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Autumn Christian does not write in a conventional style. In fact, nothing about Autumn is conventional. And you know what? That's a good thing. I hope she never changes. Go to Amazon and read a free offering of the beginning of her novel The Crooked God Machine. This is some great writing!

Her website is fascinating! Read this one snippet I stole from her piece titled Quiet little rebellion: women in horror. Does this not fit the Woman in Horror theme?

Nobody owns your writing but you. As women we’re taught to be caring, kind and think of our own feelings as secondary. We’re rarely allowed moments of peace, moments to think only of ourselves. And despite how we think we’ve escaped the 1950s idea of the woman as servant, it’s still imbued in us and imbued in our culture. It’s why anorexia is seen as a woman’s disease, because we feel quiet, restrained, as if we have no power. And a way to gain back that power is to impress it upon our own bodies. Writing is the same sort of power. In that moment of writing, you are untouchable. 

What a great little tidbit!

Autumn Christian is a horror writer who lives in the dark woods of the southern United States with poisonous blue flowers in her backyard and a set of polished cow skulls on her mantel.

She's been a freelance writer, an iPhone game designer, a cheese producer, a haunted house actor, and a video game tester. She considers Philip K. Dick, Ray Bradbury, Katie Jane Garside, the southern gothic, and dubstep as main sources of inspiration.

Look at the great authors who have inspired her! Stay away from her flowers, though!

Below is a piece about her novel The Crooked God Machine.

The Crooked God Machine is a dystopian horror novel by Autumn Christian.

Charles lives on the black planet, a place where plague machines terrorize citizens with swarms of locusts and rivers of blood, salesmen sell sleep in the form of brain implants, and God appears on the television every night to warn of the upcoming apocalypse. When Charles meets Leda, a woman who claims to have escaped from hell, he begins to suspect that the black planet is not at all what it appears to be. After Leda disappears, Charles sets out to find her with help from his stripper ex-girlfriend, the deadhead Jeanine. Along the way he will uncover the truth of the origins of the black planet, and discover the source of the mysterious voice that calls to Leda from the ocean waves.

Okay: we have great writing talents, a go-get-them attitude, and love for the craft. this means Autumn Christian is a Woman in Horror!

Buy her books!


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