Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Suzanne Robb is very prolific when it comes to writing anthologies. Some of them are very dark, but the cover art is colorful, and I have decided to share a little gore with you. She also has some new works coming out. I am proud to say that I am in some of these anthologies with her, one of which is particularly gory.

From Suzanne:

I am a writer of short fiction horror stories, comedy stories, and a combination of the two. I also have a book accepted for publication coming out later, and have two others in the works. I am editing an anthology for Hidden Thoughts Press on Anxiety Disorders and hope you check it out.

From Blaze:

She has a very charming doggie, and even though she has extensive training in the psychology field, she worries too much. I keep telling her that everything is going great for her and to relax and enjoy life a little, but who the hell listens to me?

Anyway, enjoy reading these great books, enjoy the covers, and remember: Suzanne Robb is a Woman in Horror


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