric goblins and scheming lesser fae mix freely with the human population. Genny is a rising star at, where she finds the M' in magic - and that invariably leads to mischief, malice and - too often - murder. When Mr October, one of the hot calendar pin-up vamps, is accused of violently murdering his girlfriend, Genny's called on to repay an old debt and prove his innocence. And she's about to learn that some magic isn't all its cracked up to be.
THE SWEET SCENT OF BLOOD is the first book of the SPELLCRACKERS.COM urban fantasy series.

Suzanne McLeod is a Woman in Horror!


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