Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Tyr Kieran


This is a day of so many possible posts to put on my blog. A lot of my friends are coming out with great books, or they're getting ready to explode upon the horizons of horror consciousness. But one thing stands out in my mind today: I see my friend Tyr Kieran selflessly extolling the virtues of another great writer, Alan Edwards, on his blog. I just recently friended Alan on Facebook and was awed when his blog came to my attention in the Masters Of Horror group. And now I see Tyr jumping out to extend his hand. Is this not a great business we're in? Truly, the people who many think have twisted minds because of what we write are the kindest people on the planet. I will stick with that statement because it is true. 

Alan talks about "The Horror Of The Mundane." Damn! What a valid point! None of us want to be sheep following a sadistic shepherd around, but there are plenty of people who are content to do just that. Go to the link above and read more. While you're there, find out more about Tyr and Alan. I'm glad to call them both friends!


  1. Very true. In the short time I decided to venture into darker writing - I note keenly the horror community is much more supportive of that Indie spirit!

  2. That is so true, R.L. Much dark writing is suppressed by the so called established presses as to content. Not so much with language anymore, but the story is analyzed for the market place. Bottom line is king. Sure, we all like some moolah, but artistic liberty should count for something. The Indie spirit says to remove the shackles!