Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Stacey Turner-CEO

What do you do when a publishing house started up by Yvonne Bishop and Blaze McRob takes off like crazy, and the work load intensifies to a point beyond insane? The solution is simple: you make your highly qualified Editor, who is doing so many things besides editing, your CEO. Stacey Turner is taking on this huge responsibility immediately. She is the to-go-to person. In addition to her CEO duties, she will be our Chief Editor. Yes, the way things are going, we will need more editors, I'm sure. Stacey will be handling so many facets of Angelic Knight Press' business.
Does this mean Yvonne and Blaze will sit back and take it easy? No way. The owners have work to do. We have to pay the bills. Stacey needs a raise, we must keep Rebecca coming out with her fantastic art work, and Kathy Rowe needs to buy hay to feed her horses. For too long, Blaze has not had a chance to do the marketing and promotional work he so wants to do. Today, he actually got out and did some non-online things to boost sales for Angelic Knight Press authors. What did he do? He set accounts up with two Indie book stores in town to take our books. Yes, he had to sweeten the pot a bit, but it works for all of us as well as the stores. Book-signings are being set up. He has also contacted some big Indie stores in the Boulder/Denver area to take our books. And, he just happens to be friends with one of the top editors for the Wyoming Tribune-Eagle in Cheyenne who is fascinated with Angelic Knight Press. When Cindy Keen Reynders' novel "The Seven-Year Witch" comes out, we are going to get a big spread in the paper. Cindy doesn't know this yet. Will she ever be happy! 
So, my friends, let us wish Stacey the best with her new job and responsibilities! She is very capable and loves the Press as much as Yvonne and I do. Angelic Knight Press has exploded out of the gate, and Stacey is a huge factor in this great growth. We will have to update our what's coming up list very soon so everyone can see where we are going.


  1. I wish you all luck and hope business continues to boom for you...

  2. Thank you very much, DRC. We are getting very busy! We are meeting some great new authors and finding amazing talent!