Tuesday, February 7, 2012



Another great contemporary Woman in Horror is P.A. Matthews, AKA E.a. Irwin. The picture I have posted is merely to give you an idea of what kind of world The Riley McCabe series takes place in. It is a Seelie world, filled with Vampires, Unseelie, Shapeshifters, and so much more. The two worlds of the human and supernatural are explored in one dark crevice after another. It is a place of betrayal from everywhere; it is a place where enigma and myth collide. Even Riley, with her psychic abilities, finds that answers do not come as readily as questions.

The Riley McCabe Series was published before to rave reviews. I have read the tales myself and love them. A new publisher needs to be found for this great series. There is no doubt about it!

Go to E.a. Irwin's blog and read some great onsite stories, and find out more about Riley!


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