Monday, March 19, 2012


Linda M. Lovecraft is a fascinating lady who lives, eats, and breathes horror. I've known her for a while now and can't say that I totally understand the complexities of the lady, but that is definitely a good thing. Mystery is quite the allure.

She has three short stories and a poem in several anthologies, but she will get more out soon, and when she does, they will be as good as her short story Mouretta in the I Believe In Werewolves anthology. This is a story of receiving the gift of power: a gift enabling a woman to shed the shacles of abuse and rid herself of her past. I think it is great when an author is able to reach deep within her soul, remove the bad, and leave the good inside. Linda does this so well.

In addition to being a very talented writer, Linda is the copy editor for Netbound Publishing, no small task, what with the great publications coming out from this small Indie Press. Mikel keeps her busy!

Linda is shy about her picture being shown, so I haven't put one up here. Visit her Facebook page and get more tid-bits about my fascinating friend, and maybe she'll let you see some pictures there.

Linda M. Lovecraft is a Woman in Horror!



  1. Great post!
    Hey, Linda that sounds like one hell of a story about the abused woman!
    Really enjoyed reading this.

  2. Linda wrote a great story, Carole! She is certainly doing a great job at Netbound, and I'm looking forward to seeing more of her stories.