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Tuesday, November 15, 2011


 ~ By Paul Bishop


Boxing and noir go together as smoothly as a one-two combination punch. The inherent qualities of both noir and boxing, desperation, bad choices, violence, tension, humanity stripped bare, combine for a marriage made in Hell.

We’re not talking the Rockys of the boxing world here. We’re not talking the life affirming, if you punch hard enough, sooner or later you’re gonna be a contender, kind of boxing stories. We’re talking about the down and dirty, punch drunk, cauliflower-eared, in bed with the mob, no hope fighters who populate such novels as Fat City (Leonard Gardner), Ringside Jezebel (Kate Nickerson), The Leather Pushers (H. C. Witwer), The Bruiser (Jim Tully), or Iron Man (W. R. Burnett).

There’s always the classic femme fatale involved in these tales – usually a high class socialite who gets her slumming hooks into the blue collar fighter and plays him for a sap. She’s usually responsible for pitting the palooka against the mob – you know, the bent-nosed guys looking to take over the fight racket by making the hero take a dive in the 4th round.

The low end of boxing has long fascinated writers. The late Budd Schulberg, author of the novel and screenplay On the Waterfront (the classic shoulda-woulda-coulda been a contender tale), also wrote The Harder They Fall – a celebrated novel of the prize ring, which has lost none of its power since its first publication almost fifty years ago.

Made into a 1956 noir film, The Harder They Fall starred Humphrey Bogart in his last role as a destitute sports writer involved with mobster Rod Steiger. Bogart puts a punch drunk boxer in harm’s way believing he can convince him to throw a fight, but when the boxer decides against the dive, Bogart finds himself complicit in the boxer’s avoidable death.

Trying to convince the boxer, Toro, to throw the fight, Bogart’s dialogue brings not only the sport, but the fight fans into disrepute – “What do you care what a bunch of bloodthirsty, screaming people think of you? Did you ever get a look at their faces? They pay a few lousy bucks hoping to see a man get killed. To hell with them! Think of yourself. Get your money and get out of this rotten business.” 

Check out Absolutely-Kate Pilarcik's blog. This month is noir. Tres cool! Today's piece is about boxing. I have included a snippet above. I love this stuff. Yesterday's duo novel start with Kate is great, too. Read this blog!



  1. Hot Damn!

    I got high-saluted in a Blaze Broadcast! Holy Horrifics . . . but yes folks, indeed I endorse Blaze's sense of discovery . . . As NOVEMBER goes NOIR ~ AT THE BIJOU the stories shadow deep and gripping. Who knows what they're gripping? You will - - when you settle into a red velvet seat AT THE BIJOU to enjoy which sensation has taken over centerstage.

    Do know we're looking forward to brilliant Blaze to show off his wordsmithery - a class act every occasion I run into this gregarious gent.

    Humbly Honoured dear sir,

    ~ Absolutely*Kate,
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  2. This is a blog I will love checking out. In addition to mainly writing mystery novels, (outside my Flash Fiction horror), I love reading crime fiction and Noir classics. Someday I hope to venture into the realm of writing. Thanks for the discovery Blaze!

  3. My sense of discovery is truly one of self-gratification. Show me one of Bogey's pictures; mention one of his great films; drag me back to a day of dark shadows and decaying cities; and my already fertile mind goes super bonkers. That's not a bad place to be, Absolutely Lady.


  4. You will love this blog, T.K.! The comic con I was at the other week had some artists and writers who are into noir. Can you imagine the possibilities?


  5. TK! OK says A*K!!!

    COME JOIN US over AT THE BIJOU -- I've admired your scribings all around #Friday Flashings . . . and would sure like to see you centerstage supportive pizazz yourself from fellow Authors on the rise . . . NOVEMBER goes NOIR is one hot show cue to all the talents bringin' about all the shadows and criminal twists and turns. You're gonna dig it like a getaway car on a crime spree.

    AND MR HOT BLAZES -- Man oh man - BOGEY is all over THE BIJOU - He actually helped me MC this particular month-long (and probably then-some) NOIRARMA -- Just groove down the side wall on the right and plug in BOGEY in the flashlight search box -- You'll find him all over da joint man ... same way I sure find you over there. Lemme know when I gotta put da shine on the star on YOUR dressing room (Don't worry - I'll hang it crooked -- I wantcha to feel @ home!)

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  6. Maybe Blaze can come up with some Bogey-like Noir or some Blaze-a-noira! Tres cool-a-rama! Would be fun.