Saturday, March 10, 2012


Raven Bower writes some great tales of horror.She calls it supernatural suspense, but I suspect she's being much too modest. HORROR. Yes, that's what she writes. If you visit her site, you will see that not only does she write horror, but she is getting involved in the movie world as well. Of course, she also is doing scripts. A lot of work, but she's up to the task! I also know she has an interest in Voodoo, and I told her a while back that I would be writing something in the sub-genre. Perchance she will do some Voodoo scripts and Voodoo novels. I know she can do it!

Raven and Lain Bower are a wife and husband team. They live in North West Michigan with their four kids, two Hell Hounds and alien doom cat. When not occupied with the aforementioned minions or writing, they enjoy creating worlds, gaming, reading, target shooting and gardening.
Raven is the author of the Bailey Khane supernatural suspense series - Apparitions, Wendigo and Rags Beneath (spring 2012). Apparitions, is currently under production as a feature film.
Raven & Lain's urban fantasy novel, Primal, is due for release in summer 2012.

Below is a storry teaser about Wendigo:

Shunned by the man she loves Bailey Khane seeks solitude in the wilds to mend her heart. But her vacation is disrupted when an evil entity is mistakenly released by an ancient spell. As it gorges itself on the citizens of Whisper, Bailey struggles to find the knowledge and courage to defeat it before she too ends up on the menu.

Don't you just love spells and evil entities? I do!

Raven Bower is a Woman in Horror!



  1. Hey, Blaze! It's always good to visit this place of yours. I hope life is treating you well. Thanks for sharing this post. I have liked the fan page and will keep my eye on those novels. Of course I'd have to quit my job and spend the next year reading in order to clean up that TBR pile that I've got. *laughs*
    Take care.


  2. So many books, too little time, Jimmy! Even with extending my Woman in Horror series another month, I won't get to everyone.

    My reading list is long as well.


  3. Aww thanks Blaze! :D

    It is horror muahahaha I just got tired of those face palm moments.

    *Reader picks up a copy off your signing table* "What genre is this?"

    "Horror with elements of..."

    *Reader squinches face, looks appalled* "Like Saw?? I don't read things like _that_!"

    Our new urban fantasy Primal, which also leans heavily to horror elements, will be out soon too >:)

  4. Just get those people's names so you can kill them off in your next novel. They might like the idea enough to buy one when it comes out if you put their name in it. Have the consent forms ready, Raven! Best of luck on the new one.