Thursday, March 29, 2012


We meet people in myriad ways. Kate Jonez and I met on Facebook and more recently on Goodreads. Now, I only recently started to do anything on Goodreads, but Kate started suggesting some great books for me to read and I started searching a little deeper into the lady that is Kate Jonez. What did I find? Wow! I found a woman who blows my socks off! Not just for her excuisite writing, but for her work with Omnium Gatherum, a small press dedicated to providing unique dark fantasy fiction. Her stories dig around the human psyche to see what horrors are hidden there. Kate also provides book formatting and design for authors of Indie and traditionally published works.

You must investigate her blog and investigate what she keeps in jars. Just saying.:D

One extrememely fascinating section of her blog is The Monster Blog. These are not your typical monsters. We're talking The Zemu, The Rat King, and my personal favorite, The Busaw. I'm so intrigued with this Ghoulish rascal I want to write a novel about him!

Don't be fooled by that sweet smile on Kate's face: there are dark thoughts meandering around in her gray matter. I love those thoughts!

I highly urge EVERYONE to visit her blog and find out about Kate and her intriguing Press.

Kate Jonez is a Woman in Horror!



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