Monday, May 16, 2011


Where do we come up with our ideas, our inspirations for what we write? Usually, I take a little non-fiction horror from my personal life, add some fiction, mix well, and voila: the story is formed. My mind is always on hyper-drive anyway, so a little spark is all it takes. Most anything reminds me of something from my past. Adding in some good, old-fashioned fiction horror makes it fun.

Well, Carole Gill just had to go and upset my apple-cart this weekend. My favorite vampire writer puts up a daily story on the Masters Of Horror group on Facebook about real-life horror committed by truly twisted people. This weekend she wrote one about Fritz The Butcher, a truly nasty individual from early 1900's Germany. The story set off a blast in my brain, and the result is I am now writing a novel based partly on that story with a modern element added. Two countries, two time periods, two demons. Will there be anybody in the story who is good? Ha, ha! You'll have to read it to find out. 

I am editing the novel I just completed, writing a sequel to that one, and writing this new novel. Plus I am doing a couple short stories as well. Did I mention editing, beta reading, and seeking out innovative marketing techniques. Thanks, Carole.

Am I abnormal with my ideas, or do you other writers also get strange ideas that just hit you like a ton of bricks demanding to be written? And readers, do you long for off-the-wall stories never told before or perhaps an old monster with a whole new twist? Let me know what you think. Me? I think strange new terror is great. It livens up the arena of our minds.   


  1. Yes. My mind is constantly bombarded with ideas. I try to write a small bit and file them away. I like to work on one at a time.

    As a reader, I like new terror. Something I haven't heard before.

    I also love knowing where someone else got their inspiration. It fascinates me how inspiration strikes!


  2. You would be shocked if you knew of all the places that horror has called from, demanding a tale be told. I listen. In my stories, I talk back; my people talk back. It is a grand experience!

    Thank you, Spot, for your comments.


  3. Great post and topic, Blaze, as always! My mind is constantly playing the 'what if?' game with my everyday experiences. Then, I keep twisting the concept till it becomes unique and interesting. And, like Spot, I write the concepts in a file and store them away till the current projects are done. If only there was more time in the day... what if there was? How would that affect our lives? What would happen to the planet and its rotations which drastically affect our weather and environment... Hmmmm

  4. Well my man, sounds like you have the makings of a grand story there. Damn, it's easy, isn't it? All we have to do is open our minds to what might be and the magic happens: the transformation of what if, to: yes, it is. The power writers have is awesome. Will this be in your active or in-active files?

  5. hey there!
    sure guys, btw welcome Blaze! it'll be fantstic, can't wait!
    sure inspiration comes burstinginto our heads from anywhere.
    I wrote the bare bones of a sci fi story (which won a contest) in the parking lot of a dyi place! swear to God.
    sure and I agree horror should be full of surprises, it should be fresh and never stale. go for it Blaze!

  6. I think all of us are going for it, living the dream, unfettered by constraints of convention slapping us in the face. This brave new world for writers is creating wonderful stories, and they come from everywhere.