Monday, November 14, 2011

Versatile Blogger Award

I received The Versatile Blogger award from Cindy Keen Reynders last week. In return, I am supposed to spread some joy, or is it perhaps some mayhem, by telling the world seven things about Blaze and giving no more than fifteen people the award in return. First the seven things.

1. Yes, I write horror, but every one of my tales contains truths, and every story is designed to deliver a message.

2. I write because I don't talk very well. I have an extremely bad stutter: have had it since the age of three.

3. Blaze never forgets anything. I will never run out of things to write about.

4. My agent in my ghost writing days was a former editor for Redbook Magazine. Quite a change for him to go from that to horror and suspense.

5. You will not find a more patriotic man than Blaze McRob. I served in 'Nam, was a POW, escaped from the camp, had people blown up around me, and had people die in my arms. It is my job to make sure they are not forgotten.

6. I love children, have eight of my own, and gave my fortune away to a children's organization. These kids deserve every dime I gave them. Guess I'll just have to make some money for me now, although I will never stop doing what I can for organizations such as St. Judes. 

7. The Green movement is huge for me. I don't own a car. My bicycle is my transportation. I do what I can.

Okay, now for the sharers of Blaze's Versatile Blogger Award. Some folks are not on my list because they have either received this award from other bloggers or because they have received other awards from me.

Vamplit Blog
Gaynor Stenson and Wendy Howard do a great job here with Friday flashes, short stories, information, plugs for other authors, and info for writers wishing to submit toVamplit publishing house. And, boys and girls: Gaynor is as green as I am!

Joseph Pinto
Joseph Pinto is one of the most caring men on the planet. Read his blog about his love for his father, who died of pancreatic cancer, and the joy and love in his heart and soul for his lovely little daughter. Then remember that this man writes horror. Amazing!

Sue Midliak
Sue is not only a great writer but a great artist as well. Her blog has grown in leaps and bounds as she is breaking out of her little shell and embracing new-found joys of success. She is a pleasure to know, and I am proud to be her friend.

Nomar Knight
Nomar Knight is a great writer and poet, as well as being a very outspoken advocate for children's and women's rights. Read Knight Chills and find some real life horror, great poetry, and a lot of love.

Paul Dail
Paul Dail writes posts on his blogs about everything. That's certainly versatile in my book. Guest posts, Q & A, pointing out writers and books; all this and more. And he's a teacher of creative writing! Yeah, baby, that's not an easy thing when we're talking High School kids. He is very well read and writes very well.

These great bloggers share my award. Others I have mentioned before who would have been included are Yvonne Bishop, Stacey Turner, Carole Gill, Rebecca Treadway, Kathy Rowe, Marissa Farrar, Mikel Classen, Mark Edward Hall, Tim Marquitz, and so many others. I am a fortunate man to know so many great writers.

Congratulations to all of you!



  1. Awesome, more great blogs to check out! And my toes are curling, Blaze. You were a POW and escaped...there's a book you can write. Thanks for sharing, and thanks again for your service.

  2. Curling toes are good, Cindy.Takes a lot to extinguish a Blaze! Thank you for your thanks, my friend.


  3. fascinating seven facts -- tho I am contesting fact #4 as a cheat & so you owe us another inside info revelation, Blaze!
    Also, as you're allowed 'UP TO 15' people to award the award to, I think you should give it to Mikel Classen who is -- like you -- an all-round *Star* in my book.
    Know how much it took to reveal what you did -- so hands-down winner there -- mucho respect M

  4. My agent was also a running buddy of mine, which is how we got to discussing the publishing business, Marian. He died the other year, and when Penguin tried to assign some wise-assed know-it-all to me, I told them what the Blazing one thought about it.

    As for Mikel: I completely agree. However, I have praised him on many occasions in my blog and will continue to do so.

    more attributes will be forthcoming for other great writers and publishers as well.

    Nice to see you here, my friend! :D


  5. YOU rock, my friend! You are very welcome!


  6. Much thanks for the nod. I'll be sharing it on my blog and linking over. Do I need to do something else? Like your seven facts? Or pass the nomination to others? Or should I just be honored by your kind words?

    And as always, great to get to know you better. Some new facts here that make me like you even more. Congratulations on a well deserved award.

    Paul D. Dail A horror writer's not necessarily horrific blog

  7. Of course you have to do the seven facts. You think Blaze is making this easy on you, buddy? :D Nominate whoever you wish. Give us some interesting stuff. You're an interesting guy, Paul. It should be easy.


  8. I just saw this Blaze! Thank you so much...:)

  9. You are very welcome, Sue! Glad it made you happy!