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Lisa Lane writes mixed genre fiction: literary, pulp sci-fi, horror, erotica, and romance. Of course, combining erotica with fanged beasties is most certainly horror! The Darkness and the Night: Blood And Coffee is such a great read that I recommended it for inclusion into DarkMedia City's Dark Book Club read for March. Tres cool!

Book description below:

After vacation plans go awry, Karen finds herself alone in a large house, in the middle of nowhere. That night, in an encounter both sexual and surreal, Karen falls victim to a vampire attack. The act leaves her struggling to cling to her humanity while sexually imprinted to a monster.

Karen escapes, only to delve head first into a dark odyssey that will shatter her previous thoughts on reality and redefine what it means to love.

There is a treasure trove of reviews:

Editorial Reviews


"Lisa Lane has managed to combine it all into one fascinating read that defies conventional genre labeling. She's a great storyteller with a wild imagination and if you are interested in something dark and new this is a book for you." --Fang-tastic Books

"This is the first part in a trilogy, and there are enough clues as to how the action will progress to ensure those who like a bit of gore with their sexual tension will hunt down the second and third volumes." --Penthouse Forum 

From the Back Cover

Hoping to find some sort of resolution to her relationship with her paranoid, delusional, and estranged father, Karen, a young woman fresh out of graduate school, agrees to meet her family at their old summer home one last time. Karen suddenly finds herself alone in the large house, in the middle of nowhere, after her family calls to report a travel delay. That night, in an encounter both sexual and surreal, Karen falls victim to a vampire attack.

Karen recalls the circumstances behind her father's psychotic break: in his delusions, however, he was the vampire hunter. Karen's vampire returns and informs her that his family is using her to settle a score against her father, for killing one of their family members several years ago. The plan: present Karen, newly turned, to her recently "psychologically rehabilitated" father, and see which one survives....

About the Author

Lisa Lane shares her humble home with a philosopher, two cats, a gecko, and a geriatric turtle. She writes erotic sci-fi romance and erotic horror, but has a clear passion for speculative fiction and postmodern literary elements. Her vampire trilogy THE DARKNESS AND THE NIGHT pushes conventional boundaries between romance and horror, while her space operas LUST IN SPACE and PANDORA'S HOPE push time, space, and love to their furthest limits.

So, the way I look at it, Lisa writes fantastic stories that push the boundaries of what conceptual horror is. That's a great thing! Visit her blog.

Lisa Lane: Woman in Horror!


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