Monday, January 2, 2012

Paul D. Dail

I should have mentioned this the other day when Paul Dail posted his Seven Questions With Horror Writer Blaze McRob. Bad Blaze. However, the post is still up, and you can join in on the fun. We've been having a ball with this post. As anyone who follows my blog knows, I am not normal, nor do I wish to ever be so. But, others are getting in on the non-conformity, mediocrity smashing band-wagon as well. YAY! 
Because I'm late, or in spite of it(what the heck), I have a little plug for Paul's book here. It's the least I can do. BUY THE IMAGININGS! ALL THE GOOD INFORMATION WILL BE ON HIS BLOG. Read other great interviews, flash fiction pieces, and much more as well. 

You will have a Blazing good time!

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