Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Zombie Writing

Shoot me! I'm early with promoting this. Well, not really, the book is out now on Amazon Kindle, but Thursday, Friday, and Saturday you can download a copy for free! You heard me: free! This is a non-fiction Zombie book. How cool is that? I would put it along the lines of Stephen King's "On Writing." Forty four great authors discuss the craft of writing about Zombies. The nasty buggers are all the rage right now, and I know you'll want to pick the  . . .excuse me . . .brains of these talented authors for all kinds of helpful hints in creating your own masterpiece. Why should we have all the fun? Below, I have listed all the wonderful authors involved with this endeavor of love. Hey! Zombies need love too!

Don't forget to get this great book for the ridiculous price of FREE for three days only!

P.S. The twisted mind of Blaze McRob is represented here. Just saying.

Product Description

"Zombie Writing!"

So, You Want To Write About Zombies?

Learn secrets, opinions, styles, and get advice on creating your own zombie story, from 44 Masters of the Zombie Genre, whether they're talking about books, short stories, movies, television and influences for your work, and talk about their own Undead Tales.

Neil Kloster * Mark Clodi * Richard Lee Byers * Joe McKinney * Jason S. Hornsby * Rie Sheridan Rose * Christian Jensen * Mainak Dhar * JD Gillam * Mark Justice * Michael D. Griffiths * Dane Hatchell * T.S. Charles * David Moody * Todd Brown * Craig DiLouie * Lee Pletzers * Andy Taylor * Kevin Coryell * Brent Abell * Sharon M. White * Kelly M. Hudson * Chantal Boudreau * Carole Gill * Marissa Farrar * Tim Waggoner * W.D. Gagliani * David Lee Summers * Lou Antonelli * Shawn M. Riddle * Keith Gouveia * Ian DG Sandusky * Tony Monchinski * David Dunwoody * DA Chaney * Adam Millard * Thomas Scopel * Jeremiah Coe * Jasper Bark * Ray Wallace * Eric S. Brown * Blaze McRob * Kate Madison * Armand Rosamilia


  1. Cool. I may have to go check it out...

  2. It's an interesting book, DRC. A lot of my friends have pieces in it! A how to and experience type of book. You'll find some interesting things here.