Sunday, May 22, 2011

RL. Treadway

RL. Treadway is a multi-talented lady. She's a writer, publisher, and artist. Her blog, Creepy Walker blogspot is new, but is a fountain of information. She does interviews, reviews, updates, rants, and information about our craft. Just this last week, she did a blog tour piece for Jim Bronyaur, a talented young writer and musician.

She has giveaways from time to time and gives out tricks for DIY publishing. We can all use tricks, can't we?

I recently did a little review for her short story "Chilly-Eyed Callie," which I felt was written very well: a very different horror story but one I enjoyed reading.

RL., Rebecca, is very candid about writing and the publishing business. She pulls no punches. That's why when she asked me to do a Memorial Day post for her, I gladly accepted. I pulled no punches either. You will be able to read it on Memorial Day on her blog.

The actual name of Rebecca's blog is RL. Treadway's Ink. In addition to everything else, she is an avid supporter of Indie Horror, which I spotlighted the other day.

Take a walk over there and check out some good stuff!



  1. I'm already a follower! I agree, she is one talented lady!


  2. She is a very talented person, as well as being very interesting. That is a goood thing.

    Thank you, Spot.


  3. Thanks for the post, Blaze. Tomorrow's post will explain where I've been hiding of late.
    I believe I am already following most, if not all, of Rebecca's links. Wishing both of you the best!


  4. Rebecca's quite the lady!

    You can't hide, Jimmy. We know where you live.