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This is my Friday Flash for the Vamplit Blog. No more Mister Nice Guy for Zane!

Psychopathic Revenge-Part Five

     Zane is the master! While the soon to be Zombies wander around aimlessly upon reaching safety outside the plant, he knows exactly where to go.

     Hugging the surrounding buildings, hiding in the shadows, and distancing himself from the inferno he just left, the Zombie draws no attention to himself as he purposely goes to his part of town. His enhanced senses tell him love is in the air.

     That love will not blossom for long once Zane turns the red rose of passion to dried out thorns sharp as any knife. It is what he does to survive.

     Where ramshackle dwellings meet the emptiness of abandoned slums, a tiny biker bar beckons. Zane heeds the call. How can he refuse? The scent of love waiting to explode screams at him from inside, the soft musk floating in the air, assaulting his senses, driving him crazy, telling him to go inside and take what is his.

     But no: he can't just barge in here as he did at the yuppie bar. This is too close to home. He can't draw the authorities to the theater.

     So he waits, knowing his prey won't linger too much longer. No: he tastes the sex on his tongue. The love juices flow like rivers down her thighs, drenching her entire body below her pulsing mound of need.

     The door swings open and out they come, hand in hand, ready for their Utopian encounter. Utopia was never supposed to include Zane.

     They walk towards the theater, stopping when they see an abandoned panel truck,and rush inside, eager to make love.

     After pulling her panties and pants down below her knees, the young man pulls his jeans down enough to free his dick from their confines and pushes himself deep inside her, the two of them moaning with delight. He explodes within the depths of her pussy and they both make the moment last as long as it can.

     She notices Zane standing in the shadows by the open truck doors, sensing his evil even though she can't see him clearly.

     "John! Behind you!" she shouts.

     He turns and sees nothing; not at first anyway. When he finally does, it's too late. Zane rushes him and tears his jugular apart, munching on it as blood spurts everywhere. Once John drops to the ground, Zane walks to the young lady, taking his time, removing his clothes as he goes.

     "I guess it's sloppy seconds for me, my dear," he says. "But I don't really mind. It just means you're lubed up and enlarged: maybe to the point where you can handle a real man."

     She stares in disbelief at the creature advancing towards her, his grotesque manhood staring her in the face. He is huge, but as with the rest of him, pieces of flesh seem to fall off and big, boil-like areas abound. A choke forms in her throat as he rips all her clothing off.

     "John was in too much of a hurry, my dear. I want you the way you should be: naked to the world and ready for my every need and desire."

     Zane shoves his manhood deep inside her, the force and size of it tearing her apart, blood joining what before was merely her sweet, moist love. Faster and faster he goes, nibbling at her breasts as he does so, intent on sating his desires to the fullest.

     When the combination of shock and brutality are too much for her to handle, she twitches convulsively and moves no more. Not stopping because she's dead, Zane continues until he explodes within her still carcass.  

     He laughs maniacally and finishes his meal, devouring her first, then finishing off John.    

     Once inside the theater, he dumps their bodies off to the side and smiles as the rats work their magic on them.

     "That's it, my friends. Pick those bones clean."

     Zane goes upstairs and wipes himself clean of the blood and gore from the lovers. His body is already changing to a human state, and the process helps shove more of the Zombie loose flesh out, ready to be toweled off. For him, it works every bit as well as a shower. New, clean skin does not need to be cleansed with water. He is like a newborn.

     He puts on new clothes. Tonight is special. He needs to be at his best.

     Stepping around the filth, he exits the rear of the theater, the fresh evening air so invigorating, sending thrills through his fresh, human form.

     Reaching the biker bar, he finds an old Harley Electra Glide that some idiot asshole left the keys in. The beauty starts right up for him, and he glides down the street on a mission. One that is long overdue.

     He reaches Barrett Pharmaceuticals  and parks the bike on the sheltered side of the street, away from the fire and the pouring water coming from the fire trucks.

     The new Zombies, confused about their new lives, are still hovering around, becoming more and more undead and less and less human. The police don't know what to do. These people, more like things actually, are getting more grotesque by the moment, and are getting ever closer to them and the crowds watching the scene before them unfold.

     Zane, looking like a dapper business executive, crosses the street and stops in front of the advancing Zombie horde.

     "Embrace your new existence!' he shouts. "Take what is yours. Now!"

      Before the police can react, they are overrun by the horde and succumb to their assaults, screaming in horror as they become fresh meat for the new victims.

     Those demonic entities still having the capacity to speak shout out in unison, "Zane, Zane, Zane!"

     Zane laughs and spreads his arms out to the side, exhorting them to follow him.

     They are his people now. He will lead and they will follow.

     Humanity is about to receive a wake up call  . . .

Blaze McRob

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