Tuesday, March 27, 2012


C.W. LaSart is the pride and joy of Dark Moon Books. My words: so believe it! Her very first attempt at submitting a story resulted in publication! She keeps very busy, writing new stories almost every week. One of her submissions for an extreme anthology made a huge impression on the editor and wham!: he offered her her own book deal.

Her extreme anthology, Ad Nauseum, is in print now, and I have added the delightful cover art to this post. C.W. has a muse who is a dark and twisted bitch(her words) that drives her relentlessly. Monsters live in her head and in the dark around her. Again, her words. Does she look dark to you? Heh, heh!

Her bio on Amazon:  

A lifelong fan of all things Horror, C.W. LaSart made her publishing debut in Dark Moon Digest Issue 1 in late 2010. She has since been published in Issue 4 as well as special issue Dark Moon Presents Zombies! 3rd place winner of SNM Magazines May Medieval edition and winner of Cemetery Dance's Amatuer Writer Contest, you can find her in upcoming special issues Dark Moon Presents Ghosts! and Dark Moon Presents Vampires! Her debut horror collection, AD NAUSEAM, was released in March of 2012 by Dark Moon Books.

A book description for Ad Nauseam:

Exotic, Erotic, Gruesome and Gory! What if your Muse really was a twisted bitch, and she lived in your spare bedroom? And how far would you go to improve your station in life? In this premiere collection by C.W. LaSart, you will find 13 gruesome tales of the macabre, from a simpleton who forms an unnatural obsession with his own backyard to a lonely woman whose suitor is not heaven-sent. These stories, ranging from the supernatural to the darkness that lives within the human heart, are sure to send a chill down your spine and a flush to your face. Certain to disturb and delight, Ad Nauseam is a walk through the twisted imagination of one of horror's rising stars.

The reviews on Amazon. Five Stars!

C.W. LaSart is a Woman in Horror!


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