Sunday, May 22, 2011

Lisa McCourt Hollar

Lisa McCourt Hollar is a writer of horror and childrens' short stories and poems. She and I both have short stories included in the soon to be released extreme zombie anthology, "Undead Of Winter," which will be published by RYMFIRE eBooks. 

Her published titles include:
The Wall
The Carnival
Sandbox Adventures
Tabby's Haunted House
Emma Learns The Truth
Hidden Secrets, Whispered Lies

She is the mother of three daughters and one son, ranging in age from eighteen down to one.

She recently was interviewed on See Spot Read for her story "Sam" which is about a zombie goldfish. Very interesting concept. 

Her blog Jezri's Nightmares runs contests, does interviews, and talks about horror. It is a most interesting place. Take a peek. You'll like it there. Lisa is "good people."

Lisa can also be found on Facebook. She's a pretty active member of the Masters Of Horror Group where she and I have been known to engage in good-natured verbal jousting. I usually lose. 

The link below will take you to the review of "Sam" that Stacey Turner wrote.




  1. Very nice write-up about Lisa! She deserves it. People can see the review of "Sam" here:


  2. I try to do good. Thank you for the link. I'll add it in. No wonder I like you so much!